Saturday, 18 June 2016


ALL babies are born INNOCENT and free of racism and all the other corruptions that are learned in this physical life. 
This physical life is a 'school for the soul', whilst most of us who are here (while we are here) think that THIS is our only 'true' is really a very brief blip in cosmic 'time' and our true reality is what we experience once OUT of these physical vessels....this is why it is almost comical & sad at the same time to hear people speak about the inevitable physical death with fear and terror, as if our short time here is the 'be-all & end-all' of our total (and immortal) existence.
We return to this 'soul schooling' until we 'graduate with honors' - then we have learned all that a living enlightened consciousness needs to learn and therefore needs no further 'Earthly tutoring' (so reincarnation ceases) and it can return to the perfection of the love and light - where we originated (and avail it's enlightened self for the higher spiritual good of others), and where we must return to....but no soul that is still with attachments of imperfection (anger, resentment, jealousy, hatreds, lusts etc) is worthy enough to return to the source of our conscious creation so it is virtually impossible for most to achieve in just one earthly lifetime....we can look at it in the context of a new born baby human being...born innocent and un-corrupted, but the very process of growing up in a physical body and interacting with all that we experience here (positive & negative daily biological & spiritual influences), that child will inevitably learn & adopt some negative traits/habits (some a lot more than others) throughout it's baby is born a liar, or a thief, sex-addict or murderer.....these bad ways/traits/habits are acquired here.....but even the liars, thieves, murderers, etc. also experienced what kindness, love, mercy, etc felt like at some points in their lives...and there is a deep love and willingness to forgive them if they mend their errant ways and ask for forgiveness from our spiritual 'parent' - just as we as normal Earthly parents have a deep love and willingness to forgive our earthly children - if they mend their errant ways and ask us for forgiveness.
This is why the real master moral teachers kept stressing that LOVE is the greatest focus we need to have & practice in our earthly lives, not passing condemning judgement on others....we do not know all that transpired (or what unseen malevolent forces were able to attach to them by acts of the hosts own free will - like holding on to negative emotions which fester in your soul and spread like spiritual cancer....or voluntarily trying a substance then becoming addicted to it and giving these entities a way to wear them like a glove in order to ruin ALL their relationships with others and worse - that are manipulating them) in their lives that lead them down the road they ended up traversing, we need to examine ourselves and focus on mending our own errant ways instead of looking for the errors in others.

Simple acts of LOVE in everyday life:

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