Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Indigenous Caucus head table members celebrating our victory after approving an OAS Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas that in some ways is even stronger than the United Nations (UN) Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
During the negotiations with OAS member states - notice the complete absence of CARICOM as a 1/3 block of the Organisation of American States (OAS)

Half of the Indigenous Caucus of the Americas head table representatives (Hector Huertas, Kuna, of Panama - representing Central America) and Damon Corrie (centre), Lokono-Arawak, of Barbados - representing the Caribbean).

View from the Indigenous Caucus head table at the 19th and final session of negotiations (a process that took 19 years), at the Organisation of American States in Washington DC, USA.


I had a strange but thoroughly enjoyable dream for me last night, I was summoned to a meeting of the CARICOM heads and they were 'upset' over the kinds of information I was 'putting out' in the media...and when I told them the same thing I told the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) in real life several years ago (when they too told me what I could and could not talk about) - which was :
"I am a civilian, I do not work for you - so therefore neither do I take orders from you, you cannot tell me what I can or cannot say"...the BDF officer looked surprised...as apparently I was supposed to have been intimidated or something (This was after I had been asked by the then Prime Minister of Barbados to address the Royal Barbados Police Force and Barbados Defence Force/BDF about a certain situation in our country that I was getting a lot of media exposure about).

So I told the CARICOM heads the same thing, and they got quite agitated and crossed the line into the realm of issuing veiled threats of 'what they could do to me" if I did not 'toe the line'....I laughed at them, and replied: "Ladies and gentlemen, if you think because of your current political status as our regions 'leaders' - that you have some high and mighty 'fear-inducing' image that you can project on me...please think again...I don't know what kinds of fearful yardfowls you are accustomed to deal with...but Damon Corrie is NOT one of them, I know where I come from - and I know where I am going, and I did not spring from a long line of leaders stretching back for thousands of years on multiple continents - in order to become a follower of anyone today. .....you may all try to kill my body, but none of you can kill my spirit...so I will continue to speak out and expose the shortcomings and regressive decisions that you are taking concerning indigenous peoples...not because I derive some kind of pleasure from embarrassing you; but rather because you can all remedy the situation by changing course and making the kinds of progressive decisions that are required of you - if you want to be truly considered to be our regions 'leaders'.

Here is the most recent information I put out about CARICOM that several newspapers in CARICOM have been pressured NOT to publish:

"My main disappointment was the fact that once again (as I have been noting and exposing for 16 years now), the vast majority of CARICOM States did not have the decency or interest to bother to attend most of these sessions, and they ALWAYS have a perfect excuse why they could not make it...could our small states possibly be any 'busier' than their far bigger Latin America and North America OAS delegations - who DID attend consistently for the past 19 years? ... and I raised this at the opening session's first day; every OAS Ambassador from Latin America who spoke with me during these 3 days of negotiations agreed that it was very disrespectful for CARICOM to act in this manner. No-one realistically expects any CARICOM country without an existing pre-Colombian descent indigenous population to be actively involved in this process...however I certainly hope they do not block consensus in the OAS General Assembly that will be voting to adopt this Declaration in the coming weeks - by using the excuse that 'they do not know enough about the issue" (how could they if they never bother to show up?). We do, however, expect CARICOM countries that DO have existing pre-Colombian descent Indigenous populations such as Belize, Trinidad, St. Vincent, Dominica, Guyana and Suriname - to show up and participate....Only Belize showed up for the first day this time and did not return for the following 2 days...and Suriname does not even recognise the existence of its Amerindian tribes as being the first peoples of that country - a FACT every educated person knows to be true...yet CARICOM as a block is not exerting any pressure on Suriname to abandon this illegal stance and join the progressive Political Nation-States of the Americas - and I daresay the World!
However, this need not be the case, as in the very beginning of this OAS Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas process, the CARICOM government of Antigua & Barbuda actually gave up it's seat to allow the Indigenous Caucus to address the OAS General Assembly for 15 minutes; and this magnanimous act opened the door for this historic achievement today!"
I had informed a Minister in the Barbados Government upon my return from Washington DC - of all these key issues - as a respectful courtesy, and in hopes that the Minister would spur some debate on these issues with CARICOM colleagues to stave off an Internationally embarrassing 'sabotage' of the Declaration in the OAS General Assembly by CARICOM as a block that comprises over 1/3 of all OAS member states."

Do you see anything so 'bad' that the public in CARICOM countries should be precluded from reading it? Or is it just true that - "the truth hurts" the powers that be? Talk about being 'paranoid'.

Friday, 27 May 2016


I went to sleep at 12 midnight last night, our white cat woke me up around 1am, then I fell into a deep sleep and astral travelled around 2-3am...I was in Venezuela; and everything was detailed and unforgettable.

