Friday, 24 June 2016


I am glad that my own children - in BOTH places they live & call home - whether in modern urban Barbados (above), or traditional rural north Amazonia Guyana on Pakuri Tribal territory (below) in 3-generation homes as all human societies formerly did, and as children they ALL slept in mom & dads bed from birth to age six in some is ever going to sever the close bonds of love that glue our family together.

Some memories came back to me last night, really pleasant ones (of the G rated type lol)....I asked my wife if she had found it wonderful to go to sleep every night in her tribal village sharing a room with her brothers and sisters (her parents had 10 children that lived) - and being able to chat and laugh with them every night before she drifted off to sleep, instead of sleeping alone... like most children in the so-called 'developed' world who get segregated into their own rooms from if it is 'bad' to be surrounded by your own brothers & sisters (or even parents) wonder they grow up so lacking in love for each other and their parents....they can't wait to 'get their own space' and their parents can't wait for them to 'move out' and only come back infrequently on brief visits.....a sign of human beings who have stopped thinking with their heart and began to think with their brains only.

I remembered my brother Craig reading me stories every night before I went to sleep, if not I would just listen to him and our eldest brother Russell talk about surfing, skating, school & neighbourhood pranks, girls (which was most interesting to me) etc....and I either went to sleep with a healthy imagination (from the stories read to me) or laughing from what my older brothers were saying....big sister Lisa had already moved out so I didn't have the 'sibling combo deal' my wife had.
I remember being at the Climate Change Conference in Alaska some years ago (my first invitation to an international Climate change conference) ...and when my turn came to say what I thought was responsible for human exacerbated Climate change...I wrote 'The industrial 'devolution' and the emergence of the Nuclear family concept' ...many in the room could not understand me, as everyone was speaking about the usual culprits (carbon emissions, deforestation, etc.) so I explained that:
"The Industrial revolution - was in fact a spiritual DEVOLUTION - and it gave rise to this previously non-existent and highly self-centred concept of a 'nuclear family'...a FALSE way of 'living' (more like 'existing') completely OUT of harmony with the Earth and your fellow man...beginning by destroying the traditional familial foundations as the cornerstone of this new false teaching people that the globally traditional '3 generations in one home' way of LIVING that has served humanity so well for millennia - is suddenly 'old fashioned' and only the 2 parents and their children is the core of a 'family' nowadays.

THIS IS WHY - no one feels guilty about sticking their own parents in a 'home for the elderly' (which is really 'death's waiting room'), no-one remembers or appreciates all those years that your own parents bathed, fed, and cleaned your shitty bottom for you - that is why you should feel a sense of responsibility to do the same for them in return when their time for YOU to show THEM love & care comes.....
This is why the father insists he is the 'head' of the household and imposes a patriarchal 'rule' over his wife & children (which thereby teaches their sons to become just as unilateral and ignorant as dad was because it is 'normal' for society today - and is often reinforced by organised religions)...if the grandparents were in the home the children would grow-up knowing that there are different levels of authority in any REAL FAMILY, the grandparents & parents work together to ensure the children grow up with an age & gender balanced worldview and cosmovision (from long talks with granny & grandpa who have years of wisdom to impart that your own parents have not attained as yet).
This is why- the youth don't give a damn about how their behaviour reflects badly on their wider family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc...heck they don't even give a damn how their behaviour might reflect badly on their own parents!.... the Sun in their entire self-centred universe exclusively revolves around THEM and what THEY WANT - and to hell with anyone and everyone else....their mantra has become "It is MY life so I will do with it what I want!"....poor ignorant fools, only at the end of their ego-driven lives - when it is too late - do they realise the error of their ways."
This is ALSO why - such shallow-minded, self-centred, spiritually dis-connected individuals are being churned out of our global 'MIS-educational systems by the MILLIONS - and they enter the corporate world, step on anyone they feel they need to in order to get to the 'top' (as if becoming CEO is the greatest achievement in life), and they see nothing wrong/feel no remorse in taking 'business decisions' that lead to the deaths or impoverishment of others...because 'the corporate bottom line' is all that matters....the only 'human rights' that matter to them is "the right of their shareholders to make ever-increasing profits on their investments".

