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                           The image of Brazil in the minds of those who do not live here

Dear sisters and brothers all over Mother Gaia:

(Estado is the Portuguese word for State)

Richard Nunes, Rio’s head of public security, said there would be a “full investigation” into the killing of council member Marielle Franco and her driver

“Brazil’s public security minister, Raul Jungmann, said federal police would help investigate her killing”

I took both sentences today from an article in the British “Guardian:” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/15/marielle-franco-shot-dead-targeted-killing-rio

Now, let me comment these two comments please, as someone who has been surviving Brazil – against all odds – for over three decades.

It is – in the case of Richard Nunes – like some Gestapo officer in 1943 promising to foreign media to do everything possible to investigate the murder of one Jewish (or any other targeted) person and his/her driver.

In the Jungmann case it would be Heinrich Himmler to secure governmental investigation.

Brazil has been the deadliest single country in the world over the last (at least) three decades. We are technically not at war. Still we manage to get 60,000 a year murdered and another 60,000 killed on the road and another 250,000 (a quarter of a million that is) to “disappear”. East Ghouta is everyday “normality” for some people in our mafia paradise. Especially for those who dare to stand up against Brazil’s genocidal “order & progress”.

Yet, only urban and well-known people’s bodies like Marielle’s ever make it into the narrow and selective media attention. If it is instead any old Indigenous or Black person and/or environmentalist somewhere in the vast hinterland of continental-size Brazil you will read (or hear) nothing about it. The world media has other, “hotter” stories, to serve.

And this is exactly the reason why I have been in exile now for almost 11 months. Since being in Brazil also physically in these Temer-mob times and doing what is my job – defending the human rights of Indigenous and Quilombola people, above everything their right to live plus writing a manuscript on the real and well-hidden Brazil – would almost stand for guarantee of deleting.
And you wouldn’t read anything ever on the successful deleting of ArDaga. Since he’s neither urban nor a dignitary. But just an unworthy ordinary hinterland nobody. Too insignificant for the media you choose to feed your “knowledge” on. (And don’t get me wrong please, the “Guardian” is still one of the very best out there!)  

Brazil is the biggest and most lethal sole criminal enterprise in the world. And you’re not supposed to know about it. Since top gangsters worldwide (those cladded and posing as “politicians” and “businessmen” included) are profiting from this gigantic blood-to-money machine. Not “only” our homemade ones.

Information is available. Yet, you need to grab it:

https://infoamazonia.org/en/ 2016/06/konibu-death-and-the- crime-of-the-genocide-of- funais-former-president/#!/ map=49&story=post-15709

Enjoy your next holiday in our “tropical paradise” for the rich and ruthless!

One World DIFFERENT to that!

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