I first saw some American diplomat who had been summoned to explain away an accusation of political interference....I saw him vehemently deny any involvement in Venezuela's current state of affairs to officials of the Maduro government....but I also saw him leave them after the meeting and get on his cel phone and call someone and say "Our Generals are getting restless - we need to give them the green light as soon as possible"....then I was taken to see another scene...it was either a military baracks for the Presidential Guard, regular soldiers - or it was a barracks for the civilian defence militia ...because no weapons were in the rooms where their beds were, all the weapons were stored in a central armoury on the site....and I have no idea if this will better help point to which location it could have been.....and the weapons were mostly CETME rifles from Spain, not mainly Russian Kalashnikov's that I know the regular army uses predominantly now (that much I know).

I had very friendly interactions with the spirits of the Venezuelans at that barracks, seems we all knew that I was not physically there but was just a visiting spirit, though I know once their bodies woke up they will either not remember our encounter - or imagine it to have been some 'dream'...most of us do not understand that when our body is at total state of rest - the 'shields are down' and our spirit (which never has need for 'rest' like our bodies do) is free to leave our bodies and travel astrally to any point in time and space - as we think we understand these phenomena to 'really' be in our awake logical mental state of scientific rationalization of all things.

They were asking me where I was from etc, and I remember repeating in Spanish many times "Naci la isla de Barbados, es un isla pequena en en mar del Caribe, proximo San Vicente y Santa Lucia"....but then I was taken away from those spirits and put in a room where two other soldiers were sleeping, I was watching them but they were not aware of my presence in their room.

I heard a muffled explosion a distance away on the baracks compound and I saw a flash, then heard short bursts of gunfire getting closer and closer, 'The Coup has begun' was the first thought that came to my mind, and I began to hear people crying out in other nearby rooms before hearing gunshots and silence....like someone was systematically moving through the barracks and eliminating everyone.... then the two guys jumped awake by the sounds - so I tried to put ideas in to their heads by whispering in their ears (the physically awake interpret this as an 'idea that just came to them' - as they cannot see what spirit is speaking into their ears) for the two guys to try to barricade the door and buy themselves enough time to escape out of the window....and I felt the fear and terror they were now experiencing...but then I was taken away from everything and woke up back in my bed...

I sat up right away and woke my wife, saying to her 'I think something bad just occurred, a military coup, or is going to occur in Venezuela'....then, as if for dramatic effect....a power transformer two streets away exploded in Barbados in real-time, and the power went out in my house.
However no coup occurred last night in Venezuela so whatever I saw was not live, but will occur in the future....as I have been know to see events come to pass long before they do...the death of my first daughter was foreseen by me in a dream'vision such as this 1 year before she was even born (and not yet even conceived)...she died at 3 days old.

What I have learned from this dream/vision, is that some entity associated with the American government has more than one General of the Venezuelan Armed Forces on their payroll (hence the reference to 'our Generals' by the American diplomat)....and they are going to engineer or tacitly support a coup against Maduro.
I am NOT saying Maduro is a saint and the Government is perfect and everyone in the country supports them, because no government anywhere can ever honestly proclaim that, but neither should we believe that their political enemies (the USA mainly) would NOT seek to capitalize on the current instability by supporting ANOTHER Coup....if you know your history - you will know they did this several times before in Venezuela - so why not again now?

I just know - whether you like Maduro or his government or not - innocent Venezuelans will once again suffer and die in any coup attempt (successful or not) ...and that should not be a source of 'joy' to any true human being on the right or the left....there has been enough suffering already on all sides.

Thursday, 26 May 2016



Now it came to our attention AFTER we approved the Declaration that this financial crisis was publicly admitted....to some - it seems like a 'hood-wink' because the States would have had insider info about this financial crisis before we arrived...yes I have no doubt about that...they surely knew this status quot was the case before they met with us.

Read more about this in the official OAS press release here:

However, even though the Inter-American Court (which gets cases referred to it by the IACHR) WILL be effected by any budget cuts and layoffs in the IACHR....it would be an exaggeration to jump to the conclusion that 'we approved a Declaration that will never be able to be used to our advantage in the Inter-American Court - because the Court will cease to function due to the financial crisis'.

Why do I say this? Because I have lived long enough (though only 42 years old) to see many a BIGGER financial crisis come and go....and each time utter 'doom & gloom' was predicted....but a few years of hardship were endured, and each financial crisis came to an eventual end.

Only 2 scenarios are likely here IN MY PERSONAL OPINION (this is NOT an Indigenous Caucus of the Americas statement by any means):
#1 - That since Mexico funded this last round of negotiations - it therefore wanted something positive to be able to show for doing so - hence the all out efforts by Mexico to bend the States to agree to our core demands in order to get our final approval of the Declaration - and wrap up 19 years of work in a manner that would ALSO be perceived as a 'diplomatic & political triumph' for Mexico in the annals of the Organization of American States (nothing 'unusual' about this modus operandi at all...this is how politics & diplomacy is conducted in the real world...so I feel no bitterness whatsoever). ...and while YES - Mexico (powerful as it is in the OAS) CERTAINLY knew about this financial crisis...and the OAS secretariat may even have collectively decided to withhold this revelation going public until we had approved the Declaration (in case it prejudiced our opinion in any way)....the FACT remains that the Declaration will STILL exist for us to use once the financial crisis has passed and their finances look 'good' again - it just means the next few years will likely see slow or little-to-no progress of our cases in the Inter-American Court....UNLESS some of the DEADBEAT OAS member states decide to FINALLY pay-up their dues now.....and I think I shall begin publicly shaming those who are guilty of this).


