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This is the most logical image of Jesus based on the Roman visual descriptions of the Hebrew peoples they conquered 2000 years ago and mitochondrial DNA (from human remains) proof that exists for the peoples who were inhabiting this part of the 'Holy Land' Middle East 2000 years ago.... and the DNA evidence actually proves the original Hebrews were always a MULTI-RACIAL PEOPLE (not the later Askenazi Jews of Europe who gave us the very white looking 'Jews' we see in Israel and most of the world today - who are predominantly descendants of Hebrew men who settled in Europe after 2000 years ago took European wives - are the majority of Jews in the world today) not pure Caucasoid, Negroid or Mongoloid, but with DNA markers of ALL THREE main racial groups (just like their blood relatives first cousins the Arabs), so if you want to keep cherishing a 'white Jesus' or a 'Black Jesus' it is only because you are yourself too much of a racist to accept the true brown MULTI-RACIAL Jesus. 

If one analyzes the teachings of Jesus (for example) - you quickly realize that it is generally identical to the tenets of most Indigenous People's ancestral spirituality (that is why we do not need to reject HIM or his teachings - we only need to reject the false doctrines, dogmas, rituals and 'versions' the rest of the Hypocrites who CLAIM to be Christians and their false organised religions - but who hide behind Jesus's name in order to force their 'religious beliefs' upon us).

Throughout his ministry Jesus taught spirituality in natural outdoor places made by the Creator (as most traditionalist indigenous peoples do) NOT in the buildings made by the hands of men.

Jesus did not cut his long hair (as most traditionalist indigenous peoples do) - no Jew did at that time in fact . 

Jesus put NO VALUE WHATSOEVER in material possessions - and urged men to accumulate treasure in the form of good deeds, generosity etc. instead (as most traditionalist indigenous peoples do).

Jesus taught that spirits can inhabit the bodies of animals (as most traditionalist indigenous peoples do), and he taught that animals can act as messengers of the Creator (as we do).

Jesus taught that a simple flower was more beautiful and splendid to behold than the richest King wearing the most expensive clothing (as most traditionalist indigenous peoples do). 

Jesus taught that spoken words have power and one must be careful about what one says (as most traditionalist indigenous peoples do) .....

So why then do so many 'Christians' think that a Church building is more holy to gather within than under a tree, in a meadow, on a beach, by a lake or river, at a waterfall, or on a hill or mountain or anywhere else in nature?...and why do these same 'anti-nature' so-called 'Christians' compel others to gather in their man-made buildings once or several times a week for a monotonous ritual and regurgitated prayers? Jesus did not teach you ANY of that! 

Why do so many 'Christians' think that a man should cut his hair short otherwise he looks 'shameful like a woman' (to quote the idiot Paul - who was NEVER chosen by Jesus but who WAS referred to as a LIAR by the Disciple James who WAS chosen by Jesus)? Jesus had long hair - so are you ashamed of your own Savior and 'most perfect son of God'? 

Why do so many 'Christians' believe in the false 'prosperity Gospel' (aka 'God WANTS you to be materially rich') mostly promoted by con men who call themselves 'Evangelists' (who make an easy living off of your $ and your stupidity) and who hold a Bible in one hand (usually next to a Rolex watch on their wrist), wearing Armani suits and theatrically acting on a stage (all the while repeating certain key words incessantly such as 'Oh lord', or 'Oh God' in every sentence - sometimes after every 4-5 words like a moron with a limited vocabulary)? Jesus NEVER taught you any of that, and Jesus was himself a poor homeless person - who even forbid his 12 disciples from owning a staff or purse or any more material possessions than they could wear on their bodies at one time! 
In fact - like Buddhist monks still do today - Jesus told his followers that they were to depend on the charity of others or divine providence - as the animals do). 

Christians are fond of taking EVERYTHING else Jesus said literally - EXCEPT when he said to be a true follower of him you must get rid of all your worldly possessions, give to the poor, and take up your own burden of this life of simplicity (as most traditionalist indigenous peoples do) and follow his teachings which he said were "the way - the TRUTH and the life". 
Jesus also said that this way of true living he taught was HARD and that few could bear to follow it....that is the MAIN part these lying fake Christians conveniently gloss over - and prefer to listen to some materialistic 'Tele-Evangelist' who says what you WANT to hear so you can simultaneously 'Claim' to be a follower of Christ - yet ignore as much of his teachings as you possibly can as you enthusiastically indulge in rampant consumerism....
But in YOUR mind, we indigenous peoples are the 'un-godly and backward savages' that need to have our souls saved by your religions, what a laugh ....please go and save your OWN damned selves first!

The Mizrahi (aka 'Oriental Jews') above are the ORIGINAL Jews and they are BROWN-SKNNED just like their Arab first cousins (and you could not tell the two peoples apart if they were naked as they look the same) according to Jewish sources themselves:  

Loolwa Khazzoom, Founder and Director of the Jewish MultiCultural Project, in an article posted on the Jewish Virtual Library title, "Jews of the Middle East," (accessed Apr. 26, 2007) wrote:
"Mizrahim are Jews who never left the Middle East and North Africa since the beginnings of the Jewish people 4,000 years ago. In 586 B.C.E., the Babylonian Empire (ancient Iraq) conquered Yehudah (Judah), the southern region of ancient Israel. 

