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 Notice it says 'Tribal Nationality' Lokono-Arawak and 'Political Nationality' Guyanese, what is the problem if EVERY tribe had their own ID cards that said the same for them?

My old Pan-Tribal Confederacy Identification cards (see my wife's above) have already been accepted as a valid form of official personal identification by the Security Services of:
- United Nations Headquarters, New York City, New York; USA
- The Organization of American States Headquarters, Washington DC, USA
- The World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC, USA.
- The Presidential Palace in Brasilia, Brazil.
- The United States Department of the Interior, Washington DC, USA.
- The Presidential Palace, La Paz; Bolivia.

I also designed a flag for my tribe and it will fly proudly over our first future state

  Iroquois Nation Haudenosaunee passport above & below

The Six Nations Confederacy of the Iroquois in North Eastern North America have been printing their own passports since 1923 - and they use them when they travel In and OUT of the USA - and the USA has not become 'weakened' by what is the problem? What is the reason for your PARANOID opposition to us having EQUAL rights that we are entitled to - which you as STRANGERS to OUR lands are enjoying for yourselves? YOU HYPOCRITES!
In your mind you think we should be happy to have the passport of YOUR Political nation but you do not know what Tribal Nation you descend from WE DO - and we have OUR OWN TRIBAL NATIONS THAT EXISTED LONG BEFORE YOURS, so we prefer to have OUR OWN PASSPORTS because it accurately reflects who WE ARE.....and we are NOT YOUR PROPERTY!
If you think our leaders MUST be 'approved' by the Nation-State Government - YOU ARE WRONG, the same way we must accept whoever the Nation-State chooses to be its leaders, the Nation State must accept who WE as Tribal Nations choose to be OUR leaders! The Nation State has NO LEGAL RIGHT under International Law to 'remove' any of OUR leaders from the positions of authority WE give them, only WE can do that!



I support this Aborigine man - see article via URL below - 100%, because like him - I can do the same thing with MY journalistic skills, personal resources and UN contacts, I also created my own ID cards for my tribe and the tribes allied with me - over 10 years ago - because according to the:
United Nations Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Article 3:
Indigenous Peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right, they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

My old Pan-Tribal Confederacy Identification cards (see my wife's above) have already been accepted as a valid form of official personal identification by the Security Services of:
- United Nations Headquarters, New York City, New York; USA
- The Organization of American States Headquarters, Washington DC, USA
- The World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC, USA.
- The Presidential Palace in Brasilia, Brazil.
- The United States Department of the Interior, Washington DC, USA.
- The Presidential Palace, La Paz; Bolivia.

Right now I am creating modern digital plastic ID cards to keep pace with technology, but I have not abandoned my long term strategic goal, here is an Indigenous Australian brother who is going forward full steam ahead, I am sure he is not any 'dangerous revolutionary' as he probably is being labelled by the Government of Australia (as I was by certain regional governments) ME - is just a new kind of indigenous rights defender, and we are NOT content to just continue to exist as second-class citizens in our own lands being dictated to by OTHERS who's ancestors came and found us here, we KNOW the FULL EXTENT of our International Rights - and that INCLUDES the right to enjoy the same Sovereignty that our ancestors had and which they NEVER SURRENDERED to any Colonial or Neo-Colonial government, and the letter writing campaigns & orderly marches with placards don't impress us like the OLD kind of leaders you are accustomed to ignoring. We will continue to push forward the wheel of history OURSELVES - whether you like it or not, you can join us as brothers who realize the injustice of our status as the true landlords who are still being treated like tenants to this day, or you can oppose us as the enemies to your illegitimate rule over us in our own lands.