#2 (AND THIS IS THE WORST CASE SCENARIO) ...less likely but still technically possible....would be for World War 3 to erupt during this financial crisis, and drag on for over 2 decades as 'end-time' prophecies of several major religions have all predicted....and during this global catastrophe the OAS States (the most important ones Geo-politically speaking) are severely weakened, devastated and torn asunder by internal social divisions and anarchy - in which case this Declaration will NEVER be of any legal civilised use to ANYONE.
If WW3 goes Nuclear - the northern hemisphere will be devastated (both indigenous and non-indigenous), but the Southern Hemisphere will not (certainly far less so - so will still be habitable), and most Indigenous peoples left on Earth live in the Southern Hemisphere. If it remains a Conventional war - our rural living Indigenous peoples in the Northern Hemisphere still have 10-1 better odds of surviving it than urban non-indigenous people.

Yet even THIS 'worst-case scenario' does not cause me to lose any sleep whatsoever...do you know why? Because the people who will suffer the MOST in this eventuality will NOT be most of us rural living indigenous peoples...but will in fact be the same very urban peoples and governments of states who have been oppressing us for over 500 years....most of them will be dead from war (which targets densely populated urban cities) and outbreaks of civil anarchy, pestilence & disease (which erupts most lethally in densely populated urban cities)....while most of us will still be alive living normally without electricity as our ancestors did for thousands of years...so who will be left to surround us with their police and armies and deny us our God-given right to freedom? NO-ONE! What is left of their 'security forces' (our de-facto oppressors) will be too busy killing each other either or trying to restore law and order in cities turned to hell on Earth - or they will become small roving groups of former soldiers & policemen who (in order to survive themselves - and we can easily handle that) become predators of the civilian populations that remain - trying to secure enough food and water for themselves.

If our leaders are truly wise, they will know that in this kind of 'end-of-western civilization' scenario...these idiots will be finding their ways to OUR Indigenous communities eventually (many non-indigenous civilian refugees too - and we must show love and mercy to these innocents and provide for them as best we can)...because everyone assumes 'those natives will have food stores' - so we should still BE doing like the historical Irish and 'Hiding Pikes in the Thatch' (which means hiding weapons for a time when they might be needed to protect our peoples) - to not only defend ourselves from such pillaging hordes....but ALSO to RE-ASSERT our Sovereign Power...because once again the 'military playing field' will be more levelled (this means they have no military technological advantage over us any-more...even damned gasoline or diesel will become rare to virtually non-existent eventually) - and this will be our last time...our Golden opportunity - to throw off the yoke of our oppressors once and for all....our indigenous 'warrior societies' of today, will be OUR OWN indigenous 'Security Forces' of tomorrow...you mark my words.

So as far as I am concerned, come hell or high water, MY people ARE going to come out on top over our oppressors SOONER OR LATER, and we have been strategically planning for this - in our various warrior societies all over this Hemisphere - for many years now...our dreams and visions have showed those gifted with foresight among us what is to come...and it is we - the 7th generation ALIVE TODAY - who are going to see our children live in absolute freedom again, and we shall be the grandparents to tell them about the great war the ignorant leaders of our Political Nation-State enemies unleashed on Mother Earth - and how those fools nearly annihilated each other....but which finally broke the chains that held us in bondage under their illegitimate rule over us - and brought it to a FINAL end.


  Armed Warriors of the Six Nations Confederacy in Canada flying their own native flag
Armed Warriors of the Six Nations Confederacy in Canada in a show-down with the Canadian Army
Armed Warriors of the Six Nations Confederacy in Canada, if the WW3 Worst Case scenario breaks out on the Earth - I know the Six Nations will be able to defend and protect themselves...will YOUR people be able to do the same?
The Warrior Society of the Six Nations is the role model for the future of Indigenous Peoples in the sense that they attack no-one, but they are always ready to DEFEND their own people from ANYONE!
This is a real-politic example we need to adopt in this age of imminent global conflicts that could escalate into WW3 at any moment....and it is OUR responsibility to protect OURSELVES.


