Friday, 24 June 2016


I am glad that my own children - in BOTH places they live & call home - whether in modern urban Barbados (above), or traditional rural north Amazonia Guyana on Pakuri Tribal territory (below) in 3-generation homes as all human societies formerly did, and as children they ALL slept in mom & dads bed from birth to age six in some is ever going to sever the close bonds of love that glue our family together.

Some memories came back to me last night, really pleasant ones (of the G rated type lol)....I asked my wife if she had found it wonderful to go to sleep every night in her tribal village sharing a room with her brothers and sisters (her parents had 10 children that lived) - and being able to chat and laugh with them every night before she drifted off to sleep, instead of sleeping alone... like most children in the so-called 'developed' world who get segregated into their own rooms from if it is 'bad' to be surrounded by your own brothers & sisters (or even parents) wonder they grow up so lacking in love for each other and their parents....they can't wait to 'get their own space' and their parents can't wait for them to 'move out' and only come back infrequently on brief visits.....a sign of human beings who have stopped thinking with their heart and began to think with their brains only.

I remembered my brother Craig reading me stories every night before I went to sleep, if not I would just listen to him and our eldest brother Russell talk about surfing, skating, school & neighbourhood pranks, girls (which was most interesting to me) etc....and I either went to sleep with a healthy imagination (from the stories read to me) or laughing from what my older brothers were saying....big sister Lisa had already moved out so I didn't have the 'sibling combo deal' my wife had.
I remember being at the Climate Change Conference in Alaska some years ago (my first invitation to an international Climate change conference) ...and when my turn came to say what I thought was responsible for human exacerbated Climate change...I wrote 'The industrial 'devolution' and the emergence of the Nuclear family concept' ...many in the room could not understand me, as everyone was speaking about the usual culprits (carbon emissions, deforestation, etc.) so I explained that:
"The Industrial revolution - was in fact a spiritual DEVOLUTION - and it gave rise to this previously non-existent and highly self-centred concept of a 'nuclear family'...a FALSE way of 'living' (more like 'existing') completely OUT of harmony with the Earth and your fellow man...beginning by destroying the traditional familial foundations as the cornerstone of this new false teaching people that the globally traditional '3 generations in one home' way of LIVING that has served humanity so well for millennia - is suddenly 'old fashioned' and only the 2 parents and their children is the core of a 'family' nowadays.

THIS IS WHY - no one feels guilty about sticking their own parents in a 'home for the elderly' (which is really 'death's waiting room'), no-one remembers or appreciates all those years that your own parents bathed, fed, and cleaned your shitty bottom for you - that is why you should feel a sense of responsibility to do the same for them in return when their time for YOU to show THEM love & care comes.....
This is why the father insists he is the 'head' of the household and imposes a patriarchal 'rule' over his wife & children (which thereby teaches their sons to become just as unilateral and ignorant as dad was because it is 'normal' for society today - and is often reinforced by organised religions)...if the grandparents were in the home the children would grow-up knowing that there are different levels of authority in any REAL FAMILY, the grandparents & parents work together to ensure the children grow up with an age & gender balanced worldview and cosmovision (from long talks with granny & grandpa who have years of wisdom to impart that your own parents have not attained as yet).
This is why- the youth don't give a damn about how their behaviour reflects badly on their wider family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc...heck they don't even give a damn how their behaviour might reflect badly on their own parents!.... the Sun in their entire self-centred universe exclusively revolves around THEM and what THEY WANT - and to hell with anyone and everyone else....their mantra has become "It is MY life so I will do with it what I want!"....poor ignorant fools, only at the end of their ego-driven lives - when it is too late - do they realise the error of their ways."
This is ALSO why - such shallow-minded, self-centred, spiritually dis-connected individuals are being churned out of our global 'MIS-educational systems by the MILLIONS - and they enter the corporate world, step on anyone they feel they need to in order to get to the 'top' (as if becoming CEO is the greatest achievement in life), and they see nothing wrong/feel no remorse in taking 'business decisions' that lead to the deaths or impoverishment of others...because 'the corporate bottom line' is all that matters....the only 'human rights' that matter to them is "the right of their shareholders to make ever-increasing profits on their investments".

All of these great ills of human society, my friends, can be traced back to that very Industrial (spiritual) devolution and nuclear family concept that I alluded to above, those who recognise truth when they read it may feel free to share and open the eyes of others...humanity has gone down this dark road to eventual oblivion for long enough, time for those who see the nightmare to wake up those who still don't..for you are not a true human being if you do not understand and accept your role in the great web of life - and your RESPONSIBILITY to fulfil that role with honor and respect for the time that it has been allocated to you.

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