Sunday, 24 April 2016


     The RIGHT way to eat an Apple above, and the WRONG way to eat an Apple below:

                      Food wastage - I see many half eaten pieces of Chicken in this garbage

Food wastage at a personal level arises from a moral deficit in the individual - not from food abundance:
The usual racist argument for why people in affluent countries tend to waste food more than people in less affluent countries as being due to food abundance in the former....and food deficiency in the latter - cannot stand up to scrutiny.
I say it is due to a MORAL deficiency in the people who waste food - which is not present in the people who do NOT waste food.
I was raised in a home that was more 'affluent' by western standards than most on Earth, my parents had a gardener employed to work in the yard every day, and a maid employed to work in the house every day, neither me nor any of my 3 other siblings EVER went hungry or thirsty or lacked for new clothing or shoes or any other 'poverty-associated' condition of the sort....and there was always a fridge and pantry shelves full of food to snack on in between our 3 regular meals....yet you could NEVER find food being wasted in OUR home!
Even though by western notions I outlined above - we should have been exhibiting this kind of immoral behavior by our socio-economic status.
What we did not consume entirely for dinner, was eaten by us young wolves later than night, or the next day, or given away to someone who appreciated the free meal. It did not get dumped in the garbage!
Mum and dad raised us to know that wasting food was a moral sin, because how could you waste food - when in so many other homes - there were families all over the world who did not have enough to eat, and not just sometimes - but EVERY day of their lives.
Let us look at Apples, a 'white country fruit' (according to our maid) that did not come from the Caribbean, yet when we ate Apples we left only the core of pith and seeds that one could not eat imagine my shock to see most 'white country people' eating only around the middle sides of the Apple and then throwing the intact top and bottom of the Apple away.....yet HALF the edible flesh on an Apple is found precisely on the top and bottom half - not merely the sides....what wastage!
Do not use the familiar argument of "oh then the Apples were expensive imported fruit in your Caribbean country so you could not 'afford' to waste them" ...because we routinely ate ALL the edible parts of EVERY local fruit as well, Dunks, Guavas, Mangoes (routinely ate the skin as well) , etc, etc, even Coconuts, we drink the water but if there is also Jelly inside and you throw it away...other Caribbean peoples of all socio-economic backgrounds will look at you and ask you if you are an IDIOT.
Even the knots of a sweet Sugar-cane are chewed even though the parts between the knots are far softer, we just don't want to waste anything edible at all, we were even taught to swallow some Papaya seeds to cure intestinal worms - and plant the rest....and this brings up another point, we like to save the seeds of sweet fruit and plant them to keep the joy of eating the fruit alive for the next generation, for we were also taught that seeds were gifts of new you would really have to be some kind of idiot to throw them in the garbage when you could plant them instead, or give them to someone who would plant them. Mum and dad always taught us that it was a moral sin to kill a fruit tree, because it was giving food freely to everyone, and even if YOU did not like the kind of fruit that tree bore - OTHERS would, and also the Animals who DEPEND on such free sources of food.
When the average Caribbean person - of ALL income brackets - finishes eating meat on bones, whatever bones that were not soft enough to be chewed and eaten as well (as many Chicken bones are) - were so thoroughly cleaned of any and all meat by our mouths - even ANTS had a hard time finding anything to eat on them lol. So when we see people in North America and Europe taking a bite or two out of meat and then throwing it away - we are convinced such people ARE some kind of Idiots for true.
It ALL goes back to how you were raised, and if you were raised properly by RESPONSIBLE adults (parents, step-parents/adopted parents, grandparents etc.) you would NOT have a moral deficit - so you would KNOW that it is a moral sin to waste food of any kind.
A lot of you who waste food were not 'brought up' but were 'dragged-up'.....or you had moral morons as role models so you never learned this basic life lesson.
So what really is the benefit of having all the latest technology today - but NONE of the ancient common sense that allowed humanity to survive for the past million or more yesterdays? Do you see that your present day STUPIDITY is a recipe for a human population disaster in the near future? Maybe in your own present lifetime.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Sometimes it helps calm & relax you (makes you more forgiving) you a kind of 'peace of mind' ...when you realize that this person who gets on your last nerve, or seems so 'evil for no reason' that you 'hate their stinking guts' (lol)....MIGHT not truly be themselves....and i'm not talking about a genuine medical condition like Schizophrenia or bipolar disorder as being the cause of their strange and objectionable behavior.....the reason why they are acting like that is because another entity is in control of them, they are not 'in full control of themselves'...'something' else is.
