Sunday, 11 February 2018


I love to throw this in the face of the moral COWARDS who refuse to do anything if it is not WIMPS forget that many EVIL things were once LEGAL in this world - and it was ILLEGAL to oppose don't hide behind ''legality' to cover up for the fact that you are just a COWARD - too timid to do anything but throw your hands up in the air and say 'there's nothing I can do about that'' (yes there is!...once you lose your fear of authority figures you can do anything that needs to be done)
I did and will forever DO MANY things that were íllegal' according to the laws of men - but were RIGHT TO DO in the sight of God....I could have been jailed for 10 years for impersonating a member of the military in one particular country and for typing up a fake ófficial arrest warrant''...but I had to do that to rescue a girl from a human trafficker (because the Police in the town were on the traffickers payroll - but in that country the Military are ABOVE the Police and cannot be arrested by the hence my plan to impersonate a military Policeman in order to rescue the girl - because the traffickers would not try to call the Police on their payroll IF they assumed I was the real deal - which they did) could have failed yes, and me and my brother-in-law accomplice COULD have been killed or served a decade in jail...but I was confident that if I had to break the LAWS OF MEN in order to fulfill the LAWS OF GOD which call upon me NOT to be a COWARD and to live to help others in desperate need - so I did not give a shit about possible failure...everything I do that involves risk/danger - I pray about it, ask for premonition dreams to show me if I will accomplish my plan, and then I tell myself I will be successful against any and all odds...and so far in my life it has always been so for me.
Sure one day my 'luck' (if that is all it is) may run out and I might get killed...but atleast I will die with a long list of high-risk successes for my children and grandchildren to talk about for centuries to come...i'd rather leave this world with the reputation of being an √ćnternationalist' as my Cuban supporters call me...than being an ordinary everyday average run-of-the-mill frigging coward.
I do hope that I will live long enough to publish a book of the high risk things I have done/do behind the scenes in many countries to help others that no-one knows about, many jaws will drop that day lol....but my family will be proud of me, and that is all I really care about...until then, I raise my children NOT to fear authority and do whatever they need to do in this life to help others in desperate need.

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