The only people who say 'we cannot have a state within a state' are the ones who want to keep us under their manipulation and control forever - because any EDUCATED and fair-minded person KNOWS that the USA is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (a country made up of 50 free and sovereign 'states within the state'), and the MEXICO is really the UNITED MEXICAN STATES (a country made of 31 free and sovereign 'states within the state'), and also Brazil (is a country made up of 21 autonomous 'states within a state')...and these are the 3 of the most powerful countries in the Americas... so to use that expression: 'we can't allow a state within a state' as your argument is to PROVE that you are a FOOL!
Every country in the Americas CAN successfully and harmoniously have Amerindian States within their States and not disintegrate into must watch how certain sectors react to what I am saying, those who claim to 'represent' us but are secretly benefiting from the status quoit - will oppose the truth I am telling you...because they prefer to see us live weak and under the rule of others, and any politician who opposes the truth I am telling you - is NO 'friend' or 'brother' - for they too want to keep our peoples weak and under their control & manipulation forever.....anyone who is truly your friend or brother will want want you to have the same RIGHTS and FREEDOMS that they claimed for themselves - NOT want you to be happy to remain like a servant under them forever.

The problem is - our 'old style' leaders are NEVER telling us this! They are too AFRAID to upset the government in such an important way, that is why they only talk about other less important issues - and keep us distracted and convinced that they are 'fighting' for our rights....yes - LIMITED rights, not our FULL RIGHTS that we are legally entitled to!


Wednesday, 3 February 2016


                                            Ward Churchill the alleged 'Native American'

Rachel Dolezal - the proven 100% FAKE 'African American' as a white youth (left) - and as a fake black adult (right).

Just because you are a DESCENDANT of a tribal nation & culture does not mean that you are a MEMBER of that Tribal Nation or culture, being of mixed descent is NOT your 'fault'....but UNLESS you have always been or have become - an ACTIVE participant in that Tribal Nation & culture - YOU ARE NOT A TRUE MEMBER OF IT.....Ask yourself these 6 questions and see how you score:
#1 - Do you live in the tribe on Tribal Lands or do you plan to?
# 2 - Did you marry in the tribe or do you plan to?
# 3 - Do you speak your tribes language or are you trying to learn it?
# 4 - Do you practice the ancestral tribal spirituality or are you learning it?
# 5 - Do you practice the ancestral tribal cultural traditions or are you learning them?
# 6 - Do you volunteer to do ANYTHING to help members of the tribe less fortunate than you?

If you have DNA of the tribe in you but you answer NO to ALL SIX of these questions - you are NOT a member of the tribe - you are JUST A DESCENDANT OF THE TRIBE - BIG DIFFERENCE!
At an honest minimum - you need to be able to say YES to a at least 4 of these questions to be credible when you go around claiming to be a member of your tribe. I am mixed myself - but everyone knows (just by google searching my full name 'Damon Gerard Corrie' yourself independently - don't just take my word for it) I can say yes to all 6 of the criteria above.
I have several mixed race native American friends who no longer have the phenotype - but they can say yes to at least 4 of the criteria above, so their native identities are NOT in question...for their ACTIONS attest to their genuineness (talk is ALWAYS cheap - and anyone can claim anything - but not everyone can PROVE it).

Think about it BOTH logically & spiritually....IF you honestly believe - as the great Apache Chief Geronimo said that: 'EVERYTHING has power' could you possibly NOT also then conclude that our DNA - the very building blocks of our physical bodies with its ability to transmit inter-generational information (even trauma) - would 'not be as important as every other aspect of our heritage'?
Therefore if you are 1/16 native american (that is 6.25%) - that means your are 15/16th (93.75%) SOMETHING ELSE....and don't you think that all of your NON-native American DNA encoded info in your body would ALSO be effecting how you think and act and NOT allowing for any pure & unfiltered native biologically inherited 'power' to come through and be expressed in you! I suspect this is why we have such problems with heavily mixed native descendants NOT wanting to follow the advice and instructions of their less mixed or even un-mixed elders....who do YOU think would have a better understanding of what it is to be an 'Indian' except one who fully IS an Indian in EVERY way...if you let your mostly non-native ego govern your 'identity' you will naturally resist humbling yourself before your TRADITIONALIST more fully native (physically, mentally & spiritually) teachers....and this is EXACTLY what we see today....'part natives' wanting to argue with 'full natives' about what it 'really means' to be native....what utter rubbish and hypocrisy!
I deliberately stressed TRADITIONALIST - because a pro-ASSIMILATIONIST 'full blood' is no damn better at teaching you anything of traditional value than a don't just go by external appearance alone...if you want authentic native heritage - find an authentic native TRADITIONALIST to teach you.

