Sunday, 10 June 2018


Great Astral experience last night, have to share as it will be understood & appreciated by some:
So I fell asleep in Sint maarten island thinking about my life and things that ended so that other things can begin again (or new), and I astral travelled to my wife in Guyana on the reservation (1,000 miles away), I entered the room and she was sleeping on her side with back to the side of the bed I was approaching, I passed through the mosquito net and softly kissed her on her neck, because she loves when I do that (but she did not wake up), seconds after I did that I tried to lay down next to her - but passed completely through the mattress (naturally because it was my spirit form not physical one) and I heard our youngest daughter Laliwa laugh...and a split screen (for lack of a better term) appeared to my right showing me our youngest daughter giggling in her sleep back in Barbados Island ....then I saw my mother smile in her sleep, but her thoughts were also about how the years have flown by, and how her and dad were once young and in love, and now their twilight years are upon them, and they dont know how many more grandchildren or great grandchildren they will live to that part I found both incredible (to see my mothers thoughts like a 3D hologram projected from her head), but also very sad because it is a reality none of us (their loved ones) want to face anytime soon, but then I noticed a golden cord (glimmering more brilliantly than any polished Gold in the physical world I had ever seen)...and it connected me to my parents, them to each other, me to Laliwa and her to them, and Laliwa to her mother and me to my wife...and many other infinite connections.....but on the periphery they were legions of dark entities, older than man, that serve the Defiler ,watching and waiting for opportunities to strike, all full of malice towards mankind and ceaselessly trying to do us harm and sever the golden cords in our family (and EVERY family on Earth), and no golden cord was connecting to them...then a loving voice of authority (that always escorts me on the Astral plane) explained:
"All souls once in human physical bodies are connected by love to their parents and other family members when they enter this world, because all families are supposed to be bound by love for each other, but the dark forces in this would never stop trying to cut those bonds, because a loving family is the keystone for positive-minded human societies, and if/ when they succeed in doing so by turning one family member against another...because any chain is only as strong as its weakest link... the individual is no longer connected to this foundation of love and light and becomes a receptacle more easily filled by hatred, bitterness and despair....thus he/she becomes a knowing or unwitting force multiplier for a negativity that spreads like a virus in the sea of humanity, consuming one host till it is utterly destroyed - before moving on to the next victim.
So when the parent is feeling love and happiness, the child subconsciously feels it too, and likewise when the child is feeling love and happiness the parent subconsciously feels it too, likewise same goes for hurt and unhappiness, all who are connected by the golden cord of love and light feel the pain of the others they are connected to also..but physical bodies also are a veil of ignorance to souls, and most completely forget for the entire duration of their Earthly lives - that the multiverse is governed by spiritual rules as well, and these are far more complex and numerous for one who only understands the rules that govern the physical world to ever truly comprehend.....but this is why the spiritually wise speak of 'being connected'' and the one thing the spiritually ignorant all have in common - is that they are all disconnected from the golden cord of love and light - therefore any deeper spiritual understanding is beyond their grasp, so in their false pride they comfort themselves in the shallow illusion of man-made religious dogma instead.
Everyone must take responsibility for everything that happens in their world, even how one reacts to some unexpected negative thing that occurs to them - has a ripple effect on the total mental, spiritual and physical well being of others...there is no such thing as "Í alone'' for any life form no matter how small or great it may be...all are connected, and not understanding and accepting this is the downfall of every human being" 

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