Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Some of our Beautiful Lokono-Arawak girls, their beautiful looks mirror the beautiful way our ancestors LIVED with LOVE for one another, not insults, we NEED this spirit of love and unity in our hearts today again! PUT THE PETTY JEALOUSIES AND RELIGIOUS CREATED DIVISIONS ASIDE FOREVER!  

Any honest traditional Lokono-Arawak elder will tell you "We never had these vulgar cuss words the people today use to insult each other"...we just had non-vulgar regular insults lol.

There are NO 'Curse words/cuss words' in the Lokono language, a traditional insult would be to simply tell the TRUTH about something embarrassing about the intended recipient of my words.....I would not call tribesman X "a Fucking Idiot"" ('the 'F' word - even 'idiot' 'does not exist in the Lokono language..the closest words in the language means at best you can say 'a having sex person who behaves in an unintelligent way'...which just makes no sense) for doing nonsense (for example)...
As a traditional 'insult' I would say 'I saw you wipe your bottom with sand when you had diarrhea as a boy!' (to illustrate your record of doing unintelligent things)....Or I would not call tribesman Y a "Kunt" (the 'K' word does not exist in Lokono either)...I might cal him a 'Big headed Crab" (if he had a big head - like a crab does)...for example, I would not call person Z a "Pussy" - for two reasons - #1 the 'P' word does not exist - only the word for 'Vagina' does (it is 'Ishi')....and 'vagina' is not an insult, but if I am talking about a man who knows more about catching a woman than catching wild animals on a hunt - I might refer to him as an 'Ishi hunter' (and real hunters will laugh at that)...more of these now in the tribe than real hunters LOL.
Another thing many people - even non-traditional Lokono alive today, do NOT know, is that when we share our food with someone, THAT specific gesture literally is the same as saying "I love you and I want you to live just like I want myself to live".

There is quite a lot of moral richness in our traditional culture if one desires to learn the truth of it, and it is a real shame that too many have let a book written by a LIARD people on the other side of the world who have nothing to do with us (and know nothing of our good ways), make some of our own people (who have been brainwashed by that book) - think (just because we lived mostly naked before the people gave us that book - and took away our land) that OUR ways were 'uncivilized' and 'bad'...when in fact they were MORE civilized and good (as Columbus himself admitted when he observed our traditional ancestors)...the sad thing is - these brainwashed people forget that according to their own foreign book - the FIRST human beings their God in that book created were NAKED and SINLESS, it is only when they became 'sinners' - that they began to cover their naked bodies...so how can they be so foolish to think being 'naked' is sinful? If that was true why did not their God think so? He did not cover the naked bodies of his perfect first human children....they covered themselves AFTER they were no longer perfect from their own sinful actions..
I call that - being so silly you think BACKWARDS to what your own 'Holy Book' says that your own God DID himself. How can you read something and still be so blind to what you read with your own eyes?

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  1. Totally agree with you. I still do not understand how human body parts that we all need to stay alive are used as insults.