Friday, 27 May 2016


I went to sleep at 12 midnight last night, our white cat woke me up around 1am, then I fell into a deep sleep and astral travelled around 2-3am...I was in Venezuela; and everything was detailed and unforgettable.

I first saw some American diplomat who had been summoned to explain away an accusation of political interference....I saw him vehemently deny any involvement in Venezuela's current state of affairs to officials of the Maduro government....but I also saw him leave them after the meeting and get on his cel phone and call someone and say "Our Generals are getting restless - we need to give them the green light as soon as possible"....then I was taken to see another was either a military baracks for the Presidential Guard, regular soldiers - or it was a barracks for the civilian defence militia ...because no weapons were in the rooms where their beds were, all the weapons were stored in a central armoury on the site....and I have no idea if this will better help point to which location it could have been.....and the weapons were mostly CETME rifles from Spain, not mainly Russian Kalashnikov's that I know the regular army uses predominantly now (that much I know).

I had very friendly interactions with the spirits of the Venezuelans at that barracks, seems we all knew that I was not physically there but was just a visiting spirit, though I know once their bodies woke up they will either not remember our encounter - or imagine it to have been some 'dream'...most of us do not understand that when our body is at total state of rest - the 'shields are down' and our spirit (which never has need for 'rest' like our bodies do) is free to leave our bodies and travel astrally to any point in time and space - as we think we understand these phenomena to 'really' be in our awake logical mental state of scientific rationalization of all things.

They were asking me where I was from etc, and I remember repeating in Spanish many times "Naci la isla de Barbados, es un isla pequena en en mar del Caribe, proximo San Vicente y Santa Lucia"....but then I was taken away from those spirits and put in a room where two other soldiers were sleeping, I was watching them but they were not aware of my presence in their room.

I heard a muffled explosion a distance away on the baracks compound and I saw a flash, then heard short bursts of gunfire getting closer and closer, 'The Coup has begun' was the first thought that came to my mind, and I began to hear people crying out in other nearby rooms before hearing gunshots and someone was systematically moving through the barracks and eliminating everyone.... then the two guys jumped awake by the sounds - so I tried to put ideas in to their heads by whispering in their ears (the physically awake interpret this as an 'idea that just came to them' - as they cannot see what spirit is speaking into their ears) for the two guys to try to barricade the door and buy themselves enough time to escape out of the window....and I felt the fear and terror they were now experiencing...but then I was taken away from everything and woke up back in my bed...

I sat up right away and woke my wife, saying to her 'I think something bad just occurred, a military coup, or is going to occur in Venezuela'....then, as if for dramatic effect....a power transformer two streets away exploded in Barbados in real-time, and the power went out in my house.
However no coup occurred last night in Venezuela so whatever I saw was not live, but will occur in the I have been know to see events come to pass long before they do...the death of my first daughter was foreseen by me in a dream'vision such as this 1 year before she was even born (and not yet even conceived)...she died at 3 days old.

What I have learned from this dream/vision, is that some entity associated with the American government has more than one General of the Venezuelan Armed Forces on their payroll (hence the reference to 'our Generals' by the American diplomat)....and they are going to engineer or tacitly support a coup against Maduro.
I am NOT saying Maduro is a saint and the Government is perfect and everyone in the country supports them, because no government anywhere can ever honestly proclaim that, but neither should we believe that their political enemies (the USA mainly) would NOT seek to capitalize on the current instability by supporting ANOTHER Coup....if you know your history - you will know they did this several times before in Venezuela - so why not again now?

I just know - whether you like Maduro or his government or not - innocent Venezuelans will once again suffer and die in any coup attempt (successful or not) ...and that should not be a source of 'joy' to any true human being on the right or the left....there has been enough suffering already on all sides.

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