Tuesday, 31 January 2017


We have always had 'Big business ruling from BEHIND the scenes in America (via whichever puppet was President - whether Democrat or Republican)....but now with a Billionaire businessman as President - Big Business now rules OPENLY.

Many are panicking as if the sky has fallen, but personally I prefer that we (as native peoples) have an 'honest enemy' to confront than a 'fake friend' in the White House (who ties our hands with friendly-sounding words but STILL stabs us in the back), things WILL get worse in the short-term...but I foresee a bigger picture long-term that will make the 'wanna-be pro-assimilation' factions who preached that 'the government is our friend' - in our native communities, will get exposed as fools, and the pro-traditionalist factions who have been saying ALL ALONG that 'the Nation-state government is our OPPRESSOR and we can never trust it' - will be recognized as the wise ones we need to listen to and follow instead.
The warrior societies will no longer be viewed as 'troublemakers' - but as 'heroic defenders' of our peoples rights.
So no, I am NOT a Trump fan, but let him do his WORST - because I see advantages to having someone who's open belligerence will serve the greater long-term interests of the radical pro-traditionalists like me. He is the best bad guy we have had in a long time, finally the gloves can come-off and the tribes can return to the 'Pro-native Sovereignty' camp circle where we are united once again to face a common enemy (as the DAP protests have demonstrated - for SOLIDARITY is born in ADVERSITY).
If you guys cannot see that the short-term term chaos this man will unleash is going to be the BEST impetus we have had (since the Battle of the Little Bighorn) for long-term Tribal solidarity...then you are unable to think strategically.
 Let us face the ugly fact that 'native rights are bad for business' in the minds of our corporate elites enemies, so instead of the former policies of 'pretend we care to the natives publicly in the short-term - while privately screwing them over with pro-big business long-term decisions" ...we NOW have an administration who's mantra is 'stop giving these 'powerless' people the illusion that we care about them - and just do whatever is in our corporate best interests".

Think about it this way, if the USA Nation-State disintegrates into civil anarchy (and becomes militarily overstretched fighting it's own citizens), who will be able to stop us (HUNDREDS of Tribal Nations) from instantaneously de-facto reclaiming our Sovereign Independence? None of the worlds most powerful military's in the entire history of mankind has EVER been able to fight wars on multiple fronts simultaneously and win.....they always lost and were defeated, you remember that. When the external enemies see that their foe has become weakened from within, they too will step forward to kick it while it is down....all prophecies we have of this end result (from our own native visionaries AND non-natives soothsayers from around the world throughout previous ages) ARE going to be fulfilled in our lifetime...and I daresay IN the Trump Presidency...so cry not, the hour of our liberation is close at hand now.

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