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This creature 'Homo habilis' was the one that walked out of Africa 2 million years ago, does it look like ANY 'Negroid' or 'black man' you ever saw in your life? I don't think so. Stop your wishful thinking racist nonsense please. You cannot condemn 'white racism' on the one hand and then preach black racism on the other, it makes you no better (and just as stupid) as the 'white racists' you condemn.

Now I know there are MANY who prefer to beieve in ancient fairy tales and creation stories (though they seem incapable of imagining that SOMETHING here may have been 'genetically modified' into modern man...because the ability to speak suddenly appeared in human evolution overnight and is not explainable scientifically by purely 'natural evolutionary' terms...but the creation stories DO say the 'Creator' 'created' man (moderrn man I daresay) and gave 'man' the gift of speech'...so some truth in both explanations seem scientifically logical - but on their own neither has all the answeres)...and reject the idea that Homo sapiens are a kind of Ape.....yet they cannot deny two SCIENTIFIC FACTS that prove this connection, we Homo sapiens for example CAN accept blood transfusions from ANY and ALL other Ape species (not any other animals) - ask any real Doctor and he will confirm this, this is why Human blood is classified as RH negative or RH positive...the 'RH' in 'RH blood factor O negative or O positive blood etc.' that human blood is classified under stands for 'Rhesus' - as in 'RHESUS MONKEY' - in case you did not know. Furthermore some human babies ARE born with tails - as genetic flow-backs to our remote Primate ancestors....see read about that here in case you did not know that either:


This new scientific revelation in the article at the very bottom of this page below does not surprise me at all, as I always remind people that our current BELIEFS about human evolution are all still just THEORIES - and they are NOT CONCRETE FACTS, only a simple minded person thinks that anatomically modern Bantu phenotype Negroid person 'created white and oriental people'....the hominid creature that first walked out of Africa looked absolutely nothing like a Bantu person or any other human alive today, but in fact looked more like 'Ceasar' from the Planet of the Apes.

I grew up hearing people in the diaspora believing this nonsensical fairy tale, pointing to the white skin of albinos as 'proof' that 'out of blacks whites came'...but an albino negroid has NEVER been born of two negroid parents and had Caucasoid features and cranial structure, or mongoloid epicanthic eye folds and straight hair.....and if this cherished African diaspora myth were true, they cannot explain why it is a now known scientific fact that on a mitochondrial DNA level the Caucasoids and Mongoloids have another human species DNA ancestry that the Negroid peoples of sub-Saharan Africa do NOT have - namely Neanderthal and Denisovan genes.
If we were all 'genetically the same' this could not be possible.

Reconstruction of the head of the Shanidar 1 fossil, a Neanderthal male who lived c. 70,000 years ago
The range of Neanderthals

I believe - based on all the genetic facts I am aware of, that the hominid creature that walked out of Africa evolved in different areas of the globe and gave rise to several DISTINCT human species that all looked as visually distinct from each other as Caucasoids, Mongoloids and Negroids do today, the Neanderthals in Europe and the Denisovans in Siberia Asia among them....but there are others still being discovered outside of Africa that we hitherto did not know existed...so our 'theories' are having to be constantly redesigned as new scientific evidence is discovered.

Now there is ANOTHER NEW HUMAN SPECIES discovered, i'll bet several more new human species will be discovered in years to come as well.

So it is incorrect to lay claim to Melanesians as 'Negroids', when obviously science is proving they are at best a new human creation of Negroid and this newly discovered species of human being.

Furthermore, I speculate (based on the observable fact that a mostly pure Caucasoid is much hairier in body than a mostly pure Mongoloid or Negroid peoples - and that ALL Caucasoids have Neanderthal DNA)..that the white skin and hairy bodies that Caucasoids are well known for - come from their Neanderthal ancestors, whom science believes had high tendencies to pale skin and science KNOWS had very hairy bodies far hairier than homo sapiens.
Also note for those who do not know - the Arabs, Persians, East Indians etc who are well known for being 'full of body hair' are in FACT classified under the Caucasoid umbrella, so you do not have to be white skinned and blond haired or blue eyed to be a Caucasoid...if you ever watched an American Police show you will have often heard the description 'white Caucasian male'...this is because not all Caucasians have white skins, you can have 'brown Caucasians' as well...as many Arabs, Persians and East Indians (aka Indo-Aryans) have.
Though, just for the record, many of the southern Arabs also have Negroid DNA in them as do the Indo-Aryan 'East Indians' of southern India...and this is why you see some of them with literally black skin and YET straight hair and other typical caucasiod facial features.

Any non-racist intelligent person would be very happy and content to accept that ALL of our pre-human Homo habilis hominid ancestors came from Africa, and in different parts of the world it gave rise separately to the anatomimally modern - and different looking - Homo sapien phenotypes we see all over the Earth today...and there is such BEAUTY in our DIVERSITY!

You should feel no need to utter such nonsense such as 'all white and red people came from black people' infering to the simple-minded, that Bantu looking Negroid modern humans 'created' the Caucasoids and Mongoloids by 'birth flukes and genetic accidents'....as I have heard from notable idiots in the African diaspora.

  Bantu Negroid people
Bantu Zones


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