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BY REQUEST...something of an esoteric informational nature...

I understand a great deal now more than I did as a youth, but many questions remain to be answered, nevertheless, let me touch on what my current level of understanding is about a few things about our lives.

#1....information (including memories) ARE stored and transmitted through DNA...if you are lucky you will have glimpses into past lives, this is also why if you have 4 mentally normal children (just for example) - each successive child will learn a bit faster than the sibling born before it...this is because mum & dad knew more the year they made the new child than they did the year they made the previous child (etc.) so each new baby is born with more data in its brain than the one before. If a man fathers a child at 20, and again at 80, the child he made in his old age will learn faster than the child he made at 20 - because the fathers accumulation of knowledge was greater at 80 than 20 ....if you get what i'm saying.

#2 ....everything that is made in physical form has also a spiritual form, because every tangible thing is made of atoms....from the grain of sand or rock, to the plant, to the most complex biologically independent organism (humans)...if you look at a rock with an electron microscope and obliterate it with explosives, the shape/form the rock had before the explosion will still be visible to the electron microscope, even though your biological eyes will see only dust and debris where the formerly solid rock once stood....likewise experiments were done with leaves, a man cut a leaf in half - yet under the electron microscope the leaf appeared still intact at the molecular level....same thing if you look at a man and sever part of his body - under the electron microscope he still appears to be whole and intact (that is why you see the spirit of a dead loved one looking intact even if they died in a dismemberment) ...even though our biological eyes see a limb missing....this is what you may call the 'spirit' of the man (also the plant, also the rock)....the SOUL is conscious energy and is NOT the same as the spirit....everything (as I have said) in our 5 senses perception of reality (and note that science admits our human eyes only see 5% of the visible spectrum, there are literally 95% more to see all around us but we are biologically incapable of doing so when inside our bodies) has a 'spiritual form' and a 'physical form' when that native elder told you ''The animals, plants and rocks all have spirits' - he was not talking ''crap'...he was telling you wisdom you were to ignorant to comprehend at the time....even though I find it amusing to hear Christians laugh at native elders saying rocks have a spirit - yet in their own Bible they read in HABAKKUK 2:11; LUKE 19:40; JOSHUA 24:27

11 For the stone will cry out from the wall,

and the beam from the woodwork respond.

40 He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

27 And Joshua said to all the people, “Behold, this stone shall be a witness against us, for zit has heard all the words of the LORD that he spoke to us. Therefore it shall be a witness against you, lest you deal falsely with your God.”

But of course when their religious icons say the EXACT same thing it suddenly does not so sound silly anymore...the word for this is: HYPOCRISY

But getting back to today's sermon'...

#3 - Your 'race' (and your gender) has NO everlasting spiritual importance whatsoever, for your soul has no 'race' - it is immortal genderless conscious energy that transcends anything crude such as tangible matter, your race may or may not hold biological importance to you, and that is an entirely different matter, because all your inherited memories have passed down through your DNA from biological body to biological body from the dawn of time going back to your first physical ancestor, so nothing is wrong with loving the skin you are in and trying to be an asset to the collective of your people (whom you belong to on Earth), so long as you do not cause the detriment of people in other skins & lands (who have just as much right to live in peace unmolested as you do) ...and your DNA is what makes your physical body the wild horse that needs to be tamed by your soul - lest it ride away with is driven my urges, impulses, desires and passions and worst of all EGO (biological brain generated self-preservation algorithm) is your LOWER self (your body), when you realize that it is merely the vehicle that your higher self (Soul) must use to be able to function in this physical plane of existence, you will learn to exercise control over it...and not become a Hedonist.
That is why some ancient texts (banned by organised religions) described the ORIGINAL 'Holy Trinity' as ''Soul, Spirit, and body'' (and they stressed the need for the SOUL to take command of the spirit and body - or they would take command of the soul instead) ....for every human being is indeed 3 in 1.
Which brings me to #4, YOU and I shall indeed only live ONCE as YOU (the mortal human you are now in this present life with the name you now bear)....but the SOUL that is using this current physical vehicle you see in the mirror every day, will use MANY such bodies over many eons on this planet, until the soul has learned all that exists to know, what it is like to be a man, to be a woman, rich, poor, live in a land of ice, live in a sand desert, live in mountains, live in valleys, live in caves, a farmer, a hunter, a gatherer,to live as a seafarer, live as a landlubber, to be a warrior, to be a teacher, to be a father, to be a husband,a brother,to be a follower, to be a leader, a sister, a wife, mother, an elder, a youth, to live in the jungles, live on the grasslands, live in a swamp, live on an island, to be a member of EVERY race and ethnic group on Earth, etc, etc, etc...old souls (those that have lived many lives) know this to be true...but young souls (new to their 'school for the soul' experience on this planet) imagine that they only came to be here once....their intelligence is still too shortsighted and deficient to realise that it would be pointless and futile for the soul to experience only one physical life...if it had only a few hours or days of life before dying what the hell could it have possibly learned? Also, there are some bigots who live to be 100 years old but STILL die as ignorant fools.....this is why each of us must live many times to finally reach the level of complete knowledge and understanding of everything...before we are worthy enough of our 'spiritual graduation' so we can be re-united with the divine mystery in that place of pure love and perfection we left so long ago to begin our learning process....because we cannot learn there - what we learn here, for we need a balance - to not only know the joy of paradise...but to know sorrow on the Earth too, to not only know contentment in paradise...but to know hunger on Earth too, to not only know love and unity in paradise....but to learn what a sense of betrayal and disunity feels like on Earth as well.

Jesus alluded to incarnation (though Christian leaders try to deny it and put their own dogma driven spin on its ínterpretation'instead of letting it stand just as he said it) also when he said in Mathew 11:14 about John the Baptist:
"And if you are willing to accept it, John himself is Elijah who was to come."
(bear in mind the Prophet Elijah lived long before John..but the SOUL that was in the body of the man called Elijah returned in the body of the man called John the Baptist). 

 This is why no-matter what evils befall you and those souls who share your Earthly sojourns with you, you must never die (depart any of your physical lives) with hatred in your heart...we must learn the power of hatred yes, but only to rise above it and realize it is a lower vibrational frequency that serves no purpose to hold on to....leave it behind like your useless bodily garment when you experience the physical death - and spiritual re-birth into the higher plane of existence as immortal conscious energy. ONCE AGAIN...Remember, any great sword MUST be tested by FIRE first, and its impurities removed from it - which makes it all the more stronger <3

It is no coincidence that all the highly intelligent people on Earth are old souls, and all the ignorant fools on Earth are young souls.....the student is never greater in understanding than the master.

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