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Now it came to our attention AFTER we approved the Declaration that this financial crisis was publicly some - it seems like a 'hood-wink' because the States would have had insider info about this financial crisis before we arrived...yes I have no doubt about that...they surely knew this status quot was the case before they met with us.

Read more about this in the official OAS press release here:

However, even though the Inter-American Court (which gets cases referred to it by the IACHR) WILL be effected by any budget cuts and layoffs in the would be an exaggeration to jump to the conclusion that 'we approved a Declaration that will never be able to be used to our advantage in the Inter-American Court - because the Court will cease to function due to the financial crisis'.

Why do I say this? Because I have lived long enough (though only 42 years old) to see many a BIGGER financial crisis come and go....and each time utter 'doom & gloom' was predicted....but a few years of hardship were endured, and each financial crisis came to an eventual end.

Only 2 scenarios are likely here IN MY PERSONAL OPINION (this is NOT an Indigenous Caucus of the Americas statement by any means):
#1 - That since Mexico funded this last round of negotiations - it therefore wanted something positive to be able to show for doing so - hence the all out efforts by Mexico to bend the States to agree to our core demands in order to get our final approval of the Declaration - and wrap up 19 years of work in a manner that would ALSO be perceived as a 'diplomatic & political triumph' for Mexico in the annals of the Organization of American States (nothing 'unusual' about this modus operandi at all...this is how politics & diplomacy is conducted in the real I feel no bitterness whatsoever). ...and while YES - Mexico (powerful as it is in the OAS) CERTAINLY knew about this financial crisis...and the OAS secretariat may even have collectively decided to withhold this revelation going public until we had approved the Declaration (in case it prejudiced our opinion in any way)....the FACT remains that the Declaration will STILL exist for us to use once the financial crisis has passed and their finances look 'good' again - it just means the next few years will likely see slow or little-to-no progress of our cases in the Inter-American Court....UNLESS some of the DEADBEAT OAS member states decide to FINALLY pay-up their dues now.....and I think I shall begin publicly shaming those who are guilty of this).


#2 (AND THIS IS THE WORST CASE SCENARIO) ...less likely but still technically possible....would be for World War 3 to erupt during this financial crisis, and drag on for over 2 decades as 'end-time' prophecies of several major religions have all predicted....and during this global catastrophe the OAS States (the most important ones Geo-politically speaking) are severely weakened, devastated and torn asunder by internal social divisions and anarchy - in which case this Declaration will NEVER be of any legal civilised use to ANYONE.
If WW3 goes Nuclear - the northern hemisphere will be devastated (both indigenous and non-indigenous), but the Southern Hemisphere will not (certainly far less so - so will still be habitable), and most Indigenous peoples left on Earth live in the Southern Hemisphere. If it remains a Conventional war - our rural living Indigenous peoples in the Northern Hemisphere still have 10-1 better odds of surviving it than urban non-indigenous people.

Yet even THIS 'worst-case scenario' does not cause me to lose any sleep you know why? Because the people who will suffer the MOST in this eventuality will NOT be most of us rural living indigenous peoples...but will in fact be the same very urban peoples and governments of states who have been oppressing us for over 500 years....most of them will be dead from war (which targets densely populated urban cities) and outbreaks of civil anarchy, pestilence & disease (which erupts most lethally in densely populated urban cities)....while most of us will still be alive living normally without electricity as our ancestors did for thousands of who will be left to surround us with their police and armies and deny us our God-given right to freedom? NO-ONE! What is left of their 'security forces' (our de-facto oppressors) will be too busy killing each other either or trying to restore law and order in cities turned to hell on Earth - or they will become small roving groups of former soldiers & policemen who (in order to survive themselves - and we can easily handle that) become predators of the civilian populations that remain - trying to secure enough food and water for themselves.

If our leaders are truly wise, they will know that in this kind of 'end-of-western civilization' scenario...these idiots will be finding their ways to OUR Indigenous communities eventually (many non-indigenous civilian refugees too - and we must show love and mercy to these innocents and provide for them as best we can)...because everyone assumes 'those natives will have food stores' - so we should still BE doing like the historical Irish and 'Hiding Pikes in the Thatch' (which means hiding weapons for a time when they might be needed to protect our peoples) - to not only defend ourselves from such pillaging hordes....but ALSO to RE-ASSERT our Sovereign Power...because once again the 'military playing field' will be more levelled (this means they have no military technological advantage over us any-more...even damned gasoline or diesel will become rare to virtually non-existent eventually) - and this will be our last time...our Golden opportunity - to throw off the yoke of our oppressors once and for all....our indigenous 'warrior societies' of today, will be OUR OWN indigenous 'Security Forces' of mark my words.

So as far as I am concerned, come hell or high water, MY people ARE going to come out on top over our oppressors SOONER OR LATER, and we have been strategically planning for this - in our various warrior societies all over this Hemisphere - for many years now...our dreams and visions have showed those gifted with foresight among us what is to come...and it is we - the 7th generation ALIVE TODAY - who are going to see our children live in absolute freedom again, and we shall be the grandparents to tell them about the great war the ignorant leaders of our Political Nation-State enemies unleashed on Mother Earth - and how those fools nearly annihilated each other....but which finally broke the chains that held us in bondage under their illegitimate rule over us - and brought it to a FINAL end.


  Armed Warriors of the Six Nations Confederacy in Canada flying their own native flag
Armed Warriors of the Six Nations Confederacy in Canada in a show-down with the Canadian Army
Armed Warriors of the Six Nations Confederacy in Canada, if the WW3 Worst Case scenario breaks out on the Earth - I know the Six Nations will be able to defend and protect themselves...will YOUR people be able to do the same?
The Warrior Society of the Six Nations is the role model for the future of Indigenous Peoples in the sense that they attack no-one, but they are always ready to DEFEND their own people from ANYONE!
This is a real-politic example we need to adopt in this age of imminent global conflicts that could escalate into WW3 at any moment....and it is OUR responsibility to protect OURSELVES.

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