All of these great ills of human society, my friends, can be traced back to that very Industrial (spiritual) devolution and nuclear family concept that I alluded to above, those who recognise truth when they read it may feel free to share and open the eyes of others...humanity has gone down this dark road to eventual oblivion for long enough, time for those who see the nightmare to wake up those who still don't..for you are not a true human being if you do not understand and accept your role in the great web of life - and your RESPONSIBILITY to fulfil that role with honor and respect for the time that it has been allocated to you.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


The American (and I daresay every Western) 'Educational System' is based on the Prussian 'Educational system' - which was more interested in creating people who would 'die for their country' and never question the authority that was sending them to their deaths, and also not know any more than you needed to - according to how best you were selected to serve the state for the rest of your if the system deemed - according to your academic performance - that you were only going to be useful as a 'common worker' at the bottom of societies 'pyramid scheme' (that operates so that the many 'have-only what they need' - have to to spend their entire lives working so that the minority of 'have-everything they want' do not have to work).

What was the Prussian model for 'education'?

#1 - To establish fixed habits of reaction to authority

#2 - To make children as alike as possible 

#3 - To indoctrinate children into their proper social role so that in the future they will not try to escape the social compartment allocated for them

#4 - Only teach the various categories of students what they need to know - in order to perform their social role - never more than that.

#5 - School is to be a natural selector promoting those with desirable attributes to the top, and demoting those with undesirable attributes to the bottom of society.

#6 - Train some students to become the custodians of perpetuating the Educational system.

Also with the overarching theme that "Government schooling must bend to the service of business and politics as was successfully achieved in Prussia"

Edward Lee 'Ted' Thorndike - one of the LEADING proponents of Education Psychology - was one of the pioneers of 'stimulus-response' technique with animals (along with Pavlov, Watson & Skinner) and - and applied it to human schoolchildren (which he thought could be trained as easily as other animals) - and his methods are still being used in educational systems all over the world today.
Edward Lee "Ted" Thorndike was an American psychologist who spent nearly his entire career at Teachers College, Columbia University.

In 'Outcome based education' achievement goes down - but that does not show up because everyone gets an 'A'. 

The government controlled 'Educational systems' exist mainly to give the rulers of the state a mechanism to manipulate and exercise social control - by moulding the character of our children to the GOVERNMENT's values...not ours as their parents. ...whomever spends more time with children shall end up having more influence over them...and it ceased to be their parents when educational became compulsory for 12 of their most formative years (home-schooling is a small loophole that is not widespread enough to threaten the status quo). If you can control the children - you can control the future, and our governments have more control over our kids than we do....we are mandated by law to send OUR children to be educated by government approved institutions (for Primary to Secondary level) - that employ government approved teachers - that use government approved is in reality the PERFECT indoctrination system....which has created societies of docile obedient citizens who are easily controlled by the state and the 'Corporatocracy'....not independent-minded critical thinkers who have perfected the ability to distinguish truth from lies - for that would end the illegitimate minority rule of the elite 1% over the 99% masses of the rest of us....why do you think all these Elite created Financial Foundations are so heavily invested in the 'Educational system' ? They are investing in their 'human resources' which they intend to subsequently exploit (as per normal) - to keep their favourable status quo intact.   
The Dodd Report to the Reece committee on foundations exposed that the Wealthy 'Philanthropic' Foundations such as the Rockerfeller Foundation and the deceptively named 'Carnegie Endowment for International Peace' (which said in their 1909 minutes that 'war was the best way to engineer social change in the USA' - and even advised President Wilson 'not to end US involvement in World War 1 too soon')...and these are the very entities who have the greatest influence on the Council on Foreign relations and the Tri-lateral Commission - which has the greatest influence on the warmongering decisions made by every American Government in modern history. 

