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 Here is a young Makushi man from Guyana (in photo above), Balo Shaun Paulino - with his beautiful wife Nesha and their firstborn child (a son) called Cayal, he is named after Inacayal who was the last great Chief of the Tehuelche Tribe in Argentina who fought and defeated the Argentina Army many times to save his people's freedom and territory, he is to South America what the famous Apache Chief Geronimo is to North of the last great Amerindian War Chiefs who won many battles.
How did this handsome baby boy get this traditional Amerindian name? Because his Makushi father asked me to suggest a powerful traditional name for his son (just as his sister Annmarie Paulino & her husband asked me before him to give traditional Amerindian names for their two last daughters, Lokono-Arawak names specifically in her case as her husband James La Rose is a Lokono-Arawak like me), these are the first people outside of my own tribe to ask me to give their children traditional Amerindian names.
They realised that when I preach that the same way Europeans do NOT give their children Amerindian or African names, it is silly for us Amerindians (and Africans) to still be giving our Amerindian (and African) children European names...when you as a parent continue to do this - you are only showing the rest of the world that you have not yet emancipated yourself from mental slavery to the white man (as Bob Marley said) - and you cannot truly be 'proud' to be an Amerindian if you are ashamed to give your Amerindian child an Amerindian name.
The Great Apache Amerindian Chief Geronimo said "Everything has power", our indigenous thoughts, our indigenous names, our indigenous languages, our indigenous actions, values and heritage - it ALL has power for US, we make ourselves WEAK when we give up what has power for US and adopt what has power for OTHERS (because what is for THEM is for THEM - and what is for US is for US, this is why even THEIR FOOD makes OUR BODIES ill).
This is what I teach to all who wake up from the widespread imitation European mental slavery that dominates the Earth and come to me to learn what I have been privileged to learn from many proud and wise older traditionalist Indigenous leaders from around the world.
The struggle is a long and hard uphill one, over 500 years old, but every new generation (including ours) must join the battle - as each step forward brings us closer to eventually victory, and for a native child - having a native name is the first step on it's road to a self-awareness victory and TRUE cultural pride! Be friends of ALL - but IMITATIONS of NONE! BE TRUE TO YOUR OWN IDENTITY!

I cannot fail to honor a young Lokono-Arawak elder and great friend of mine - 
Mr James La Rose from a Lokono-Arawak territory on the Maruka river in North West Guyana, he is from a different Clan and Tribal village & territory (but same Tribe), and his lovely wife Ann-Marie (from the Makushi Tribe) has been like a loyal sister to me for almost two decades, James and Ann asked me to suggest traditional Lokono-Arawak names for their 2 youngest daughters (at opposite sides of the group photo of the 3 girls below) which I did, so the girls from left to right are Mayau (''Peaceful') is at far left, Pitsi in centre, and Sanaa (''Helper'') is at far right.

It was an honor for me to see other Lokono-Arawaks from other villages ALSO beginning to see my vision of the importance of having OFFICIAL recorded names (not just 'nick-names') from your own culture, because when I started the process 24 years ago when I registered my own firstborn son Hatuey (the Taino-Arawak version of 'Haukeray' - meaning ''Army ants'") - everyone else in the tribe at that time of our firstborn's birth in 1993 only had official European or Biblical names.
Why did I choose the name Ármy Ants'for my son? Because everyone in Amazonia knows that NOTHING can stand in the way of army ants - even Man & Jaguar (the top predators) have to flee for their lives, or the unstoppable carpet of Army Ants will destroy you.
Army ants also teach us how when we work closely together in UNITY we are most the name has great significance.
So as I said, I have patience, because what I plant in my tribe eventually takes root and grows, it's part of what I came into this life to do; so I am merely fulfilling my destiny.

Our firstborn Lokono-Arawak son Hatuey (with our second son who also has a traditional Amerindian name - Tecumseh) - with whom I started to reverse a century of Colonial & Neo-Colonial cultural assimilation and self-contempt brainwashing  in my own tribe in Guyana. 

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