Saturday, 27 August 2016


Stand strong stand tall. The Dakota Access Pipeline is proposed to run along the Missouri River and will eventually break leaving a contaminated River which is the water source for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and many states in the US. The pipeline will affect our climate and the future generations in a negative way. If you drink water and breathe air then you should be concerned and standing in solidarity! Water is LIFE. Remember "you can not drink oil, leave it in the soil" #NODALP ....Nicole Yanes (Opata Tribal Nation)

Art by Jesus Barraza

EVERY truly INTELLIGENT American KNOWS that the USA was founded on GENOCIDE, any American who honestly thinks with a straight face that 'God bless America' is anything more than a desperate request by people trying to distance themselves from the responsibility and KARMIC DEBT for evils committed (in many cases by their own biological ancestors) in order to create the USA a moron, one of those mental lightweights who know little to nothing of the history of their own country, and virtually nothing about any other part of the entire Earth either.
The only 'God' that would bless a nation founded on the murderous bloodshed and merciless extermination of entire tribes of peoples - men, women, children, elderly & even the unborn, and the continuous (because the descendants and imported heirs of the original thieves still own the stolen lands) of an entire continent (an entire HEMISPHERE in fact!) the 'God of this world' that your Jesus warned you about.....and this is the entity you call Satan - the 'God' of evil.
You Americans should more correctly be saying 'God please FORGIVE America" - that at least would be a HONEST assessment for ONCE in your lives!
How in the holy name of HONESTY, INTELLIGENCE and RESPONSIBILITY- can any of you even begin to think that 'God is pleased with America and has blessed it abundantly' just because your political nation-state is wealthy? (that is like Pablo Escobar thinking God had blessed him because he was untouchable and filthy rich for many years and nothing could go wrong for him - he had it ALL for a time...but his 'abundance' was the product of his EVIL DEEDS...just like yours...and your time is coming to an end just like Pablo's) Not the one true God of Heaven I assure you...but the other guy down here in the red suit in your imagination - yes he surely HAS blessed you, because not a single decade has passed since your creation that you have not engaged in killing some people somewhere on the Earth.....truly you are doing your real 'father's work, and rendering unto him the blood sacrifices of innocents that he requires of thee - as his faithful servants.
You love to claim that 'you did not do these things to native Americans so it is not your fault'....yet you do NOTHING to undo what was done to them, and instead happily live your superficial spiritually dis-connected lives as non-paying illegal tenants and squatters the expense of the true spiritual legal landlords of this entire Hemisphere forcing your illegal 'Invader & armed occupier' authority upon & over them...and by ignoring the opportunity to RIGHT THE WRONGS YOUR ANCESTORS DID IN THEIR LIFETIMES - TO THE DESCENDANTS OF THEIR VICTIMIZATION IN YOUR LIFETIME - you have become JUST AS GUILTY AS THE ORIGINAL PERPETRATORS OF GENOCIDE BY DEFAULT...BECAUSE YOUR ACTIONS/INACTION'S ARE ALLOWING THE GENOCIDE TO CONTINUE TO WREAK IT'S HAVOC VIA A LINGERING DEATH !
Think about this, native peoples who's lands were stolen from them - get arrested FOR 'TRESPASSING on their own lands (some even shot and killed) - by the heirs and beneficiaries of the thieves who stole it from them - EVERY GODDAMN DAY ALL OVER THE WORLD ...if that isn't the height of HYPOCRISY I don't know what is !....Damon Gerard Corrie (Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation, South America & Caribbean)


What is going on today on treatied sovereign land is blatantly in violation of treaties made between the US government and Indigenous American tribes. NO ONE, NO corporation, No government entity nor any military or police force is allowed on Sovereign treaty land without being invited to come on the land by the tribe. Dealing with Indigenous peoples on their Sovereign treaty land is the same as dealing with any other country in the world. NOTHING comes on tribal land without permission of the people. All of this oil drilling, fracking, destruction of of our clean water sources is against federal law. The United States government has broken every treaty ever made with any and all of our Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (AKA USA), and it still continues. The United Nations accepted and ratified the Declaration of Indigenous Rights, which have been accepted by all countries all over the world, of which the United States was one of the LAST to sign. The UN is at the DAPL camps and monitoring the current situation, but we need more of a UN presence there to stand with our Indigenous people and help back up the Declaration of Indigenous Rights that Indigenous peoples from all over the world worked on for 14 years through Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (PFII). The governments of the world are controlled by six major corporations and therefore DO NOT have the best interest of this country, nor it's people, at heart. This is not just a protest of Indigenous people for Indigenous rights. We are Indigenous people protesting and protecting our resources for all of humanity for generations to come. Corporations and government are only concerned about what sort of a profit they can make and not the well-being of our future generations. It very simple, people. Without clean, usable water, we ALL die. Mashu White-Feather (Cherokee Tribal Nation, North America)



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