Wednesday, 25 May 2016


I know this 'sensational-sounding' claim is going to cause a lot of people to dismiss this article out of hand in complete non-belief, and I am not telling you this to 'convince' you of anything...all I ask is that you think about it from every 'detective' angle you can think of, and try to do some investigative digging certainly can't do any harm to see if any of this Shaman's claims can be verified - or by poking around down some rabbit holes - you find leads that suggest his revelations have merit after all...for a truly wise person does not automatically dismiss anything - just because upon first hearing it sounds incredible to his/her ears....time will tell, but we need to watch and see who benefits the most at the end of the day when the grass re-grows and the ashes are all gone....and I sincerely DOUBT it will be the indigenous peoples or the average non-indigenous citizen that lives on these lands.

 If this Shaman did not have a track record of accuracy in his visions/insights from the spirit world - I would not bother to publish a single word he had to say....but because I know him to have a track record that has been 100% correct all the years I knew him - I am sharing this with the world....because he told me I needed to do so for him....(native peoples who read this can ask their own Medicine Men to ask the spirits the same questions and see if they get told the same kinds of answers).

I reprint the message I just received here - re-written in more scientific language the average educated person will better understand :    

"While the natural dry conditions in both countries WERE ripe for this, these fires are not natural...not from the Creator...they were deliberately started by men who were paid to ignite them, and scientific data on the projected path of devastation was used to decide the best locations to start them, the people in harms way were never a factor to be taken into consideration, the end game for the multinational extractive industries behind these raging wildfires in both countries is going to come to light only after it is too late for the peoples effected to stop them from achieving what they want out of this, pay attention to behind the scenes alterations to legislation concerning these effected vast tracts of land in the coming months which will be done to favour the extractive Industries through complicit persons in positions of governmental power in both countries on their payroll"

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