                          Russian Forces invading Crimea in 2014 as the world did nothing

A member of the Coordinating Council of World Crimean Tatar Congress - Mr. Ervin Ibragimov, about 30 years old... was followed for several days since 17th of May by unknown persons, who were waiting for him near his house in Bakhchisaray.... and later followed him in a car Skoda Octavia A6 #350 , 36th region of Russia.
On May 24 late night about 11.30 p.m. he called by phone to his father asking, where are his documents to his car (this is a common rule in Russia that a driver has to have the documentation to his car with him. So it proves that he probably was stopped by police demanding his documents to the car. After that he disappeared and did not come home.
His car was found near his house. The keys were in the house and the doors were open early next morning when the scene was discovered...... No contact came from him after that.

His relatives tried to apply to the police and FSB with the appeal on the disappearance...but both of these Russian authorities refused to accept the appeal - so his relatives were forced to send it by mail.
Below you have the video from a security camera of the shop near the place of abduction. 
The quality is very bad but you may see the scene, where several people in uniform push somebody (who unsuccessfully attempts to escape) to the minibus and leave the place.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016


I know this 'sensational-sounding' claim is going to cause a lot of people to dismiss this article out of hand in complete non-belief, and I am not telling you this to 'convince' you of anything...all I ask is that you think about it from every 'detective' angle you can think of, and try to do some investigative digging yourself...it certainly can't do any harm to see if any of this Shaman's claims can be verified - or by poking around down some rabbit holes - you find leads that suggest his revelations have merit after all...for a truly wise person does not automatically dismiss anything - just because upon first hearing it sounds incredible to his/her ears....time will tell, but we need to watch and see who benefits the most at the end of the day when the grass re-grows and the ashes are all gone....and I sincerely DOUBT it will be the indigenous peoples or the average non-indigenous citizen that lives on these lands.

 If this Shaman did not have a track record of accuracy in his visions/insights from the spirit world - I would not bother to publish a single word he had to say....but because I know him to have a track record that has been 100% correct all the years I knew him - I am sharing this with the world....because he told me I needed to do so for him....(native peoples who read this can ask their own Medicine Men to ask the spirits the same questions and see if they get told the same kinds of answers).

I reprint the message I just received here - re-written in more scientific language the average educated person will better understand :    

"While the natural dry conditions in both countries WERE ripe for this, these fires are not natural...not from the Creator...they were deliberately started by men who were paid to ignite them, and scientific data on the projected path of devastation was used to decide the best locations to start them, the people in harms way were never a factor to be taken into consideration, the end game for the multinational extractive industries behind these raging wildfires in both countries is going to come to light only after it is too late for the peoples effected to stop them from achieving what they want out of this, pay attention to behind the scenes alterations to legislation concerning these effected vast tracts of land in the coming months which will be done to favour the extractive Industries through complicit persons in positions of governmental power in both countries on their payroll"

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I was privileged to be a co-mentor (with my Taino sister Tai Pellicier - fellow alumni graduate) for 1st year & 2nd year students, on the Project Access 12th Annual Global Capacity-building Training Workshop for Indigenous Peoples, New York, May 4-6 2016......in conjunction with the 15th session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, May 9-20th 2016.


Even when Pierre was just one year into his administration as the youngest Chief (age 26) in the recorded modern history of the tribe - he was already an enthusiastic supporter of the Tribal Games that was being bi-annually sponsored by Damon Corrie and Eagle Clan family members & close allies (both Tribal and non-Tribal), this was a photo at the end of a football (soccer) match in which Chief Andrews refereed (in black shirt) personally; here the winning team of Pakurian Lokono-Arawaks proudly pose with a photograph of the flag Damon designed for the tribe.

His Excellency Chief Pierre Andrews with National Government dignitaries during a Heritage Day celebration on Pakuri Territory.

Damon Corrie (at far left) with His Excellency Chief Pierre Andrews at the 5th Summit of the Americas Indigenous Caucus in Panama in 2009 (the Heads of State of the Americas met in Trinidad) held by the Organization of American States (OAS).

 His Excellency Chief Pierre Andrews during a Heritage Day celebration during his tenure

  His Excellency Chief Pierre's delivers a public speech to the Tribal community of Pakuri Territory

Ex-elected Chief  Pierre Andrews (at far right) with Taino-Arawak allies Monika Ponton Arrington (in white), Tai Pellicier (2nd from left) and Chief Roberto Borrero (far left), with his wife's uncle Damon Gerard Corrie (fellow Lokono-Arawak) at centre in black.

Ex-elected Chief Pierre Andrews with the other students from around the world who were his colleagues for the Tribal Link Foundation - Project Access Global Capacity Building Training program for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII)

Ex-elected Chief Pierre Andrews with Damon Gerard Corrie, 4th generation descendant heir to Hereditary Chief Amorotahe Haubariria (Flying Harpy Eagle) of Guyana (and uncle to his wife) - in the United Nations General Assembly room at United Nations Headquarters in New York City; USA.