I am talking about the fact that in the USA for example - people like Ward Churchill who claims to be one sixteenth native American - just 6.25% (that is literally NOTHING to an unmixed native person) - is ACCEPTED by non-native Americans as a 'native American' and furthermore - they expect racially unmixed native Americans to accept Ward Churchill as one of their own as well! I have heard folks say 'as long as you are one drop native you are native...' really? I personally NEVER heard any unmixed native traditionalist elder say that - only mixed ones (to justify themselves).....because common sense will tell you that if a 93.75% black & 6.25% white person WILL NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY BY ANYONE if they go around saying that they are a 'white person' - WHY THE HELL SHOULD WE BE EXPECTED TO ACCEPT A 93.75% NON-NATIVE AS A NATIVE? A lot of folks claiming to be native American look decidedly NOT native American to anyone who knows what the unmixed 'Amerind' phenotype looks like (look at any of the uncontacted tribes in the Amazon - ALL Mongoloid looking - when they are first revealed in photographs and you will see exactly what I am talking about, none of the imagined features many a modern day non-Amerindian 'storyteller' would like you to believe about European, Middle Eastern or African phenotypes as being the 'real natives of the Americas').
Again, if even 1% is in your DNA you CAN say you are a 'PART DESCENDANT OF'...but to say that you 'ARE' (which connotes that you have a 'current active membership status') is a quite different matter indeed (unless you pass at least 4 of the 6 criteria listed in the opening paragraph).

Let us look at two famous men the WORLD views as 'Black men'....Bob Marley and Barak Obama - BOTH OF WHOM ARE LITERALLY 50% Caucasian, yet we ALL know that NO 'pure' (or pure looking) Caucasian (aka 'white') person has EVER or will EVER accept Bob Marley OR Barak Obama as 'a white man'......why? Because they do NOT look 'Caucasian' ...just like Ward Churchill does not look 'native American' to any racially unmixed native American person either.
We can look at Rachel Dolezal who pretended to be black for years - even got a big NAACP job - yet is 100% white, here is what her mother said:
Dolezal's mother, Ruthanne, pointed out to MSNBC that her daughter did not apologize in the Facebook post or address "the issue of being dishonest about her ethnicity."

"I don't see any honest way that a person can describe themselves as 'transracial' because your ethnicity comes from your genetic code and what's handed down to you by your parents, your real biological parents," the mother said. "And I think the healthy path to take on this kind of discussion is to find a way to embrace and celebrate who you are — or who you really are."

I agree, why would anyone be a 'WANNA-BE' of ANY race that they are not? Do you have such low self-esteem or self-contempt that you want to try to masquerade as someone else? You can be a lifelong admirer or supporter of another ethnic group/race WITHOUT trying to pretend to be one of them. Go and research your OWN ancestral roots & cultures and HONOR THAT - as it would be GENUINE, not this 'horse & pony show' you keep putting on for the world.
We have all met someone who is 'sure' they were a 'native American' in a previous life...ok, 'but you ARE someone of a different race in THIS life - so deal with THAT TODAY.
IF you were told that you have been 'adopted' into a tribe in some ceremony, that still does not make you NOW or EVER a true member of that tribe, you have to have the DNA of that tribe of human beings in your DNA to be a genuine all-round member of that tribe...for their are things that may NEVER be shared with you as an adoptee - because it is not in your DNA - and never will be.
Some tribes (especially in North America) have very loose criteria today for membership, and have had this loose criteria for many years, but you need to ask yourself - is it because that is how the tribe 'always' functioned...or is it more due to the fact that this tribe allowing this today began to become racially mixed - 'coincidentally' right around the time the criteria for tribal membership became 'loosened'?
I see a lot of modern attitudes claiming to have 'always been part of native cultures'.....but when I ask other native peoples if this activity was 'always' part of their culture, 99% of tribes say it began AFTER contact with non-natives began....just because a minority practiced/tolerated something - does NOT make it 'a universal norm' for native peoples of the Americas, we know what was 'normal behavior' for us, but 'normal' for one tribe did not mean 'normal' for all cognizant of this simple fact.

