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Sumerian depiction of the creation of man by the Gods dne over 6,000 years ago, LONG before the Bible was ever written by Hebrew scribes who modified the story to suit themselves. 

Ah, it finally makes sense...all these years people have been thinking that the 'tree of the knowledge of good and evil' was a literal botanical tree that bore some kind of fruit which was 'forbidden' and which ópened your mind and removed your innocence forever''....but no such LITERAL evidence has ever been found...
Yet this image is from the Mesopotamian Sumerian civilization- the FIRST and oldest discovered thus far (and from whom ALL the Hebrew 'Genesis' creation myths & legends were adapted & improvised from) ....the 9 leaves on the ''Tree of knowledge of good & evil" behind the female Goddess Ninti are said to represent the 9 months of gestation of a human the 'tree' is obviously representing the human body...furthermore ''Adam & Eve' were innocent as children UNTIL they 'partook of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil''...I suggest the 'fruit' being referred to here are sexually mature reproductive organs (on each other's 'tree of knowledge' aka 'naked bodies'')....when human children are both pre-pubescent flat-chested and hairless in native societies NO sexual interest manifests in them for each other and they happily run around naked...but once hair and breasts become evident on each others bodies in each others eyes a sexual interest (due to hormones) is triggered in those same formerly ''innocent and carefree' children....and they begin to feel conscious about their reproductive organs and begin to cover them...does this all sound familiar to you (if you have heard the Adam & Eve story)...what is more logical to you...that a talking Serpent spoke to eve and she ate some fruit off some magical tree?
OR...that the first humans (which were 'created' according to all ancient religions - as you see depicted here rather scientifically by the sumerians with one "çreator' holding what appears akin to a test tube (and the Sumerians explain how the ''çreators' modified hominid Apes then existing on the Earth with their own DNA - and you do remember Genesis saying we were 'made in the image of God'' - to create modern man) ....remember also the Genesis description of Eve being made from the rib of Adam? Well don't you know modern day cloning CAN take the DNA from a rib - and a rib is one bone that can be safely removed causing no ill-effect to the person from whom that rib was extracted ?

Any logical minded person, knowing that we are genetically related to Apes (we are in fact classifies AS Apes in the animal kingdom charts of all vertebrate life on Earth) and we CAN share blood with other Apes & monkeys but NOT any other animal, and that the ability to speak 'suddenly' appeared in humans via a gene that exists NO-WHERE else in any life form on Earth...and the proverbial 'missing link' in the speculated 'natural evolution' between other Apes and modern man HAS NEVER BEEN FOUND...would conclude that an advanced conscious being (or 'beings' - since before the Hebrews changed the word to be singular - the Sumerians told us 'the ''Gods'' (PLURAL) came down from the sky and created mankind')... literally genetically CREATED homo sapiens (for whatever reason unbeknown to us today...maybe they ALSO had scientists just as interested/ curious about the possibilities of DNA manipulation as our modern human scientists are today)..

SEX is indeed a sweet fruit that WILL change you forever after you lose your previous innocence to your first sexual experience...and it can be good if enjoyed in a responsible loving way...or be bad if you become a sex addict and practice it in an irresponsible purely lustful way and force your desires onto innocent victims in order to satisfy your own addiction to truly sex IS 'the knowledge of good and evil' if you are open-minded enough to get my point.

Just saying, if we are to EVER progress BEYOND RELIGIOUS CRAP OF ALL FORMS (which has only ever DIVIDED us and not UNIRED us - except via coercion and bloodshed - which are both EVIL)  consciously as an íntelligent species'- we need to re-examine fantastical sounding ancient fairy tales and try to glean some CREDIBLE MODERN UNDERSTANDING (not unprovable pre-enlightenment superstitious speculation) in order to appreciate our existence more comprehensively.

I have no problem believing in a supreme GENDERLESS holy God of pure positive & immortal conscious energy (not some patriarchal old man sitting on a cloud with bird-winged Angels with golden Harps serving him and singing his praise for eternity - like mindless supplicant slaves...who's idea of 'heaven' is that? A Moron?) but I also have no problem believing that some OTHER children of this God - who are more advanced than us, visited our planet and modified an inferior existing species of hominid and helped to create our more advanced biological bodies & brains - which then became suitable vessels for immortal souls made by God and originating from this same holy god consciousness - to inhabit. When Jesus said ín my fathers house there are many mansions - that can be logically interpreted in only 3 ways, either the 'mansion' is referring to our physical body which is the 'house' of God he spoke of (and you should know the ancient hebrew word for house/mansion is the same)...and this can further be logically interpreted to refer to many different kinds of sentient beings in the multiverse...OR to refer to reincarnation into many bodies over millennia in Earth time - which is a cosmic 'school for each soul'.....OR 'many mansions' might refer to many worlds/planets inhabited by OTHER sentient beings (like the ones ALL ancient human civilizations say came down to Earth to create them) - and all of us are the spiritual children of this omnipotent and holy God consciousness immortal energy .

Science is certain there was a big bang that started it all...but cannot explain how an explosion out of nothing could occur in the first science CAN help - because a true scientists admits that some answers remain un-obtainable to empirical methods of scientific enquiry alone.  The scientific devotee Atheists and the Religious 'blind faith' need to both step away fro their mutually extreme positions and try to discover an INTELLIGENT AND PERFECTLY CREDIBLE middle ground.

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