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                             John F. Kennedy Junior - the Greatest President who never was

This question comes up a lot what I am asked by others to peer into their future and then tell the person what I see before them. I do this for myself often as I don''t like unpleasant surprises, I prefer to know what is coming and prepare for it.

Another fact most humans have a hard time accepting IS that there exists a hierarchy in the spirit world just as there does in the mortal world, you nor I will ever be équal'with the Creator, though we may share some of its gifts....and as there are a minority of ascended masters of great spiritual wisdom and understanding, there is a great majority of spiritually ignorant souls at various lower levels of conscious development below them. We are not all équal at any given point in time'' - we only have a equal opportunity to develop spiritually...but there will always be those above us, those alongside us, and those below us. - at all times.

We each will do something of great importance EVENTUALLY, but not in every physical life, in most of our physical lives we will have a generally mediocre existence, just learning little lessons and not imparting anything of wider significance or higher benefit to anyone it your spiritual kindergarten, which is followed by a spiritual primary school, then a spiritually High School, then a spiritual College, then a spiritual each stage your ignorance diminishes and your understanding grows...but you can become a spiritual 'drop-out' too...and remain a spiritual 'dunce; for as long as YOU wish till your mortal life is over...then you have to 'repeat' your class over in your next mortal life till you eventually advance.
As you progress over many lives and many eons of man, you will eventually be ready to 'graduate with honors' and it is at this level all the 'great' people in human history - the spiritual wisdom teachers become known to humanity.
We cannot ALL be leaders at the same time, but rest assured ONE-DAY you will become a leader in one field of endeavour or human society as well - near the end of your 'school for the soul''....but accept the fact that you will play the role of follower/learner for the greatest part of your mortal experiences on Earth.
However, some assume because I said something to them that later comes true, that this means everything is predetermined so we are just going through the motions like automatons...and - certain things are going to occur that cannot be changed - whether we like it or not.
That is INCORRECT, we ALSO have the gift of FREE WILL - and so does everyone else....'destiny' is the preferable path YOU selected as a soul of divine conscious energy for yourself before you embarked on your 'physical reality' school for the soul....but YOU or someone else CAN alter your preferred spiritually pre-selected destiny once here IN the physical perception of reality...because ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.
You can stay on the path of the positive and serve the light in every age and complete your time here with dignity, or you can choose to begin following the path of negativity and serve the darkness and end your time here in really IS your decision, you can even begin in one direction, divert, then decide to make amends and return to the right path (or wrong path) is all rendered via your Free Will.

Take JFK jr as a great (albeit sad) example, his selected prefered destiny WAS to become a Democrat Presidential candidate and he WAS going to win by a large margin, he WAS also going to become one of the greatest American presidents ever - even more loved than his father....had he not chosen of his own free will - to fly his plane at night even though he actually was not qualified to do so and barely had any flight experience under his belt.

One of his flight instructors offered to fly with him that night, but Mr. Kennedy said ''he wanted to do it alone,'' the instructor told the investigators who prepared the report.

Mr. Kennedy, who had not yet qualified for flying with instruments alone (as opposed to seeing visual cues through the windows), probably had less than one hour's experience flying his plane at night without an instructor, the report said. It noted that a common cause of crashes among pilots untrained in instrument flying was taking off when visibility was good (a situation known as Visual Flight Rules, or V.F.R.) but flying into conditions where it was not, making the piloting more difficult than they can handle.

In this case, the report said, the condition was haze that obscured the horizon. Pilots who cannot see the horizon must rely on instruments to tell if they are in level flight or if they are banking. But a disoriented pilot can bank a plane into a fatal spiral.

The report cited six kinds of illusion that can lead to disorientation, without stipulating which one came into play in this case. ''Spatial disorientation as a result of continued V.F.R. flight into adverse weather conditions is regularly near the top of the cause/factor list in annual statistics on fatal aircraft accidents,'' the report said.

Using the autopilot would have helped, according to aviation experts, because it is not subject to disorientation, but Mr. Kennedy was flying his plane manually.

''Flying at night over featureless terrain or water, and particularly in haze or in overcast, is a prime setup for spatial disorientation, because you've lost the horizon,'' said Warren Morningstar, a spokesman for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

So the only person that altered JFK jr's destiny was HIS OWN ACT OF FREE WILL, you see - no-one else can change your important destiny except YOU. Even in cases where it may APPEAR that the person who had an important role to fill was killed by another - and you are tempted to believe that some other person was able to alter the victims destiny....if you investigate the matter spiritually - you will discover that it STILL boils down to FREE WILL, the person who WOULD have done something of great importance had a voice in their head/gut instinct telling them NOT to get in that car with their drunk friend at the wheel, or NOT to go down that lonely alley, or to wear that bullet-proof vest at all times - but this time they decided not to etc...but they ignored these 3rd party/esoteric warnings and CHOSE to do something that put themselves in harms way...and then their destiny was altered/ended.

I have told a few people who will become powerful political leaders in the future of their destinies as they did not remember that they had themselves selected this for themselves in the spirit world before volunteering to come here in this mortal lifetime, for a 'veil of forgetfulness' is part of the price we agree to pay to cross over from the spiritual into the physical (only a few remember and this is so that they can help remind others who did not remember - of what they came here to accomplish).... however if any of these people decide on their own free will - to commit suicide tomorrow, that does not mean their destiny was incorrect, it only means that they themselves CHOSE to alter their pre-selected destiny (and as I said - our ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES), it is as simple as that....then they realise their error once they are back in spiritual form and they have to return again in another mortal existence in a different body to begin the process of fulfilling that destiny all over again...even though it will seem (in our current mortal perception of time and space) that 'decades are wasted in order to ''reset' important destinies such as this case of JFK Jr. (who has already re-incarnated into a body in the Kennedy family - for he will win the Presidency and fulfill his destiny AS a Kennedy)....a thousand mortal years is a mere cosmic second to the Great mystery.

Patrick Kennedy, his wife Amy Petitgout Kennedy, and their children Owen (the re-incarnated John FK jr), Harper, Nora and baby Nell

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