Coming to discover this helped me to better understand why holy men like Jesus told us not to judge others, and to be forgiving.....if we knew that a negative entity was controlling their thoughts and actions like a puppet on marionette strings...we would not condemn the person - but instead more correctly ascribe blame to the entity manipulating them.
You might have a child who seems to be 'just rotten to the core' and you feel like saying 'to hell with him/her...and just giving up on them and 'cutting them loose'....but WOULD YOU if you knew that a powerful negative entity that you CANNOT see is controlling your child? I doubt it a loving parent you would try to get that child the spiritual help they need to be free again......going to a doctor and being prescribed chemical concoctions because they 'think' it might be this or that....will not solve this kind of will only damage the body of the child and create new additional problems...or just medicate (aka 'dope') them into a state of tranquility so your life gets easier having to cope with them....but they still will not be cured.
I know a LOT of people prefer to put ALL their trust & faith in modern science, so they simply close their minds to any other solution that is freely available to them. As far as Natural Energy work goes - i'm just a termite in the grand scheme of things....but even in my short time as a level 3 practitioner I have seen 'Parkinsons disease' symptoms disappear after a treatment (I did this as a test to see if there was a supernatural cause to these symptoms, because other signs the patient exhibited pointed to this being the case)....I have seen 'speech impediment learning disorders' disappear after distance treatments on a little boy (I only decided to try this on the child as I saw in a dream that a negative entity was the cause of that child's will be surprised to know that they can even harm an unborn child in the womb), in other cases the patients underwent numerous medical tests & examinations and the doctors could never pinpoint what was wrong, always some new 'theory' on what it 'might' be, so I gave my opinion (as the patient was wasting away) that the cause might be supernatural...and after distance treatments the patients health began to improve to the point where they resumed a normal life.
I am NOT saying EVERY disease/ailment/malady is caused by unseen forces or a disruption in your own bodies natural flow of energy...but a lot more IS in this life than naysayers can possibly imagine. Not every case of a suicidal 'jumper' is so....some are pushed by forces they cannot see.....any exorcist who has seen a grown man get lifted into the air and thrown across a room - knows that the same malevolent force can just as easily shove you off a cliff, or swerve your car's steering wheel into oncoming traffic and cause your death.
Again....just saying everything is not always 'as it seems'.....and you should never assume that someone only suffers because they 'did something bad and therefore deserve it'....sometimes it IS their own Karma that brings pain and suffering on them...but just as often it is precisely because the person is a light worker that they are persecuted by the darkness - because the darkness sees them as a threat.....if they were like the average 'Joe Public blissfully unaware of anything he cannot see' - who never does anything to confront evil (and usually hides from even facing it's existence) - they are left alone as a non-threat. Others make themselves susceptible by their own actions & thoughts, others by not adequately protecting themselves from the dangers arrayed against them....reciting a prayer every night makes no difference if you live a corrupt you take the Creator for a fool that you can trick? Creator is forgiving yes...but 'foolish' no! Be sincere.
Some people think that 'God will protect them so nothing bad can ever happen to them'....but the same God told them "do not fear those who CAN kill the body - only fear he who can kill the spirit' you have no 'magical physical life insurance policy or guarantee' have a degree of protection if you are serving a purpose being here yes indeed, you must fulfill your destiny first....but the truly spiritually minded do NOT fear death EVER.....when told aren't you afraid you might die or be killed? They will answer you "so what if my body dies in the service of good? I will still continue to exist, my body is just the vehicle for my soul to use in my present incarnation, and we ALL HAVE to physically die eventually!". This is why such persons face death with a smile, never cowering in fear, we know and understand that the physical life is just a brief school for the soul, we came here to learn and progress for our higher good and the higher good of others...not to become addicted to physical experiences & pleasures to the point where we try to cling on to them - and to this physical life - at all costs.
The wicked can fool themselves that they have achieved some kind of victory over your body when they cause you harm, but they have already been conquered by your immortal soul which they cannot touch. Some get knocked down into the mud and filth with swine sooner - so they can soar with Eagles above the storm clouds later.
So fear not the physical, mental or emotional trials & tribulations of this brief blip in cosmic time we call a 'lifespan'. Everything is happening for a reason - that you WILL understand one day.

As a level 3 Reiki practitioner,  I have used Natural Energy sessions both in person and from a distance - to heal damaged body cells & organs, to restore peace of mind and sense of tranquility, to deal with past life Karmic burdens, and to expel negative entities from other peoples bodies and dwelling places; in my own country - and around the world for people I do not even know....but who asked for the help.