Wednesday, 16 March 2016


The Kenyan government continues with its unofficial genocidal policy of intimidation, harassment, arbitrary arrests and persecution of the ancient and peaceful hunter-gatherer indigenous Ogiek Tribal Nation of Kenya...this time using members of the Tugen community to do their dirty work for then achieve 'plausible deniability' as the hidden third hand in the crisis.
After a whole week of demolition and destruction of Ogiek houses and property by the security personnel in the company of armed goons hired by the government-connected land grabbers of Ogiek ancestral land, the situation worsened on Sunday 13th March 2016) after an Ogiek elder & grandfather - Mr. Stephen Munyiriri - was shot in the head at close range dying on the spot after confronting well-connected land grabber Mr. Kiprotich Komen - that the fence posts he was erecting on Ogiek land was illegal.
Mr Komen, who later presented himself to the police, was Monday charged with murder in the High Court in Nakuru.
Lady Justice Janet Mulwa allowed the application by the prosecution to have the accused remanded at Njoro Police Station pending investigations into the incident.
The accused will again be arraigned in court on March 21, 2016 for further directions....but the Ogiek suspect he will get away with his crimes against them as usual.
During the Sunday night retaliation attacks, more than 20 houses - ALL Ogiek - were destroyed despite a heavy presence of police.
Komen is a well connected individual within the government circles that allows him to do as he pleases to these poor native peoples; he committed the offense in full presence of the security personnel and the Njoro sub county commissioner himself.
More Kenyan Government security personnel have been brought in, in the pretext of maintaining law and order but in reality they are merely hunting down members of the Ogiek in their villages.
The Ogiek had contested the land in question for the last 18 years and a 'final legal judgement' was delivered on March 2014 in their favor.The same Government has failed to honor the court decision by implementing it - and instead is hell bent on a policy of GENOCIDE of the Ogiek Tribal Nation who are being forcibly evicted, imprisoned, or killed if they resist.
NB - Pay attention here, this info was sent to the Indigenous Democracy Defense Organization (IDDO) for which I am the Chairman of the Defence Committee,  on the same day this was published here by a member of the Ogiek Tribal Nation who only just heard about this organization, he reached out to the IDDO for help, and the IDDO have hidden his name to protect him - and sent his info all over the world to raise awareness of the crisis that has befallen his people, we can help you as QUICKLY and as SIMPLY as that.....when your people face an emergency and you want to the world to know - just contact us with as much facts & details as you can - and we WILL take it from there and inform world media on your behalf as a FREE service to indigenous peoples worldwide. 
This is one of the main reasons we were created and why we proudly exist as a unique indigenous global platform for this very purpose.

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