Monday, 2 January 2017


Our beautiful proud pro-traditionalist 17 year old daughter Sabantho Aderi (which is a Lokono-Arawak name that means 'Beautiful Little-Ground Dove' in English), her mum was this age when I married her (and I was 19), but no-way am I allowing my daughters to marry at this young age any longer.

Things are RARELY if ever...strictly 'black' or 'white' (metaphorically speaking of course)....I for example am a BIG supporter & proponent of my own ancestral Lokono-Arawak culture....but not 'just because' my ancestors did something one way - will I simply keep doing it that way no matter what they did (like an idiot) IF they did something that is no longer wise or morally acceptable to do.
Also, even though in this 'politically correct' world no-one likes to admit that some cultures do things that are WRONG and others do things that are RIGHT, I can give you some examples that any 'right-thinking' human being cannot merely dismiss as being 'just the way their culture is - so I have no right to condemn it' DO have a right to condemn ANYTHING that is morally reprehensible if you have any intelligence and a conscience.
If your culture teaches you that it is 'OK for a man to physically beat (sometimes even kill) his sister, wife or daughter (or sons) - in order to 'discipline' them...your culture is WRONG...change that crap in your lifetime and do what is right - and STOP beating your females (and sons) if you are a man...they are NOT your 'property' you fool! Furthermore if your 'religion' or 'prophet' or 'holy book' teaches you that such morally reprehensible things are 'OK in the sight of God' THEN YOUR RELIGION OR PROPHET OR HOLY BOOK IS CRAP! (Go and throw that book in the fire first chance you get - it was obviously written by IGNORANT mortal men - just like you, who want to justify your 'superiority complex' over womankind by claiming 'God said so'....but what kind of 'Ass God' would say such things?).
My ancestors, like indigenous peoples worldwide - yes even the Hebrews - FORMERLY allowed our daughters to marry as soon as their first menstruation was over....the rationale was (at that time) 'If her body is now ready to produce a baby it must mean that she is now a woman' (or to put it in crass vernacular 'if she bleeding she breeding').....even if the girl was just 12 years old when this occurred (Christians might not want to believe the truth that Mary was married to Joseph when she was just 13 years old as every other average Hebrew girl at that time was - but it was NORMAL behavior in EVERY human society worldwide - white, black, brown, red or yellow people - ALL our ancestors WORLDWIDE did this) fact a lot of countries today STILL allow 12 and 13 year old girls to marry unfortunately.
HOWEVER, we know for a medical FACT today that a girls body (hips) are frequently NOT ready (wide enough apart) to bear a child at so young and age and MANY of these 'child brides' end up dying in natural childbirth, I can take you to two graves of girls (two sisters) who died in childbirth in their 13th years.
Any right thinking person alive today with access to information KNOWS this practice is wrong and must stop, and I as a father would NEVER allow my daughters to marry until they have COMPLETED their education (so they are not ever dependent on a husband or anyone else to survive in this modern life - as a lot of men like to throw the fact that their spouse is just an 'uneducated housewife' in their wife's face as if that means she is inferior to them).
What about the often 'religious' or 'cultural' practice of female genital mutilation that still occurs in parts of Africa and the middle East? A practice where a little girls clitoris is cut off because the 'religion' or 'culture' (often a culture influence by some crap religious belief) believes that a female should NOT enjoy sex, only the man is supposed to.....I ask you - what truly CIVILIZED person thinks such crap? Just because your ancestors were jackasses who kept doing this barbaric practice why should you? YOU need to BE THE POSITIVE CHANGE you want to see in the world and begin in your own damned home. Treat EVERYONE EQUALLY and FAIRLY, what you would not like done to yourself - do NOT do to anyone else....would you as a man like it if our wives used to squeeze our testicles after they climaxed but before we ejaculated - and leave us in severe pain before we 'had our release' - because 'men are not supposed to enjoy sex' ?
OF-COURSE NOT - so why the hell can't you as a so-called 'man' see that to deny a woman HER enjoyment of sex can never be right and is always WRONG!
What about the idiot religions that teach that the life of a male is more valuable than the life of a female - and therefore MILLIONS of baby girls are MURDERED via 'abortions' every year because 'a son is preferred' call yourself 'civilized and your religion 'noble' and you believe this savage crap? Or teaching that a girl must never divorce her husband - no matter how tortured and miserable he is making her life - because ' it brings dishonor on your family name'? Are you idiots for real! What is more dishonorable that FORCING your own daughter to suffer all her married life till she dies with an abusive monster of a husband just because YOU want your ignorant society to find nothing to gossip about you!
There are some Kingdoms where every virgin girl must go to the King to be 'deflowered'....this is ALSO as morally unacceptable as when the European ruling class in the middle ages believed that they had a divine right to have sex with the wife of EVERY poor man (because they 'owned' the poor) on his wedding night before the poor man could have sex with his own wife first....they called this 'ius primae noctis'...again 'God wills it' was the excuse for this savage behavior...just as 'God wills it' is used as an excuse to continue to justify these other ungodly practices around the world to this day. When will you clowns wake up and realize that ordinary men invented an agreed upon set of lies hidden in very clever - often poetically noble-sounding - language - in order to justify every wicked craving of their corrupt hearts - from vanity to sexual lust to their raw lust for power and CONTROL over everyone else in their society.
Lest you forget, if your culture (as pro 'Nuclear-family' WESTERN culture does) teaches you that 'it is your life so do anything you want that pleases you' - your culture is ALSO wrong - for such self-centered advice creates only selfish people who think nothing of anyone else or the consequences of their selfish actions - so long as they are 'pleasing themselves' is people with this misguided philosophy that are destroying the Earth we live on, as they ONLY care about themselves (getting ever materially richer and satisfying their every greedy WANT - not actual 'need'), not the rest of humanity - and for damned sure not animals, plants and the natural environment.
No, no, no - and again NO.....I will honor and transmit ALL that my ancestors did that was GOOD, but I will eradicate anything that I discover they did which was BAD and not continue it...thankfully I have not found any traditional practice of my Lokono-Arawak ancestors (besides the marriage after first menstruation phenomenon that all races practiced worldwide) that is no longer morally acceptable - and therefore in need of elimination.

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