Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Let me share the last 24 hours or whatever (lost track now) as no-one was hearing from me...and when you are a human rights worker that suddenly no-one can reach...it is not considered a laughing matter....as you never know when the people who perceive you as a 'problem' finally decided to 'solve' you.
HOWEVER, my incognito mode of late was a positive learning experience as you will read below:
I collected my suitcase at the hotel in New York at 7.15pm, then walked the short 2 blocks to near Grand Central Station to get an Airport shuttle bus (why pay a taxi US$65 when you can pay a bus US$17), these buses run every 30 minutes so I figured I could get to the airport in time - by 8pm...for a domestic flight to Washington DC leaving at 9pm.
Our bus driver seems to have been doing his first day on the job, he was following another bus from his company ahead of us but lost it in traffic, then he took some wrong turn and got US lost in the Bronx....NOT in the direction of JFK airport from Manhattan at all, we drove around in circles as he was on the phone with his dispatcher trying to find out which roads to take to get us to JFK, they were telling him head 'East' etc and he was telling them 'I don't know where East or West is just tell me which street to take".....and despite a European tourist walking up to the driver to show him a cel phone GPS map back to the airport from our present location, the driver was too embarrassed & flustered now to put the info to good use, so he stops a police car to ask for directions...the cops were useless (would have had better luck asking them were the nearest Donut shop was I suspect) ...so the passengers were getting agitated, but none of them had a flight earlier than 11pm so they were not worried, it was only ME who knew I would NOT be flying out of New York on the flight I was supposed to get at 9pm.....much like the Israeli traveler who's small foreign car exploded in the Negev desert - and he knew then - that he would never be driven from the holy land lol... I remembered too, that I had not eaten anything since 8pm Saurday night - a full 24 hours before...yet I did not feel hungry, I even commented asking the fellow passengers if 'we were on candid camera' - which made them laugh and eased the building tension a bit....so I was not even angry either.
Needless to say (though I need to say it), the bus drops me off at 9.10pm at the airport, but I still gave the driver a US$3 tip, think maybe I was the only one who did, as the other passengers were vowing NOT to tip him and to ask the company to refund their bus fare, some talking about a lawsuit etc, but I know how it feels to have a day when everything goes wrong so I did not hold it against him, he was shocked and thankful...I told myself - if I am kind to HIM, someone else is going to be kind to ME tonight; and so said so done.
I went to my airline counter and explained my predicament, the lady checked and confirmed I had indeed missed my flight, but she told me "Unfortunately sir, your ticket was a special 'use it or loose it fare' so you will have to buy a new ticket......BUT...i'm going to help you this time and issue you a boarding pass for the 9am flight tomorrow morning at terminal 4 (i was at Terminal 2) - and she did (saved me almost US$200), but she warned me that "next time you might not get a lucky break like this"....my self-fulfilling prophesy had come true ...show a kindness to someone else, and someone else will show a kindness to you!
So I was happy to lug my suitcase out the lot to the air train, then get off at terminal 4, then find something to eat at 10pm (by now), then I tried to get wifi so I could alert all my loved ones who I knew would worry not hearing from me...but the stupid Boingo would not work for me, so I asked a black guy on a smart phone if he could send a message to my wife for me to let her know the situation, offered to buy him a drink in return, but he let me call home and tell them in person instead (as I don't travel with a cel phone for certain personal security reasons) and he wanted nothing in return.
My next adventure was finding somewhere 'least cold' on the Airport's marble floor to TRY to sleep a few hours as I had 10 more hours before my flight, passed the night as best I could, and got my flight to DC today at 9am, got a shuttle in 5 minutes after arrival at 10.30am and reached my old pal Mark & Maureens house just over the border near DC at 11am, but since I could not get internet access I did not see the message from Maureen telling me the door would be open when I got to their house (as they don't get home from work till 5pm), so I did not want to look like a thief and be seen by their neighbors (who don't know me) trying to see if their house door was open...so I positioned a deck chair on their front lawn and soaked up the warmth of the Sun from 11am till 5pm while I waited, nodded off and slept a bit and had short dreams, kept waking up with the same words resonating in my head...."you are here for a reason, observe and learn'...so I spent the 6 hours reading a book I had brought - and so far had no time to read yet - by a famous Neurosurgeon of 25 years practice (that included teaching at Harvard), and he had documented and cited from hundreds of historical sources going back to Plato, about the REALITY of the higher spiritual realms and metaphysical phenomena that science was increasingly being able to prove....so instead of the 'faith' and 'science' communities being in opposition to each other, an age where a middle ground that included BOTH is upon us...as scientific tests are proving the existence of what was previously considered 'unprovable' (and likely still IS in the minds of the average Atheist who is NOT following the latest scientific corroborations vis-a-vis anomalous phenomena)...for neither Dogmatic Religions NOR Dogmatic materialist Science have all the answers...but together they are able to answer more of humanities long pondered questions.
I observed red squirrels, grey squirrels, wild bees (thank God they are still in existence in this GM & pesticide obsessed country) and I watched the Robins (birds)....in watching the Robins and carefully observing them I learned two things.....the first was the old saying 'The early bird catches the worm'....which as we tell kids in western society it tends to mean "Get up early and you will be able to get the most productive work done'....but here were these birds still catching worms late in the day - proving that you can work productively at any time, I counted one bird catch over 40 worms on the 900 square foot front lawn...literally filling it's belly in one tiny area.
The other thing observing these Robin birds taught me was by observing how they patiently stood watching the Earth to find these worms, I was on the lawn all day (6 hours anyway) and I never saw a single worm, though I too looked for them since the birds were seeing them constantly.....this taught me that just because I do not see something - does not mean it is not there, to put this into a real world context, your cat or dog can see spirits constantly - but few of us humans can, just because you can't see what you cat or dog is looking at and reacting to....does not mean 'nothing is there'....if you were in-tuned you would know that a cat or dog has different vocal and bodily gestures for another animal, a human they sense to be harmless, a human they sense to be harmful, a spirit that is negative, or a spirit that is positive......you can easily know what your pet is seeing if you become aware of these subtle differences.
But alas, too many of us suffer from having to constantly peer through a well indoctrinated 'veil of biological-mind ignorance' that leads the one who has forgotten the source of his/her life - and falls into the malaise of false conviction that 'nothing that cannot be seen or empirically measured can be real' .....and this is why a traditional indigenous child in the Amazon (as the brilliant Neurosurgeon states in his book) remains connected all its life from birth to childhood to adulthood to death - to the divine source - whilst children in the urban world tend to lose that connection before they exit their pre-teen years.
As children we ALL have it, but our society has abandoned spiritual wisdom for man-made artificial intelligence (and the technological 'must-have' spiritual mediocrity that comes with it) - and religious dogma that is more about conformity and control than encouraging independent spiritual insights between the mortal and the immortal.

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