I have known him since he was a teenage adolescent still attending school in Georgetown, in fact during the whirlwind romance of my wife and myself when we were ourselves adolescents in 1992 (I was 19 and she was 17) and we had literally met for the first time (on December 4th) 7 days before we married each other on December 11th 1992.....it was Pierre's father whom I had to be interrogated by....it is traditional for a young man who asks a girl to marry him, to first get permission from her mother & father - who first require the young man to be thoroughly questioned by a respected uncle....and Pierre's father was this respected uncle.

I was sweating bullets, as the purpose of this was to determine if the suitor was 100% SERIOUS about the love he claimed to profess for the girl he asked to marry, and truth be told - I had only been talking to her for a few days (we had not even known each other for a week yet - and here I was - this guy who came from out of the blue and wanted people to take him seriously with the life of a chaste maiden of the tribe...the odds of being deemed 'credible' were stacked HIGH against me) and I did not have any track record of affection to prove yet lol...I just knew that I wanted us to become husband & wife and begin a family of our own together...this was the one for me!
His father approved of me (and his mother was so impressed she even said "I wish I had a daughter of my own to marry you"), so my wife's parents allowed me to marry their daughter....and the rest of my life and involvement in the tribe is - as they say - history....with 23+ years and 5 children together.

So since then, I have watched this young man grow up to become a serious-minded and dedicated history-making leader of his people, he was the youngest elected Lokono-Arawak Chief, he was the first elected Lokono-Arawak Chief to represent the tribe at the level of the Organization of American States (OAS)....and now he is the first elected Chief (whether current or former) of the Lokono-Arawak Tribe to receive the highly prized Tribal Link Foundation Project Access - Global Capacity Building training for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues...not even the Ministers of Indigenous Affairs of Guyana (or any country for that matter) have ever received this training, so with me and my eldest son Hatuey (who is also a Pakuri born Lokono-Arawak) - we are the ONLY 3 Lokono-Arawaks to have so-far obtained this training; and it has helped us to understand how the UN and International Legal System works - and how to use it for the maximum benefit - better than anyone else who has not received this training.

In the year 2012 Pierre married my beautiful niece Christella Junor (a former Beauty Queen of the Tribe who represented Pakuri at a National Indigenous Pageant)

My niece Christella Junor during her pageant debut in 2009 before Pierre married her

                   The happy couple today with their 2 beautiful children today on Pakuri Territory

One thing I have come to Greatly appreciate about this young leader, is how - even before he married my niece, way back in his tenure as our youngest Chief, he demonstrated the ability to act in a selfless manner, and he was never reluctant to give credit to me or anyone else (even people who did not support him) - who was helping the community, I knew this from a Council meeting where he publicly thanked me for helping the Tribe secure a grant from the European Union (and I had just helped him write one part of the 5 part grant application....he could have easily acted like other leaders who seem incapable of sharing the spotlight - and take credit for themselves at every opportunity).

This is how a leader is supposed to act, in a humble and non-egotistical manner, always giving credit where it is due - regardless of whether you personally 'like' someone or not, for you do not encourage anyone to keep helping if they feel that their efforts are not appreciated - or are being taken for granted. Diplomacy means reaching out and building coalitions and solidarity, not harbouring or displaying petty jealousies or animosity for others who are contributing to the tribe in various ways....but the great thing is - it is NEVER too late to change course in how you deal with others (especially key people) and begin a relationship anew and make a step forward for the higher good of all....the needs of the collective is what matters most.


Chief Pierre was surprised to learn of the far greater extent of Indigenous Rights as enshrined in the United Nations Declaration and in International Law - than he was ever informed about by any Guyana government, which was meticulously revealed to him during his training; and he found the trainers (such as Andrea Carmen of the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) and Roberto Borrero - President of the United Confederation of Taino People), the mentors, and the interactive easy to follow format, to be incredibly inspiring and empowering, and he has new insights about how better he could serve the interests of the tribe in the present and future.
The icing on the cake for him was the new friends and allies he made with the other fellow Indigenous students of both genders and all ages - from around the world, and the links of solidarity he was able to forge in the Global Indigenous Caucus with many powerful Indigenous entities.....and he is already thinking about cultural exchanges and other inter-tribal activities, and as a member of the respected Council of Chiefs (comprised of Ex-elected Chiefs) who as a body offer advice on best practices to our current elected Chief - His Excellency Lenox Shuman - he will be offering new insights he gleaned to the present Chief and Council.  

BRIEF HISTORY & GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT PAKURI LOKONO-ARAWAK TERRITORY (taken from information posted online at www.pantribalconfederacy.com in 2013):

Considered the Amerindian Cultural Capital of Guyana, and the most politically advanced Amerindian community in Guyana with the International Political interests of Pakuri Arawak Territory officially represented at the Organisation of American States (OAS) and United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) - during the tenure of Chief David Simon, Chief Pierre Andrews, and Chief Ernest Dundas (with their consent) by Damon Gerard Corrie, a descendant heir of Chief Amorotahe Haubariria (Flying Harpy Eagle) of the upper Demerara River, father of Princess Marian (of the Eagle Clan Arawaks of the Upper Demerara River) who emigrated into exile to Barbados island in the Caribbean in 1925, and died and was buried there in Westbury cemetery in 1928.
Mr Corrie also designed a flag for the Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation which is gaining popularity locally, regionally, and Internationally. No other Amerindian tribe in Guyana has designed it's own flag nor has the International presence of Pakuri Arawak Territory.