See Dodd Report here:


It is important that you watch the entire documentary below from beginning to end, even when some points rub-you the wrong way at first (as you - like me - were raised NOT to pick up on any of this - so a degree of 'cognitive dissonance' may occur in you as well). 

Communal-ism is a normal thing in indigenous societies - BUT so is individual freedom, we help each other collectively, but we are free to also enjoy our own individuality, so we have a better 3rd way that blends aspects of what you call 'capitalism' and 'communism' - and avoid the short-comings of BOTH European ideologies (probably because unlike Europeans we have Spirituality whereas they have Religion - and it gives us an equitable balance).   

See IN-DEPTH video here:

Monday, 20 June 2016


Palestinian and Israeli boys who are FRIENDS

The spiritual teaching that admonishes us to 'Love and forgive' and not harbour hatreds for other human beings - is one of the MOST difficult for the average person to understand and ACCEPT, it might be too deep and broad a subject to cover here...but maybe if I can just 'gloss-over' it sufficiently to open even one readers mind - it will be worth it.

Science still tries to explain EVERYTHING in empirical terms, because they cannot measure or microscopically examine spiritual realities - therefore, science (by and large) has concluded 'it therefore cannot logically exist'...though an increasingly growing number of scientists IS coming around to the acceptance of spiritual realities (because their latest technology is becoming able to detect that which was hitherto 'undetectable' ) has for example measured a slight difference in weight of a person before and immediately after death (21 grams) - that corresponded with a sphere of light/energy departing from the body...some will say this is the soul leaving but science has not recognised this observable energy as such yet...just noted that this 'energy' leaves a measurable weight-deficit in it's absence (albeit minor) - which they CAN detect as being immediately less in the fresh corpse the instant this 'energy sphere' is recorded by sensitive instruments as departing the body.
I trust in time that Science will mature enough in my lifetime to understand and accept spiritual realities with the pace of such previously observable phenomena becoming more mainstream/routine with ever more advanced material technology.
Many of these 'new conditions' being diagnosed by science are actually spiritual in cause and not biological (if they were - spiritual workers like me could not effect cures in people whom doctors have tested repeatedly for years and were not able to cure), but it is more profitable to convince you that buying some new tablets or injections - will be the solution. Not EVERY condition has a spiritual root cause...but more do than you might imagine.

Getting back on the focus talking point of this post, we must understand that no human being was created or born 'evil' (despite whatever false impression your religion has convinced you of via misunderstanding/misinterpretation by mortals who know little more than you do of spiritual truths...though you have been easily convinced that they do by the paddlers of it), we ALL are in core essence here - merely physically limited individual benevolent conscious love & light entities of energy that departed from an unlimited benevolent Universal collective conscious energy of COMPLETE love and VOLUNTARILY enter physical bodies/biological vessels in this 5 senses perception of physical reality... and like a school for the soul - we stay in this body as it grows - and eventually withers and dies (then we exit it in the same immortal conscious energy manner in which we entered it initially), all the while learning valuable lessons that cannot be learned in a place of perfection because certain mortal things do not exist there, physical pain, romantic love, emotional grief, sexual reproduction, hunger, taste, touch, tiredness, adrenaline, etc. basically ALL that are part & parcel of an everyday normal physical these experiences help us as immortal consciousness/souls to learn (and nothing beats learning by experience)...these kinds of experiences can never be imparted by verbal description only (being 'told' that fire burns - and actually getting burned by fire - which is an UNFORGETTABLE experience - are not the same) ...only he/she who feels it comes to know it...hence we NEEDED to come here into the physical realm (from the spiritual realm) to expand our conscious understanding of EVERYTHING.

