Sunday, 7 January 2018


Spiritually unaware children like to utter the excuse: "Well I did not ask to be born!"...but the SPIRITUAL TRUTH is - we ALL VOLUNTEERED to come to Earth to experience physical life (because there are things we can ONLY experience here that do not exist in heaven, and it is HERE that our FREE WILL can be exercised - and our souls put to the ultimate spiritual test) YES we DID all actually 'ask to be born' - for our own spiritual growth AND to help other souls that were with us in the spirit world - in their own higher good & spiritual growth as well, two of our best friends in the spirit world came before us to play the role of our earthly parents and create a physical union from which we could enter into this existence playing the roles of their earthly children...but there are no 'fathers (hence the master said call no-one on Earth your father because you have only one father in Heaven - the Creator) & mothers (so it is utter nonsense to refer to any mortal woman as the 'mother of God'), husbands, wives, or children - in the spirit world, just souls who are all contemporaries and the best of friends - who exist in the perfect presence of our Creator.
That is why it is so sad when we let the evil entities that rule here influence or worse manipulate us and make us forget our true original pure and selfless ways and become polluted and selfish instead, turning against the same souls who were our best friends for eternity - for the short time we experience physical 'life', how can you use filthy language against your Earthly mother and father? How can your own mother and father use filthy words against their Earthly child? You can only abuse/brutalize/terrorize another soul if you have completely forgotten where YOUR soul came from and where it needs to be going to live for eternity when your temporal physical body/vessel dies.
It is normal and natural for the innately POSITIVE soul inside your body to be RESPECTFUL, APPRECIATIVE, GENEROUS, LOVING, CARING and WANT TO HELP OTHERS in any way it can, but it is a sign of Earthly Negative pollution/contamination (by the lower entities that rule here) of your soul if you behave in a DISRESPECTFUL, UNGRATEFUL, SELFISH, HATEFUL, UNCARING way - and by your actions you HINDER or HARM others (instead of helping them)...examine yourself and your actions, and be aware of your lower EGO (which is NOT holy and exists only to lead your higher soul astray) - it is a neurologically generated quasi-biological phenomenon that comes with the physical body/vessel which every soul must learn to master and subdue (if the soul does not rule the bodies physical passions/lusts - they will end up ruling your soul instead - and you will exist as a seeker of physical pleasures with no sense of shame or self-worth/dignity!)...or like a wild horse it will take you off on a dangerous ride that you will not be able to control - merely be the captive passenger on (to the detriment of many other souls).
Every day, find a quiet spot to sit and do some introspection, ask yourself - what have I THOUGHT today that was negative? What have I SAID today that was negative? What have I DONE today that was negative? Then make a conscious effort to STOP doing those things!
Then ask yourself - what have I THOUGHT today that was positive? What have I SAID today that was positive? What have I DONE today that was positive? Then make a conscious effort to START doing those things more and more frequently.
If your life is unhappy...EGO deceives you into believing that EVERYONE ELSE is to blame for your unhappiness - except you...but SOUL reveals that you are often EMITTING (via your own thoughts, words and deeds) and therefore ATTRACTING the storm clouds of negativity that surround you so much.

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