 Pakuri Village Lokono-Arawak Territory was founded in 1883 by Johnson Ferguson and his brother Emanuel (they changed the family surname to 'Bernard' after the first Anglican Missionaries arrived in 1889), Johnson also became the first 'Kafotay' (which means 'Chief' in the Lokono-Arawak language). The original name 'Pakuri' that they gave to the territory was due to the Platonia sp. trees that were then plentiful in the area. The village was renamed 'St. Cuthbert's Mission' when the first Anglican Missionary priests arrived at the village and founded a Mission there on 20th March 1889 on Saint Cuthbert's Day.
The first founding family of Pakuri was the Ferguson/Bernard family, two brothers (and their wives and children) who left their parents in Moraikobai on the Mahaicony River and walked over the savannas to the Pakuri area (where they used to hunt and fish previously) in 1883 - to permanently settle. The parents of the Ferguson brothers were still living traditionally in 1844 when the Anglican Missionaries reached Moraikobai on the Mahaicony river; 30 miles East of Pakuri across the savanna.
The Kattow family received this Surname in 1889 from the Anglican Missionaries when they were Christianised, they were the last remnant survivors of the now culturally extinct Panapi Tribe (now heavily intermixed with Lokono-Arawak at Pakuri) - which was a closely related Arawakan tribe in Guyana. The Panapi were living in the headwaters area of the Abary & Mahaicony Rivers - about 70 miles south of Pakuri and Moraikobai by the early 1800's; but their tribes existence was first recorded by Captain Keymis of England in 1596 - and at that time the Panapi tribe was living nearer to the mouths of the Mahaicony and Abary Rivers. After retreating ever further south on these rivers in the proceeding 200 years, the surviving remnant Panapi began to slowly migrate northwards, moving on when soil fertility and game had become exhausted, on the Mahaica river until they reached Pakuri in 1884 - and were allowed to settle with the permission of the Ferguson family.
The Dundas family crossed the savanna from Moraikobai in 1885 to join the Fergusson family and became the 3rd founding family of Pakuri. Like the Fergusons, the parents of the first Dundas settlers of Pakuri were still living traditionally in 1844 when the Anglican Missionaries reached Moraikobai on the Mahaicony river; 30 miles East of Pakuri across the savanna.
The Simon family (3 brothers) arrived at Pakuri in 1886 and became the 4th founding family. These 3 brothers were the last surviving children of Koyaha Maka (Spirit Macaw) - the Semechi (Medicine man) of the Eagle Clan Arawaks (Bariria Korobahado Lokono) of the upper Demerara. They were encouraged to migrate to the new Christian Amerindian village of Pakuri on the Mahaica river by Reverend William Percy Austin who baptised them at Muritaro; and he helped to arrange their travel from the Demerara to the Mahaicony by boat - from whence they walked over the savannas to reach Pakuri. Any Pakurian with the blood of any of these 3 Simon brothers is by right of descent - an Eagle Clan Arawak. Like the Ferguson, Kattow and Dundas founders before them, these 3 Simon brothers were also the first ones in their family to become Christianised by Anglican Missionary priests from England (who first trained at Codrington College Anglican Seminary School in Barbados - before being dispatched to the interior of Guyana).
In a twist of irony, local tribesman & resident Cuthbert Simon is credited with saving the territory from becoming the property of the Anglican Church in the 1900's, as a Village Council member at the time he advised the then Chief NOT to agree to sign the land over to the Church - and by doing so he saved it as the exclusive perpetual property of the tribe; Cuthbert Simon died at the age of 89 in April 21st (at 8pm) 2012 as the eldest male resident and expert speaker of the Lokono-Arawak language of the territory in modern times.

His Excellency Chief Johnson Fergusson (Hereditary Rule)
His Excellency Chief Emmanuel Fergusson/Bernard (Hereditary Rule)
His Excellency Chief Austin Clenkian (Democratic Rule)
His Excellency Chief Clifford Shuman (Democratic Rule)
His Excellency Chief Reuben Shuman (Democratic Rule)
His Excellency Chief Leyland Clenkian (Democratic Rule)
His Excellency Chief Michael Simon (Democratic Rule)
His Excellency Chief Ernest Dundas (Democratic Rule)
His Excellency Chief David Simon (Democratic Rule) * International Representation at the OAS via Damon Corrie
His Excellency Chief Pierre Andrews (Democratic Rule) * International Representation at the OAS & UN via Damon Corrie
His Excellency Chief Ernest Dundas (2nd term, Democratic Rule) * International Representation at the OAS & UN via Damon Corrie
His Excellency Chief Luke Simon (Democratic Rule)
His Excellency Chief Lenox Shuman (Current, Democratic Rule)