However, that being said....we are not the ONLY sentient entities that come into the physical dimension...or it would merely be a physical mirror-image of the spiritual paradise we originated from - and what 'new and comprehensive insights' would we learn then?
There ARE non-human malevolent entities from a place of opposite (and low) vibrational frequency (hence the constant reference to 'war in heaven (as a euphemism for 'spirit world') and of 'opposing forces battling for the souls of men)....that is the Macro corruption interplay at work here behind the scenes of 'everyday life' ...just as I can give you a micro corruption example of a priest/pastor secretly telling the altar boys/acolytes that allowing the priest/pastor to do sexual things to them is 'ok because he (the priest/pastor) is a man of God'....and to everyone else on the outside of this secret interaction - the priest/pastor (who is already the unknown subject of a perverted lust cultivated in him by malevolent entities) is a 'good' and 'holy' man...a 'true servant of God' - and that child who tries to reveal the ugly truth is a 'wicked little liar ruining the good name of a holy man !"....

This is just like how it is when people like me tell you that there are dark spiritual forces manipulating people and leading them to do acts of spiritual wickedness...that is why Jesus himself said: "Condemn the SIN not the sinner'...if you knew (by seeing things with spiritual eyes instead of merely physical ones) that the priest/pastor was a victim of previous oppression/affliction in his own life, or was a substance abuser, and via his own corrupted past/substance abuse malevolent entities were able to powerfully influence him or outright possess him and wear him like a would not HATE that priest/pastor (as despicable as the acts they commit under malevolent influence are)....remember the part in your holy books (all of them) that say 'and they gave themselves over to shameful lusts and committed great abominations in the name of pleasure'...well this is just one example of you think any normal human being that came here from divine perfection - could genuinely 'enjoy' having sex with little children or animals...or to be a try-sexual porn addict? With spiritual eyes you will see malevolent entities of lustful perversions attached to such people (all the major religions speak about individual demons that focus on different moral corruptions - and refer to them by name...and strangely - exorcists have success when they are able to identify by name - these various demons - and expel them from their unwitting temporary human hosts)....and all those people who surrender their service over to dark forces for personal gain (the 'sell their soul' types - that dominate our 'rich and famous celebrities who shot to stardom out of no-where' and continuously promote lower vibration negative actions, words & thoughts...look around, you know who they are) - began down the road to perdition long before, no-one turns from the light to the dark instantaneously...years of this person using their free will to 'try' substances that their body then becomes addicted to, or 'trying' occult practices that they foolishly assumed were 'just harmless games (such as Ouija), necromancy, etc. lead them away from the straight and narrow rough little path to the light - and onto the wide well-paved glittering and fancy temptation overflowing highway to the dark side.

Also being oppressed by others who are already themselves being or have been pre-oppressed and manipulated by malevolent entities before you (or had traumatic negative experiences in their formative years by the same category of already afflicted souls) - emotionally, mentally, physically/sexually...all can wear down even the strongest person if they suffer long enough (just like torture works on torture victims over time and severity and can make them serve their torturers) too can this twist and corrupt a once perfect being and give rise to a 'seemingly evil' and 'dedicated servant of the darkness'....but there is no such thing as a 'completely evil natural human being' some light remains in EVERYONE - and it cannot be completely extinguished by the darkness...just like how the tiny flame of a candle can dispel the darkness near it in even the deepest darkest cavern....maybe a cloned human being can give rise to 'humans or pure evil' - as man can now clone the body, but only God can make the perfect and divine origin soul to inhabit if we consider the human body to be the 'temple of God and dwelling place for souls '... we could literally see a man-made human body as a spiritual 'abomination of desolation' - capable of being host to any malevolent entity wanting to fully enter our physical reality (which was only temporally possible for such entities via demonic possession previously)...some believe such are already walking among us....Nostradamus gave us the age of the Anti-Christ as being a man that is already walking the Earth and is around middle aged right now (2016) and due to assume some place of global prominence and power on the world scene in the next few coming years.

