Sunday, 24 April 2016


     The RIGHT way to eat an Apple above, and the WRONG way to eat an Apple below:

                      Food wastage - I see many half eaten pieces of Chicken in this garbage

Food wastage at a personal level arises from a moral deficit in the individual - not from food abundance:
The usual racist argument for why people in affluent countries tend to waste food more than people in less affluent countries as being due to food abundance in the former....and food deficiency in the latter - cannot stand up to scrutiny.
I say it is due to a MORAL deficiency in the people who waste food - which is not present in the people who do NOT waste food.
I was raised in a home that was more 'affluent' by western standards than most on Earth, my parents had a gardener employed to work in the yard every day, and a maid employed to work in the house every day, neither me nor any of my 3 other siblings EVER went hungry or thirsty or lacked for new clothing or shoes or any other 'poverty-associated' condition of the sort....and there was always a fridge and pantry shelves full of food to snack on in between our 3 regular meals....yet you could NEVER find food being wasted in OUR home!
Even though by western notions I outlined above - we should have been exhibiting this kind of immoral behavior by our socio-economic status.
What we did not consume entirely for dinner, was eaten by us young wolves later than night, or the next day, or given away to someone who appreciated the free meal. It did not get dumped in the garbage!
Mum and dad raised us to know that wasting food was a moral sin, because how could you waste food - when in so many other homes - there were families all over the world who did not have enough to eat, and not just sometimes - but EVERY day of their lives.
Let us look at Apples, a 'white country fruit' (according to our maid) that did not come from the Caribbean, yet when we ate Apples we left only the core of pith and seeds that one could not eat imagine my shock to see most 'white country people' eating only around the middle sides of the Apple and then throwing the intact top and bottom of the Apple away.....yet HALF the edible flesh on an Apple is found precisely on the top and bottom half - not merely the sides....what wastage!
Do not use the familiar argument of "oh then the Apples were expensive imported fruit in your Caribbean country so you could not 'afford' to waste them" ...because we routinely ate ALL the edible parts of EVERY local fruit as well, Dunks, Guavas, Mangoes (routinely ate the skin as well) , etc, etc, even Coconuts, we drink the water but if there is also Jelly inside and you throw it away...other Caribbean peoples of all socio-economic backgrounds will look at you and ask you if you are an IDIOT.
Even the knots of a sweet Sugar-cane are chewed even though the parts between the knots are far softer, we just don't want to waste anything edible at all, we were even taught to swallow some Papaya seeds to cure intestinal worms - and plant the rest....and this brings up another point, we like to save the seeds of sweet fruit and plant them to keep the joy of eating the fruit alive for the next generation, for we were also taught that seeds were gifts of new you would really have to be some kind of idiot to throw them in the garbage when you could plant them instead, or give them to someone who would plant them. Mum and dad always taught us that it was a moral sin to kill a fruit tree, because it was giving food freely to everyone, and even if YOU did not like the kind of fruit that tree bore - OTHERS would, and also the Animals who DEPEND on such free sources of food.
When the average Caribbean person - of ALL income brackets - finishes eating meat on bones, whatever bones that were not soft enough to be chewed and eaten as well (as many Chicken bones are) - were so thoroughly cleaned of any and all meat by our mouths - even ANTS had a hard time finding anything to eat on them lol. So when we see people in North America and Europe taking a bite or two out of meat and then throwing it away - we are convinced such people ARE some kind of Idiots for true.
It ALL goes back to how you were raised, and if you were raised properly by RESPONSIBLE adults (parents, step-parents/adopted parents, grandparents etc.) you would NOT have a moral deficit - so you would KNOW that it is a moral sin to waste food of any kind.
A lot of you who waste food were not 'brought up' but were 'dragged-up'.....or you had moral morons as role models so you never learned this basic life lesson.
So what really is the benefit of having all the latest technology today - but NONE of the ancient common sense that allowed humanity to survive for the past million or more yesterdays? Do you see that your present day STUPIDITY is a recipe for a human population disaster in the near future? Maybe in your own present lifetime.

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