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International Network for Ethnic Spirituality (INES)

Identity, Research and Documentation of Ethnic spiritual systems along with their revival, preservation and promotion

Spirituality is a natural individual human being’s connection to the esoteric inherited from birth, Religions are man-made group interpretations of the esoteric that are indoctrinated into human beings – usually during their childhood; but also in their adulthood as well. 
Ethnic spirituality was inherent and non-proselytizing and it was the original human concept of the supernatural that was prevailing worldwide in every indigenous Tribal Nation, before their native territories were forcibly invaded, colonized, and annexed by invaders from outside of these communities – who imposed man-made religions on these pre-existing ancient cultures instead.

Each man-made religion has imposed different coercive methods on the peoples they have conquered militarily or by diplomacy, but all the aspects of the imposed Religions were carefully orchestrated by the non-indigenous invaders to control the minds of the peoples they planned to dominate.

This was done to convincingly deceive the conquered indigenous peoples firstly that their conquerors had a monopoly on spiritual truths, which secondarily made it easier to pacify them to accept their domination and not resist it, which thirdly made it easy to then steal all the lands and resources of the peoples they invaded and thereby deceived.  
During this calculated process of pacification that included the key component of man-made Religious deception, indigenous spiritually is taught to be ‘heathen’,’ superstitious’,’ primitive’ or ‘savage’, whilst the man-made Religion of the invaders is taught to be ‘Enlightening’, ‘Righteous’, ‘the True word of God’, and the ‘only way to obtain salvation in the afterlife’.
In Europe, Africa, and the Americas Christianity co-opted the majority of the spiritual beliefs of the indigenous peoples it conquered – and later plundered of their natural resources.

In Asia and Africa, Islam, Buddhism and Vedic Hinduism have all also played their roles of co-opting the majority of the spiritual beliefs of the indigenous peoples these man-made religions conquered.  The majority of man-made religions were spread by military force, but some were also spread by Economic incentives/bribery, and also by the Psychosis of fear (fear of God, fear of disobeying the dogma of the man-made religions and their self-proclaimed ‘Earthly representatives/spokespersons for God’ etc), nevertheless – the common factor in ALL these man-made religions – is that they primarily served the best interests of the non-indigenous invaders of these indigenous Tribal Nations & territories.

The non-indigenous invaders who spread non-indigenous man-made Religions all over the world stole vast tracts of indigenous lands in the name of their religions in former ages, but even in the modern age – they still achieve this – often with the support of modern-day Neo-Colonial Political Nation-States which dominate the governing structures of the world today.
These religions were and still are highly successful in their brainwashing of indigenous peoples who have mostly altered their diets, speech, dress and minds to become imitations of the invaders – and they will even betray their own traditional spirituality practicing indigenous brothers and sisters to serve their non-indigenous religious masters.

Except for Vedic Hinduism, all other man-made religions were successful in creating their own clergy among the Indigenous Peoples they conquered – who became useful puppets and tools to continue the work of the conquest (even the minds and spirits) of the same indigenous Tribal Nations.

Vedic Hinduism created a dogmatic mob devoid of any status or respect in Hinduism, these lower caste persons would never be allowed to become clergy or priesthood in the Aryan temples due to their ‘lower caste’ or ‘sect’.  Everyone in India is referred to as being a Hindu and the country is branded as a Hindu Rashtra, while one sect of the Brahmins are the only ones eligible to become priests and decide over the vast revenue base and assets of the temples, along with the payments of remunerations.

The sad truth is, Indigenous Spirituality continues to be on the decline – one could even say on the verge of extinction, exacerbated by the continuing refusal to grant constitutional recognition to non-man-made expressions of faith.

In Islamic States indigenous Peoples who retain their pre-Islamic spirituality are labeled as ‘Devil Worshippers’ and frequently persecuted, the ongoing genocide of the Yezidi Indigenous Tribal Nation in Iraq by invading non-indigenous  Islamic State (IS) terrorists is a terrible example of this.

In Africa and in the Americas the majority of land and most valuable resources were stolen by Christian Churches and the only thing the original indigenous landlords were left with was the Bible, and they were so brainwashed into believing that this book was the most important thing in their lives most never realized how thoroughly – and easily - they were deceived by the Psychosis of fear and ‘obedience to religious authorities’ that they were brainwashed into believing.
In Australia the Aborgines, and in New Zealand the Maoris, and all over the Pacific – indigenous Tribal Nations were massacred in the name of Christianity and co-opted to abandon their traditional spirituality and adopt the religion of the invaders.

Buddhism lost its veneer of nobleness when its leaders began to serve the interest of Kings against the interests of the subjects these kings were oppressing, Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka served as spies to the Kings in controlling the indigenous Vedda Tribal Nation.

However, by exploring the links between indigenous spirituality, control over indigenous resources, publishing authentic indigenous literature to give our own voices a chance to be finally heard, training our own traditional spiritual wisdom teachers, following the traditional spirituality of our ancestors, celebrating our traditional indigenous festivals, organizing traditional indigenous events, and continuing to struggle for constitutional recognition of traditional indigenous spirituality practices all over the world, we CAN reverse the decline.

·         To identify surviving traditional spirituality belief systems worldwide.
·         To establish and nurture working relationships with indigenous spirituality practitioners worldwide.
·         To promote indigenous spirituality forums and networks worldwide.
·         To promote research, documentation, and dissemination of indigenous wisdom.
·         To nurture and promote indigenous spiritual activism.
·         To promote the constitutional recognition of indigenous spirituality modalities.
·         To promote interaction and cultural exchanges between indigenous spirituality teachers.
·         To assist and support indigenous peoples in their efforts of advocacy for their national constitutions to implement their United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) – enshrined spiritual rights.



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