Whether you believe this to be so or not is quite irrelevant to my point - which is.....never HATE anyone, hate what they did or are doing that is evil, but see further than this scornful image of them in your minds eye...recognise that this is still a fellow human being - and originally a child of pure love and light just like you, pray for them - that they may be spiritually freed from their diabolical enslavement, and I guarantee you will see a new normal person just like you emerge from their darkness (if you know how to pray properly - not the impotent way organised religions teach you - but this is another topic to be discussed). This is why you were told to LOVE and FORGIVE...even if in some tragic time and circumstance in which you live or find yourself in (like ISIS victims in Syria) you may not have the luxury of time to pray for their deliverance...but instead have to make an on-the-spot life-or-death decision to end their life - in order to protect the life of innocent others who are NOT under diabolical control or manipulation. You can kill such a person in self defence - without having hatred for them personally....or going overboard and 'cursing their souls for eternity' (as if you could anyway)....or reviling in morbid delight in their deaths - and parading trophies of their dismembered corpse around as if you just did something great by having to kill may have been the only thing you could have done to stop them at the time of their attack, but it was still nothing to obtain delight over or feel proud about....all you did was end the life of a dangerously possessed fellow human being that was about to take the lives of innocent non-possessed others.
A great warrior is not made great by how much lives of the guilty he has taken - but instead how many lives of the innocent he is able to save in the course of his battles in their defence.

Science tries to explain it the only way they know how:

Saturday, 18 June 2016


ALL babies are born INNOCENT and free of racism and all the other corruptions that are learned in this physical life. 
This physical life is a 'school for the soul', whilst most of us who are here (while we are here) think that THIS is our only 'true' is really a very brief blip in cosmic 'time' and our true reality is what we experience once OUT of these physical vessels....this is why it is almost comical & sad at the same time to hear people speak about the inevitable physical death with fear and terror, as if our short time here is the 'be-all & end-all' of our total (and immortal) existence.
We return to this 'soul schooling' until we 'graduate with honors' - then we have learned all that a living enlightened consciousness needs to learn and therefore needs no further 'Earthly tutoring' (so reincarnation ceases) and it can return to the perfection of the love and light - where we originated (and avail it's enlightened self for the higher spiritual good of others), and where we must return to....but no soul that is still with attachments of imperfection (anger, resentment, jealousy, hatreds, lusts etc) is worthy enough to return to the source of our conscious creation so it is virtually impossible for most to achieve in just one earthly lifetime....we can look at it in the context of a new born baby human being...born innocent and un-corrupted, but the very process of growing up in a physical body and interacting with all that we experience here (positive & negative daily biological & spiritual influences), that child will inevitably learn & adopt some negative traits/habits (some a lot more than others) throughout it's baby is born a liar, or a thief, sex-addict or murderer.....these bad ways/traits/habits are acquired here.....but even the liars, thieves, murderers, etc. also experienced what kindness, love, mercy, etc felt like at some points in their lives...and there is a deep love and willingness to forgive them if they mend their errant ways and ask for forgiveness from our spiritual 'parent' - just as we as normal Earthly parents have a deep love and willingness to forgive our earthly children - if they mend their errant ways and ask us for forgiveness.
This is why the real master moral teachers kept stressing that LOVE is the greatest focus we need to have & practice in our earthly lives, not passing condemning judgement on others....we do not know all that transpired (or what unseen malevolent forces were able to attach to them by acts of the hosts own free will - like holding on to negative emotions which fester in your soul and spread like spiritual cancer....or voluntarily trying a substance then becoming addicted to it and giving these entities a way to wear them like a glove in order to ruin ALL their relationships with others and worse - that are manipulating them) in their lives that lead them down the road they ended up traversing, we need to examine ourselves and focus on mending our own errant ways instead of looking for the errors in others.

Simple acts of LOVE in everyday life: