Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Indigenous Caucus head table members celebrating our victory after approving an OAS Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas that in some ways is even stronger than the United Nations (UN) Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
During the negotiations with OAS member states - notice the complete absence of CARICOM as a 1/3 block of the Organisation of American States (OAS)

Half of the Indigenous Caucus of the Americas head table representatives (Hector Huertas, Kuna, of Panama - representing Central America) and Damon Corrie (centre), Lokono-Arawak, of Barbados - representing the Caribbean).

View from the Indigenous Caucus head table at the 19th and final session of negotiations (a process that took 19 years), at the Organisation of American States in Washington DC, USA.


I had a strange but thoroughly enjoyable dream for me last night, I was summoned to a meeting of the CARICOM heads and they were 'upset' over the kinds of information I was 'putting out' in the media...and when I told them the same thing I told the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) in real life several years ago (when they too told me what I could and could not talk about) - which was :
"I am a civilian, I do not work for you - so therefore neither do I take orders from you, you cannot tell me what I can or cannot say"...the BDF officer looked surprised...as apparently I was supposed to have been intimidated or something (This was after I had been asked by the then Prime Minister of Barbados to address the Royal Barbados Police Force and Barbados Defence Force/BDF about a certain situation in our country that I was getting a lot of media exposure about).

So I told the CARICOM heads the same thing, and they got quite agitated and crossed the line into the realm of issuing veiled threats of 'what they could do to me" if I did not 'toe the line'....I laughed at them, and replied: "Ladies and gentlemen, if you think because of your current political status as our regions 'leaders' - that you have some high and mighty 'fear-inducing' image that you can project on me...please think again...I don't know what kinds of fearful yardfowls you are accustomed to deal with...but Damon Corrie is NOT one of them, I know where I come from - and I know where I am going, and I did not spring from a long line of leaders stretching back for thousands of years on multiple continents - in order to become a follower of anyone today. .....you may all try to kill my body, but none of you can kill my spirit...so I will continue to speak out and expose the shortcomings and regressive decisions that you are taking concerning indigenous peoples...not because I derive some kind of pleasure from embarrassing you; but rather because you can all remedy the situation by changing course and making the kinds of progressive decisions that are required of you - if you want to be truly considered to be our regions 'leaders'.

Here is the most recent information I put out about CARICOM that several newspapers in CARICOM have been pressured NOT to publish:

"My main disappointment was the fact that once again (as I have been noting and exposing for 16 years now), the vast majority of CARICOM States did not have the decency or interest to bother to attend most of these sessions, and they ALWAYS have a perfect excuse why they could not make it...could our small states possibly be any 'busier' than their far bigger Latin America and North America OAS delegations - who DID attend consistently for the past 19 years? ... and I raised this at the opening session's first day; every OAS Ambassador from Latin America who spoke with me during these 3 days of negotiations agreed that it was very disrespectful for CARICOM to act in this manner. No-one realistically expects any CARICOM country without an existing pre-Colombian descent indigenous population to be actively involved in this process...however I certainly hope they do not block consensus in the OAS General Assembly that will be voting to adopt this Declaration in the coming weeks - by using the excuse that 'they do not know enough about the issue" (how could they if they never bother to show up?). We do, however, expect CARICOM countries that DO have existing pre-Colombian descent Indigenous populations such as Belize, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Dominica, Guyana and Suriname - to show up and participate....Only Belize showed up for the first day this time and did not return for the following 2 days...and Suriname does not even recognise the existence of its Amerindian tribes as being the first peoples of that country - a FACT every educated person knows to be true...yet CARICOM as a block is not exerting any pressure on Suriname to abandon this illegal stance and join the progressive Political Nation-States of the Americas - and I daresay the World!
However, this need not be the case, as in the very beginning of this OAS Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas process, the CARICOM government of Antigua & Barbuda actually gave up it's seat to allow the Indigenous Caucus to address the OAS General Assembly for 15 minutes; and this magnanimous act opened the door for this historic achievement today!"
I had informed a Minister in the Barbados Government upon my return from Washington DC - of all these key issues - as a respectful courtesy, and in hopes that the Minister would spur some debate on these issues with CARICOM colleagues to stave off an Internationally embarrassing 'sabotage' of the Declaration in the OAS General Assembly by CARICOM as a block that comprises over 1/3 of all OAS member states."

Do you see anything so 'bad' that the public in CARICOM countries should be precluded from reading it? Or is it just true that - "the truth hurts" the powers that be? Talk about being 'paranoid'.

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