Sunday, 23 October 2016


How 'coincidental' that a few days after Saudi Arabia received hundreds of Toyota pick-up trucks from the USA - ISIS received the same thing also. 

It is a FACT that the US Government CLAIMS to have spent $50 MILLION dollars 'to create a fighting force to combat ISIS/ISIL - and 'only 5 men are left of those that were trained' (rest 'defected') believe that the American government is really that INCOMPETENT?
When you apply for a grant of a mere US$10 thousand dollars from a US entity you have to jump through about 100 layers of red tape hoops of checks & balances to make sure the funds are all accounted think logically that 50 MILLION could just go down the drain that easily? By a country that has a LONG record of training such forces - and never so dismally? Try moving US$10 thousand dollars around the world at once and see how difficult that keep telling yourself somehow it is easier to lose 50 MILLION. It was 'invested' into ISIS/ISIL by training ISIL/ISIS members in the first place, all you have to do is record the people you are training on official documents (for a clean 'paper trail') as 'anti-ISIS/ISIL rebels...oh dear, after training them they all suddenly 'defected' and joined (more like 'returned') to ISIS/ISIL!
Yet, most of us are NOT connecting the dots......US ally the Afghan government has complained (even showed video proof) for YEARS (NEVER front page news in mainstream media) that they see the US & Coalition Forces air dropping food & munition supplies BEHIND enemy lines in known Taliban controlled areas, where the Taliban (their so-called 'enemies') collect them and use against everyone.
Neither are we monitoring the many complaints (NEVER front page news in mainstream media) by the US ally the Iraqi Government which has been complaining (AND showing video proof) for months that the US and Coalition forces are ALSO air-dropping food & munition supplies BEHIND enemy lines in known ISIS/ISIL controlled areas, where ISIS/ISIL (their so called 'enemies') collect and use against everyone.
ISIS/ISIL recently proudly displayed their new several hundred armored Toyotas....conveniently just AFTER several hundred armored Toyotas were shipped to Saudia Arabia from the USA.
Everyone on Earth (except US Intelligence - if you believe that) KNOWS that Saudi Arabia arms & equips ISIS/ISISL, even the supposedly 'bitter enemies' of Arab Muslim fanatics - the state of ISRAEL - has been detected dropping supplies into ISIS/ISIL controlled areas, it is a great 'destabilizing tool' for many players behind the scenes.
These things only 'make no sense' to you if you do not understand the way the power elites work, the folks who manipulate everything for their own benefit, they don't give a rats ass about the lives of any 'unimportant people' - and that INCLUDES the troops of their own countries (so imagine how much LESS they care about the deaths of everyone else), none of these elite's children go to war and die for political agendas (they are either exempted for academic excuses - or they serve safely at home out of harm's way - like GW Bush) ...only the 'unimportant' children of people like you and I go to die as cannon fodder for them.
The way these callous elites operate is by using a VERY old formula (that works EVERY time), namely: Step 1 - Create a problem, step 2 - Offer a solution (to the problem YOU just created)....and Step 3 - the IGNORANT masses who did not see how YOU created the problem in the first place - rush to accept your 'brilliant solution' as they see 'no other way out'.....then Step 4 - the Elites get EXACTLY the end result they wanted in the first place.
An end result that always leaves them richer and more powerful than they were before - with control of more of other peoples 'natural resources', other people's Central Banks (even if the government might appear often times to be aloof of them - Like Iraq & Afghanistan - once you control their money - you ultimately control THEM), and they always get 'publicly approved legislation' (as a result of the 'sheep herded panic they inject into the populace by their actions and the dominant media's intense & repetitive peddling of the narrative they want the masses to believe as being 'the truth') that increases their authority OVER their people (such as via the calculatedly deceptively named 'Patriot Act').
Look at the new glorious crusade called the 'War on Terror', don't the masses of asses know that that is as ridiculous and IMPOSSIBLE to win as waging a 'War on Dandruff'...but at least 'Dandruff' is a tangible thing (and even so it will NEVER be completely eradicated), but 'Terror' is just a vague concept like 'poverty' you think a 'Global war on poverty' can be won? What kind of poverty specifically? Material poverty? Mental poverty? Spiritual poverty? What kind of 'terror'? People trophy hunting animals or shooting migrating birds in swamps and terrorizing them for 'sport' killing? Mafia shake-downs of honest business people for 'protection' money? Gangs terrorizing poor neighborhoods with drive-by shootings? The IRS making people live in fear of not paying their small taxes on time and ruining their lives if they don't - while wall street billionaires get huge tax breaks and never get the hammer blows that ordinary 'terrorized' citizens do? Trigger-happy Police killing unarmed civilians and making the citizenry fear them?

Among the various (convenient) excuses we have swallowed about how/why ISIS/ISIL has 'come out of nowhere and is so well equipped' has been...'they captured our supplies that we left for the Iragi army' (and we see Iragi troops fleeing).....what we don't see is the tip-off to ISIS/ISIL that a large cache of weapons is at point X just waiting to be captured from a weak force of Iragis.....and the excuse that 'we 'accidentally' dropped supplies in the wrong sector - it was really meant for the Kurds'....REALLY? The Kurds have SEVERAL secured CITIES of their own in northern Irag that have NEVER been overrun by ISIS/ expect me to believe that if you truly wanted to give those tons of new weapons to the Kurds that you would not have delivered them safely to the Kurds IN their own secure cities that have AIRPORTS so you do not need to 'drop' anything from a plane overhead? Instead you 'accidentally' flew OVER 'enemy controlled sectors' and dropped supplies there by 'mistake'?
COME ON MAN! Why are we such IGNORANT bastards that we swallow this bullshit over & over again - year after year? (found those 'weapons of mass destruction in Irag yet? It was the main public excuse for your invasion - and 'Joe IDIOT public' believed your lies again then as well).

ISIS are supposed to be the WORST of Muslim terrorists, and no-one hates Israeli Jews more than a Muslim extremist...yet NOT A SINGLE ISIS ATTACK ON ISRAEL OR ANY ISRAELI JEW? ISIS is ONLY killing other Muslims and Christians....gee I wonder who might be benefiting from a force that is only harming non-Israelis?


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