* An official recommendation (#1) to a previous Village Council was made by Damon Corrie (as special advisor to Chief Ernest Dundas, Chief David Simon, & Chief Pierre Andrews) to have a 'Council of Chiefs' be formed to meet with whomever is the current Chief and provide him/her counsel on previous best practices to assist in the ongoing good governance of the Tribe; as well as these other recommendations:
- (#2) To officially use the Lokono-Arawak title Kafotay and the English Title Chief - because the word Toshao is NOT a Lokono-Arawak title, and all Tribes in Guyana speak English, so the correct traditional title in the Lokono-Arawak Language and the correct title in the English Language would make the most sense for the people of Pakuri to use.
- (#3) To officially accord the title of Chief - as a matter of respect , when addressing or referring to - ANY former or current Chief, just as previous Presidents of America are STILL referred to as 'President' for the rest of their lives.
(UPDATE - 2 of these recommendations - numbers 1 & 3 - have been officially implemented by current elected Chief Lenox Shuman who has established many progressive initiatives)

AREA - 240 square miles / 621.60 square kilometres, population density 2.7 per square kilometre, but all residents concentrated in one main village and satellite homesteads in a central area 1 mile wide by 3 miles long. Roughly 200 households.

GEOGRAPHY - Rivers, streams, swamps, ponds, savannas, coastal jungle, some low rolling hills.

LOCATION - Upper Mahaica River, Region #4 on East bank & Region #5 on West Bank, Republic of Guyana; South America. The nearest large population centres/settlements are the capital city Georgetown (57 miles north-north west), Mahaica Town (65 miles away north by river), Moraikobai Lokono-Arawak Territory (30 miles to the East), and Long Creek (14 miles away west).

POPULATION - 1750 persons, 98% of whom are Lokono-Arawaks, 1% other tribes (14 Carib, 1 Patamona, 1 Wai-Wai, 1 Makushi); 1% non-Amerindian (17 East Indians).

GOVERNMENT - Tribal Autonomous Village Council - un-paid voluntary service. Amerindian communities in Guyana are being encouraged nation-wide to use the noun 'Toshao' (which means 'Chief' in another Amerindian language) as the official title for their leaders. The Chief heads the Tribal Government and he/she alone gets a stipend of US$150.00 (GY$30,000) per month from Government of Guyana. One Chief is democratically elected once every 3 years, and are voted in by the local naturalised population. The Village Council is made up of nine members including the Chief; a Deputy Chief, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. Village Council meetings are held monthly, on the last Saturday of each month. Type - Best classified as Indigenous Socialism, private free enterprise allowed, Health Care free, Education free, all lands held in common and freely allocated by the Village Council to members of the community (only naturalised Amerindian/Amerindian descent i.e persons BORN in the community qualify for allocations of land) according to their needs and abilities to utilise it in a way that benefits the community as a whole - such as for farming,

MAJOR INDUSTRIES - Timber, Wood Sculpting, Hand Crafts, Eco-Tourism

LANGUAGES - English primarily, Lokono-Arawak secondarily (only fluently spoken by persons of the age 50 years and older).

EDUCATION - Nursery, Primary, Secondary.

ELECTRICITY - Limited supply from community owned diesel generator - locals subscribe to the service and these funds are used to purchase fuel and for maintenance. Some Solar generated electricity at individual homes.

WATER - Drinking & Cooking water from underground artesian well piped directly to various homes in the central village and to a few public taps throughout the community, the housing scheme - obtained through the efforts of Mrs. Bibi Andrews (deceased) who was the mother of Chief Pierre Andrews - located at the eastern end of the road that runs into the community from the Soesdyke-Linden Highway to the west; where residents collect water in buckets.

UNEMPLOYMENT - Estimated at around 25%.

Internationally & Nationally recognised artist George Simon is the most famous Pakurian alive.
Internationally & Nationally recognised wood sculpting artists include: George Simon, Oswald Simon, Telford Taylor, Foster Simon, Lynus Clenkian, Roland Taylor and Leyland Clenkian.
Internationally & Nationally recognised Judo Athlete - Mr. Chris Simon, member of the Guyana 2012 Olympics Team.
Nationally & locally recognised musician - Mr. Julian Kattow aka 'The Mighty Pakuri'.
Nationally & locally recognised Mucru basketry & Traditional weapons artists include: Joseph Simon, and Sidney Daniels (deceased).
Nationally & locally recognised Palm Straw Hammock artists include: Olive Simon (deceased), Charlotte Dundas-O'Selmo.
Nationally & locally recognised Cassava beer/wine makers include: Etheldreda Andrews-Simon, Shirley Daniels-Dundas.

