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I wanted to clear an old house that a new family I love was going to move into, they did not ask me to do anything, but I frequently monitor the lives of people I love to see if any unseen presence in effecting their lives, in order that I try to remove it (either hands-on or from afar) - so they may live in peace.

Ever since the young mother attended a ceremony (with her firstborn son in her arms) for an ancestor in a local cemetery, something followed her home, it physically shoved her up against her fridge - and thus began intermittent negativity in the home effecting family members.
This was not the dis-incarnate spirit of anyone that was once alive, this was an entity from before mankind, malevolent in every respect.

It physically appeared to the mother once as a strange man 'asking one night to enter her house' when (conveniently) her husband and myself were far away...she wisely REFUSED (if you invite them in you make matters WORSE for yourself...when they force themselves in to your home their ability to do mischief is restricted...it is akin to someone throwing pesticide on you - sure it will do some skin damage...but if you put that pesticide IN your own body - then you may be completely doomed). I told her after I checked - that it was the same entity.

The first child saw what he described as a 'Monster' in the kitchen many months after this (but of course the parents did not see anything)...still I encouraged them not to sweep it under the rug and ignore it (as many parents do), but to listen to what he was saying and seeing. I told her after I checked - that it was the same entity again.

The second child was born, and on one occasion it was left in the cradle in a room alone, it nothing over it, normal happy baby on its back sleeping...and NO-ONE entered that room...the mother comes back in to the room minutes later and something has carefully covered the baby from head to toe (in an attempt to smother it) in a blanket (a baby CAN grip a blanket and roll with it - but NOT carefully cover and tuck in itself and resume the same sleeping position!) - so she pulls the sheet off and the baby is ok.

Many 'odd' incidents follow intermittently over many months, as I hear of them, I check, and every time it is the same entity....so I engage in conversation with the entity....it reveals it has attached itself to the firstborn son and it will cause him to harm others and to be harmed.....he has infrequent outbursts of negativity (hitting other kids etc) and does not know why he did it immediately afterwards (poor child is being manipulated and is not naturally unkind at all)...the last straw was the child getting burned by hot water 'accidentally' (but was no real accident) ....thus the evil vow to cause the innocent child to hurt and BE hurt was being fulfilled.

The entity then revealed to me that it 'would follow the family everywhere they go' so moving house would NOT solve the problem for this family. I asked it why it has so much hatred for this little boy? It said because "the child has come here to do great good" (and that is why this entity of great evil feels so much hatred for it).

So when I heard of the latest planned move to a new home by the family I used the first opportunity I was granted when I was invited by them to the house (since the family has not moved in yet)...to take my Tobacco and Sage - to clear the house of any lingering spirits that MIGHT still be in it.

I went and did what I was trained to do with the Tobacco and Sage, but in ONE room, the master bedroom, when I asked any spirits present to leave - some invisible force struck me in my right eyeball.
Knowing now that something unseen was there with me and was not happy at my presence, I began to talk to it:

"I am sorry if I offended you grandfather or grandmother (and I said the family name of the deceased that last lived there)...and I know I am a stranger in your house and I have no right to ask you to leave your own home, the place you furnished and lived in for so long, but you are no longer in the world of the living, and you need to move on to the light - to find the eternal peace in the company of the Creator that you deserve...do not linger in this place, it was yours...but it is for your still living grandchildren now, and it will not be good for the little children to see spirits in their home because it could scare them, so I am politely, and humbly asking you - as loving grandparents, to leave this place - your former home, and go into the light to be reunited with your own ancestors who are waiting for you".........then I completed my work and went outside to esoterically seal the house externally.

The husband came and was surprised that their dog now freely entered the house, prior to what I did - the dog could not be dragged into the house, so fearful of the entity inside was it.
So I knew then that the entity that had struck me was now gone from the house....but I still wanted to find out who/what it was.
This is what I found out.

It was the spirit of the grandfather, not some evil entity in this house - like the entity from the cemetery that was attached to the firstborn son. He was lingering in his home to try to guard and protect it, because the living had broken into the house since it's last resident had died, and many items in the house were important to him, and he was offended that I had picked up his walking stick and (jokingly) said I wanted to keep it (because it was so beautiful) - and I took it out of his bedroom, and he was already offended by people taking things from the house that were special to him without ever once asking if they could take these items - which he found to be very disrespectful to him and his memories associated with every item....but in the end he accepted my apology and explanation of why he should cease to linger there, and he is at peace now.

Subsequently I worked on the last piece of the puzzle today and removed the attachment to the firstborn son by the evil entity.....but there is a chance that it will retaliate in some other way (when you have nothing but hate in you - you do not surrender to the light so easily...they will go yes as they have to...but their focus is always on coming back for revenge in some form or another)....so I have to be wary of the counter-strike now. Rarely will something effect me directly, but it's my friends & loved ones with less spiritual protection that I am concerned about.

However, the moral lesson of the story is to treat the deceased and their belongings with RESPECT, talk to them - just because you can no longer see them does not mean they have ceased to exist... they are still there in most cases (some who know where they are to go - do so confidently, others who are not as sure - prefer to remain in the security and comfort of familiar places where they still feel safe, and they can get very offended by your show of utter disrespect and contempt for them and what was special to them when they were physically alive - as you still are.

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  1. Powerful narrative, my Brother. Hahom! (Thank you) for sharing the teaching. Well appreciated.
    - Angel Lion Heart