Babylonians occupied the Land of Israel and exiled the Yehudim (Judeans, or Jews), as captives into Babylon. Some 50 years later, the Persian Empire (ancient Iran) conquered the Babylonian Empire and allowed the Jews to return home to the land of Israel. But, offered freedom under Persian rule and daunted by the task of rebuilding a society that lay in ruins, most Jews remained in Babylon. Over the next millennia, some Jews remained in today's Iraq and Iran, and some migrated to neighboring lands in the region (including today's Syria, Yemen, and Egypt), or emigrated to lands in Central and East Asia (including India, China, and Afghanistan)... 

In the early 20th century, severe violence against Jews forced communities throughout the Middle Eastern region to flee once again, arriving as refugees predominantly in Israel, France, the United Kingdom, and the Americas. In Israel, Middle Eastern and North African Jews were the majority of the Jewish population for decades, with numbers as high as 70 percent of the Jewish population, until the mass Russian immigration of the 1990s. Mizrahi Jews are now half of the Jewish population in Israel.

Throughout the rest of the world, Mizrahi Jews have a strong presence in metropolitan areas — Paris, London, Montreal, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Mexico City. Mizrahim and Sephardim share more than common history from the past five centuries. Mizrahi and Sephardic religious leaders traditionally have stressed hesed (compassion) over humra (severity, or strictness), following a more lenient interpretation of Jewish law.

Despite such baseline commonalities, Middle Eastern and North African Mizrahim and Sephardim do retain distinct cultural traditions. Though Mizrahi and Sephardic prayer books are close in form and content, for example, they are not identical. Mizrahi prayers are usually sung in quarter tones, whereas Sephardic prayers have more of a Southern European feel. Traditionally, moreover, Sephardic prayers are often accompanied by a Western-style choir in the synagogue."

What about the 'Black Jews' of Ethiopia known as 'Beta Israel' whom you see above? Lets mention them here below - because racist idiots will look at them today and jump to the conclusion that 'all real Jews were black':

A 2012 study showed that although the Beta Israel more closely resemble the indigenous populations of Ethiopia, they have some distant Jewish ancestry, going back 2000 years. This has resulted in speculation that the community was founded by a few Jewish itinerant traders who moved to Ethiopia, converted locals to Judaism, and married into the local population. This evidence has been used as an explanation as to why the Beta Israel had no idea about the holiday of Hanukkah until they were resettled in Israel. The holiday commemorates events in the second century BC, long after their ancestors had left Israel.

Genetic study offers clues to history of North Africa's Jews:


                                                 Israeli Army Askkenazi female soldiers
                                                     Israeli Navy Ashkenazi Jews
                                                          Israeli Army Ashkenazi Soldiers 

What about the 'white jews' of Europe known as the Ashkenazim whom you see above? Lets mention them here below - because racist idiots will look at them today and jump to the conclusion that 'all real Jews are white':

Ahkenaziplural Ashkenazim, from Hebrew Ashkenaz (“Germany”), member of the Jews who lived in the Rhinelandvalley and in neighbouring France before their migration eastward to Slavic lands (e.g., Poland, Lithuania, Russia) after the Crusades(11th–13th century) and their descendants. After the 17th-century persecutions in eastern Europe, large numbers of these Jews resettled in western Europe, where they assimilated, as they had done in eastern Europe, with other Jewish communities. In time, all Jews who had adopted the “German rite” synagogue ritual were referred to as Ashkenazim to distinguish them from Sephardic (Spanish rite) Jews. Ashkenazim differ from Sephardim in their pronunciation of Hebrew, in cultural traditions, in synagogue cantillation (chanting), in their widespread use of Yiddish (until the 20th century), and especially in synagogue liturgy.
Today Ashkenazim constitute more than 80 percent of all the Jews in the world, vastly outnumbering Sephardic Jews. In the early 21st century, Ashkenazic Jews numbered about 11 million. In Israel the numbers of Ashkenazim and Sephardim are roughly equal, and the chief rabbinatehas both an Ashkenazic and a Sephardic chief rabbi on equal footing. All Reform and Conservative Jewish congregations belong to the Ashkenazic tradition.
More scientific evidence of the reason most Jews we see today look so 'white', they are mostly Ashkenazi Jews who are of Jewish fathers and European mothers: 

So lastly, who are the Sephardim Jews we see above? 

 Sefarad is a Hebrew word meaning Spain. So, in the strictest sense of the word the Sephardim (plural of Sephardi) are the Jews who came from the Iberian peninsula. Today however the word Sephardim has taken a much wider meaning and includes Jewish Communities in North Africa, Iraq (Babylon), Syria, Greece, Turkey and most Jews who are not Ashkenazim. The word Ashkenazi has had a similar broadening of its definition. Arising from a Hebrew word meaning "german" it has taken on a broader definition that includes not only German Jews but those of Eastern Europe and Russia as well.

More about the Sephardi from one of their own websites:

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