Thursday, 23 March 2017



Ok so the case I am working on now is the spirit of a deceased white lady who lived and died with racial animosities in her heart & mind.

Her white grandson gave a piece of jewelry to a girl he loves (and intends to marry) who is not white...the thing is..this piece of jewelry formerly belonged to the grandmother in question, and it passed down as an heirloom to the grandson so he could give to the girl he wished to wed.

The spirit of the grandmother appeared 2 days ago to the non-white girlfriend of her grandson whom the piece of jewelry was gifted to, and violently ATTACKED her on her bed (yes a spirit CAN literally attack you violently once they have concentrated enough energy matter to what remains of their STILL existing conscious selves)...and the grandmother's spirit told the innocent non-white girlfriend victim and I quote: "You are the reason I cannot rest!" OBVIOUSLY this old lady died STILL holding on to the LEARNED racial hatreds others in her formative years taught her (or some nasty racial incident that happened to her or someone she loved - ingrained in her)....this old lady's spirit is still thinking along the lines of 'How dare this non-white now have what was MINE"

As I tell EVERYONE repeatedly, we ALL COME FROM a place of pure LOVE and LIGHT into these biological bodies to have a physical experience (aka 'school for the soul') that we cannot experience in that place of immaterial pure love and light where only conscious energy exists.

So you CANNOT re-enter that pure place of LOVE if you are still holding on to ANY FORM OF does NOT matter if you were a victim of sexual abuse, physical torture, sadistic murder, genocide etc. etc....YOU HAVE TO RELEASE YOUR HATRED either before you physically die OR after you physically die...or you CANNOT re-enter the light. When you are in spirit form you will SEE why those people did those evil things to you, you will SEE the invisible negative forces that were in control of them at the time they did that....this is why your own Jesus told you to 'Condemn the SIN not the sinner"...all is not what it physically appears to be in the physical life...there are dark forces manipulating the weak spirited into doing all manner of depravity and evil to others.
When you realize this, YOU CAN FORGIVE THE VICTIMISER - for he or she was a spiritual victim themselves...unbeknownst to you.

It always amazes me how Billions of so-called Christians - who heard Jesus tell them REPEATEDLY that 'LOVE" was the greatest of all...still think they can die with HATE in their heart (for anyone) and re-enter 'heaven' if just because you were nice to certain people and did good deeds to certain people - and knew every hymn, psalm, verse and had a perfect 'church attendance' - that 'all will be forgiven'... NO, YOU might be a jackass to believe that...but GOD is no jackass to let you avoid reaping what you have yourself sown....IMPURITY cannot enter into the place of until me, you, and everyone else - purifies ourselves from the negative thoughts, desires, lusts, etc - that we acquired in the physical life....there will NOT be any 'automatic' acceptance back into 'paradise' to be re-united with our Creator...and no 'automatic condemnation to any place of 'eternal torment' either (you think God is a sadist or what?). You will torment your own self remaining in 'limbo' where you will never be physically alive again - nor will you return to become completely spiritually alive in the presence of the Creator either...just linger in the place in between (aka 'the valley of the shadow of death' in other words) - where your petty angers and hatreds will continue to deny you the eternity of LOVE and SPIRITUAL BLISS BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION that you came from & should return to.
You forget that your own Jesus warned you 'The road to eternal LIFE is very hard and narrow and FEW can bear to follow it".

Assuredly, we shall ALL see the light on the horizon as soon as we exit these physical bodies, but until YOU and I (and everyone else) shed all the negativity - and replace it with true love & forgiveness -that we will take with us from this reality into the next one...we will be like this old racist woman, doomed to linger on this plane - UNTIL SHE RELEASES HER HATREDS - between the created and the Creator...only when we deeply self-analyse ourselves and feel TRUE remorse and REGRET for all the negative things we said and did in our physical lives AND RELEASE THEM....and be forgiven by the Creator who loves ALL of its children and is ready to forgive all of them who recognize the errors of their ways and TRULY repent not by saying a few words in any dramatic overt religious charade...but INTERNALLY.

I don't care WHAT your religions or your prophets have told you - NO-ONE CAN ENTER INTO ETERNAL LIFE IF THEY HARBOR ANY HATREDS....let it go, replace it with LOVE and forgiveness on the spiritual level, they will answer for the evil they have done, it is not your place to pollute your own higher consciousness by harboring hatreds towards them in your are only hurting yourself.

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