Saturday, 21 January 2017


What heterosexual man would refuse to accompany 3 chicks that look like this on a night walk?

                                             But then they turn into THIS on you! lol

I decided to share an experience that happened to me 3 years ago.
We (myself and my eldest son Hatuey) were staying at a Kalinago friends place on a sparsely populated Caribbean island of Anegada, our pals place was a two story house pretty much in the middle of a one-storey wilderness - in the middle of nowhere....going home at night kind of felt like that scene in Lord of The Rings when the hobbits were sleeping on some high hill surrounded by vast wilderness...and when they light a fire - dark things spotted them and knew they were there - and came to attack them.

Well one night in question, my son and I walked to our pals house, up the stairs, and went to our respective beds, my son put on the fast beat computer generated music that he used to listen to at the time, it was a playlist of about 20 songs I think, never ending music all night long....I fell into what I thought was a 'dream'.
3 attractive Wasichu women came and invited me to go for a walk with them, I thought it weird for 3 strange women to ask me to go for a walk in the middle of the night, but 3 things made me abandon logic and reason, #1 They were eye candy supreme just asking me to accompany them on a harmless walk in a lonely place (telling myself they probably wanted ME for THEIR security), #2 I am a Scorpio, and #3 I let my ego tell me - hell even if they are murderers - I think I can handle fending off three smaller women at once with the skills I like a fool I accepted their invitation and left my son sleeping and went with them.
We walked and had the usual no physical contact small talk meaningless chit-chat, no-one said or did anything sexually suggestive so i'm happy - no need to report anything to wifey unless I have something to report right!
Then they turned off the track into a grove of trees and I saw a child being held down on a seat and they were trying to force feed it (I stop in my tracks, not feeling 'fun' anymore.. and say to them "What kind of freaky shit is this? What is a child doing out here and why are you trying to force-feed it?" The 3 women ignore me and continue, I look closer and see (somehow) that the child is seeing what they are trying to get her to consume as being a shiny red apple - but I see that it is really a bottle of alcohol...and there are living things in that bottle, dark things, negative things waiting to get into the child's body and control it from the inside...then I look a little closer at the very minute a beam of 
Moonlight shone through the dark sky illuminating the child's face and I was shocked IT WAS MY YOUNGEST DAUGHTER LALIWA! 

Hell-no! I explode into a rage (as I do when needed) and I attack these women to save my daughter.
These women's faces - that were previously beautiful and had charmed me into accepting their invitation (I could have said no...but in exercising my free will I said yes instead) now turned hideous as they turn on ego is still in overdrive so I put my fists up (like i'm a boxer or something) and shout out "COME ON - DEMON F$#%@RS!" (still thinking i'm going to open a can of whip-ass on them that they'll never forget).....each of these bitches go back about 50 feet from me in 3 different directions then come running and flipping at me (like Olympic gymnastics team floor routine girls) and each time one reaches my fist striking range I hit them my hardest - but they just disintegrate in front on me and immediately re-appear behind me - and hit me HARD from behind...this goes on for what seems like forever, i'm constantly turning and lashing out, getting progressively weaker and more tired, but they aren't slowing down at all - and i'm feeling every one of their blows and know if I stay there fighting them it won't be long before they beat me to death...I look where my daughter last was by the seat...she is no longer I decide to run for my life trusting that she has escaped, and will remember how I taught her to conceal herself and hide without making a sound.

I make a sprint for the house (thank God I can keep up sprint speed for a 400 meters/yards before I have to slow down from fatigue) - I make it to the steps to go upstairs where I hear a fast beat computer generated song playing in the room where my son is... with the 3 female demons in hot pursuit, I get in the door just as one grabs me by the left leg - THEN I suddenly wake up IN my bed stomach down with my left leg raised at a 45 degree angle as I am being pulled OFF the bed by an unseen force...I shout for my son to back me up and he jumps up awake out of his bed and whatever it is releases my leg at the same instant that song that was playing suddenly stops.
After explaining what just happened I tell him to be on the alert in case they come back as I really could not fight the 3 of them alone AGAIN that night.
The night passes without incident and next morning I tell my son - find that song that was playing when I woke you up, as I did not recall hearing it before on his playlist, he goes through ALL the songs and none of them are the fast beat that was playing all through my encounter, I had the feeling whilst fighting them (for some strange reason) that they were being empowered/energized by the fast paced beat that was if they were somehow 'feeding' off the energy of that sound/beat.

Then I go to take a shower, and I noticed scratch marks on my left leg where the last Demon had grabbed me and pulled me off the bed in reality, I show my son, and I show my Kalinago pal Che Frederick when he came home that morning.....and yet there are people out there who will tell you very matter-of-fact (as if they know) that this was "Just a dream, merely my brain producing images that are all just in your mind"...damn, my mind must be quite powerful to physically pull me out my own bed by my left leg AND leave visible scratch marks on that leg too.
However, I know better, based on many other similar experiences...though this was the first time I had to face 3 at once (and female ones), and came so close to losing....I take it as a badge of pride though, the more you serve the light - the more the darkness attacks you, it is a price one has to pay, to receive good gifts and abilities you must suffer bad repercussions from the negative forces on this plane of existence. No truly good (or genuinely trying to be good) person can escape this life unscathed, look around us at the history of the world, it is self-evident. The negative prosper and dominate, and the positive struggle and are dominated - in this place....but it is only for a temporary period in time, the eternal victory belongs to the positive.

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