Mr. Lennox Shuman, first Private Aircraft Pilot (1998), and first Commercial Airline Pilot (1999).
Mr. Orlando Shuman, first fully qualified Teacher (2009)
Ms. Shivanie Hendricks, first Medical Doctor (2013


Damon Gerard Corrie
Project Access 12th Annual Global Capacity-Building Training Workshop for Indigenous Peoples, New York, May 4-6 2016.

Monday, 23 May 2016


Why can’t we have a Kalinago State with it’s own flag (as every American State has) and the Kalinago Chief and Council as Government on the current location of the ‘Carib Territory‘ of Dominica being part of the Republic of Dominica? Why can’t Guyana have multiple Amerindian states run by Amerindian Tribal Governments on the current locations of Amerindian demarcated and titled lands within it’s borders – that happily cement & compliment the Republic of Guyana? And why can't the same occur in EVERY other OAS member country with an indigenous population?


Let me speak out once again on this topic myself - since my contemporaries seem afraid to say these things as publicly as I do, and prefer to handle 'less government-upsetting issues'...so concerned are they about their continued access to funding for their NGO's - they hide under the excuse of 'diplomacy'...and never raise their voice on this principal issue. 

Under International Human Rights Laws each Amerindian/American Indian/First Nations tribal nation in the Americas is a distinct ‘people‘ in it’s own right in the legal sense, and all are deserving of the recognition of their inherent right to Sovereignty the same as every other people on Earth.
Africa and Asia have been generally de-colonised and are run by governments comprised of the native peoples of those countries, why are we in the Americas still ruled by the descendants of peoples who came from other continents (with the SOLE exception of Bolivia), found us here, and invaded our lands - then brought other peoples after them who have inherited the invader's illegal 'right to rule by conquest' by becoming good imitations of the Colonialists - and thus became Neo-Colonialists. 
I notice that the dominant non-native ethnic groups in the Americas today are fond of highlighting how we Amerindians ‘were the first to fight against Colonialism' and refer to some of our famous leaders as the first ‘National Heroes’ in many countries (most notably Cuba), YET – you non-Amerindians do not see that when European Colonialism ended for both of us (Amerindian & Non-Amerindian) – YOUR Neo-Colonialism began for us Amerindians. History has shown that your valiant anti-colonialism leaders merely put on the attire of the Europeans and continued to deny us – the true landlords of this Hemisphere, OUR right to ALSO be free of the domination of foreign ethnic groups.
Under International Human Rights Laws WE Amerindians have just as much right to have a seat at the United Nations as the political governments of OUR OWN peoples and states as your governments who inherited the theft of OUR lands currently enjoy. We wish to govern ourselves and not be governed by other peoples the same as you do, but in our case – we wish to enjoy our freedom in the same places we lived before anyone else – and are STILL existing in today despite over 500 years of living under a de-facto armed occupation and ethnocidal assimilation and  genocidal 'ethnic cleansing' agendas...and we have more faith in the World Court than any of your Colonial or Neo-Colonial ‘Law Courts’.
Do not try to sell us the fictitious liberty of citizenship in a 'democracy' where we the first peoples of this Hemisphere will always be outnumbered and outvoted, and where your policemen and soldiers enforce your political will upon us.
We are not asking you to leave, neither are we desirous of secession (if you treat us with EQUITY) – we are only asking that our United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples enshrined & recognised equal right to self-determination, to live in a manner of our choosing not your dictates in our own territories, be respected; only then can we live in Equity and peace side by side as brothers and children of the one God, is this too much for you to bear?
Many a Neo-Colonial politician has used the invalid argument that ‘If we allow you Amerindians to govern yourselves again it will be like creating a State within a state which we will never allow” …to which I answer – "Is not the United States of America the STRONGEST country in the world the very one that was founded and is still entirely comprised of many states within the state?" Is not Mexico - a country comprised of many states within the state - not the most powerful country in Central America? Is not Brazil - a country comprised of many states within the state - the most powerful country in South America? So there is no legal or moral justification in denying us the right to establish our own micro-states in the Americas if our rights are truly 'recognised & respected' by the Macro States that surround us. 
The REFUSAL to LISTEN and correct past mistakes is the reason why Indigenous liberation movements arose in the past and will CONTINUE to arise in the future - all over the world.
Instead of the current violation of International Human Rights Laws concerning Indigenous Peoples that the Nation States of the Americas are famous for (by denying us our true freedom) – this Hemisphere could become a role model for the treatment of Indigenous Tribal Nations who have endured over five centuries of justice denied.
Yours sincerely,
Damon Gerard Corrie
Descendant heir to the Hereditary Chieftaincy of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks,  
Chairman of the Indigenous Democracy Defence Organization (IDDO),
President of the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO),
Member of the Indigenous Caucus Working Group on the Creation of the Declaration of Rights of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas at the Organization of American States (OAS) from 2000-2016, 
CARICOM Commissioner of the Indigenous Comission for Communications Technologies in the Americas (ICCTA),
And registered participant of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) from 2008 to the present.