Saturday, 7 April 2018


As any senior member of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs in the Republic of Guyana will tell you, Foster Simon has PROVEN over the last 3 years where he has been Deputy Chief of Pakuri Territory  (yet has had more direct - and productive - interactions with the Ministry than anyone else on the Council) - that he has ALL that it takes to go down in history as one of the most successful Indigenous Chiefs in Guyana...because Foster understands the counter-productive pitfalls of rabble-rousing egocentrism and the gains of productive self-less diplomacy, that put the higher good of the tribe as a higher priority than attracting the personal spotlight of media attention. 

However, not only is Foster Simon a Nationally, Regionally and Internationally recognised wood sculpting artist who has been making the world aware of Pakuri for over 30 YEARS (with his works in Presidential collections in the Guyana, Bolivia and the USA), he was also the first (and still ONLY) Lokono-Arawak artist to have his works exhibited at United Nations Headquarters in New York City, USA....He is also a spiritual man tending to his flock like a good Shepherd, a devoted husband, and father of six children (3 daughters and 3 sons), he is also a farmer, hunter and fisherman - and his wife a skilled craft maker, so he knows exactly what every grass-roots member of the tribe faces as their day to day reality.

But enough talk, lets get down to ACTIONS that you can expect to see from a Foster Simon Chieftaincy... Here are just SOME of the MANY big plans that Foster Simon has in store for the greater good of the people of Pakuri Territory - should they vote him to be their next Toushau (Chief) in May 2018 (and these are things he discussed with me as being needed in the community for many years, so I took the initiative and started implementing a few of them already):

#1 - Foster has secured support for the hosting on Pakuri of the biggest and best CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games ever - with the approval of the national Government of Guyana; a historic event that will pump over GY$1 Million dollars into the local economy of Pakuri to shop owning and non-shop owning vendors, transportation providers, and local food producers.

#2 - Foster has secured support from the regional Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO) to create an emergency fund that will provide a grant of GY$20,000 to assist with the funeral expenses for any resident of Pakuri AND to offer Educational Grants worth GY$20,000 to assist 5 well-performing poor Pakuri students each year with the purchase of  items required for the pursuit of their studies (several Pakuri residents have become recipients of these actions already).

#3 - Foster will help to establish and develop a grass-roots Amerindian film industry on Pakuri with the support of the International community, including Film Producer Roberto Penuela who's movies have included Hollywood star Danny Glover.

#4 - Foster has secured support from qualified persons in the United Nations who will conduct a free public education program for Pakuri Residents, to educate them about their rights recognised in United Nations Conventions that have been ratified by the Government of Guyana.

Undoubtedly there are many other good men and women on Pakuri who will contest the elections, but every resident must put personal favouritism aside, and ask themselves honestly and without bias...can anyone else do as much for Pakuri at this moment in time and history? Or should we all give Foster Simon our support this time around and give him the chance to take Pakuri into the 21st century in a way that benefits everyone in some way.

Think carefully, and vote with your conscience and with the future of Pakuri's next generations in mind.

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