In most South American tribes (and we are far less racially mixed than North American tribes for example) - you CEASE to be considered to be 'of any biological significance' to the tribe in most tribes - if you are less than 50% indigenous (of the tribe in question), and a bit more rarely a minority of tribes will still recognize you down to 1/3 (33.3%) or 1/4 (25%) - but it depends on how you LOOK and how you LIVE....purely for the simple fact that GENETIC INHERITANCE AND CULTURAL IDENTITY IS IMPORTANT....just because you are 50% it does not mean you are not a 'genetic threat' to the survival of the ancestral phenotype....because even if you are 50% but you LOOK 100% means that very likely the DNA you will transmit is NOT going to be that of the ancestral tribal if your kids ALSO look nothing like the tribes ancestors - they are merely contributing to the genetic extinction of the ancestral tribal DNA....and that is one superhighway to COMPLETE EXTINCTION of the tribe in general.

Would YOU like to see a day in the future when the Zulu Red Dance in South Africa is performed by white South Africans claiming to be Zulus because they are one-sixteenth (6.25%) Zulu? NO YOU WOULD NOT! Likewise WE do not like to see a bunch of fools - who look NOTHING like our native tribal ancestors - wearing our regalia (often incorrectly) and doing our sacred ceremonies (also incorrectly), and claiming they are 'native Americans' because they are 'one sixteenth native' (6.25%)....a tribe must really be desperate for members to sink so low as to accept a 6.25% native as a 'full tribal member'.

Many people who do not realize that not only our languages, spirituality, cultural traditions etc DESERVE to be preserved and transmitted on into the future INTACT JUST AS THEY WERE INHERITED - so too does our GENETIC INHERITANCE.....when you belong to a tribe of just a few hundred or thousand people EVERYTHING THAT COMPRISES OUR ANCESTRAL INHERITANCE IS IMPORTANT...not just parts of it......can you live well in a house that has a wall missing? Or part of the roof or foundation absent? NO YOU CANNOT!

You can attack me and say I am 'preaching racism'.....but I can counter and tell you that for you to expect us to be content to surrender something so vital as our DNA to please your 'politically correct' sense of human identity today is ITSELF a form of racism. I know firsthand of once fully native communities in various South American countries that became so racially mixed over time that you could NO LONGER FIND ANYONE THERE THAT STILL LOOKED LIKE THEIR INDIGENOUS ANCESTORS THE FIRST EUROPEAN INVADERS SAW....and the Neo-Colonial modern day state simply re-classified them as a regular racially diverse non-indigenous community and they lost their status as a native if you are preaching the 'lets all racially intermix and forget about preservation of ancestral DNA - you are literally setting the stage for the future OBLIVION of us as distinct ethnic groups of peoples on the face of the Earth.
Did you ever stop and think that this 'intermixing agenda' might just be another way to 'ethnically cleanse' us from our remaining lands & territories?

You always tend to hear the 'we are all one race the human race' touchy-feely argument from people who are THEMSELVES racially mixed (and especially from the ones who no longer know for a fact which tribe their own ancestors belonged their heart of hearts they do not even see the sense of a tribal identity as being anything important for 'progressive' human beings...but they might not admit that to you).
Yes we might be 'one race' as 'Homo sapiens' but we are DEFINITELY NOT 'one people' - we are THOUSANDS of peoples! EACH WITH A RIGHT TO CONTINUE TO EXIST AS SUCH INTACT- SEPARATE - AND EQUAL.... unless you know nothing about the definition of what constitutes a 'people' under International Human Rights Laws & Conventions.
We have EVERY RIGHT to MAINTAIN OUR UNIQUENESS as different PEOPLES on humanity - and you have no right to tell those of us who value ALL of our tangible & intangible heritage and seek to preserve it for eternity - that we are 'backward racists'.

You can be friends of ALL and live in brotherhood with ALL (as I do), but STILL advise the unmixed members of your people to try to retain their un-mixed status in their children by choice of a similarly un-mixed spouse (as I do)....the mixed ones (like me) are not vital to the genetic survival of the tribe (so who we marry is not as important - though I chose to marry in my tribe), but we can serve our Tribal Nation of people in the preservation of our heritage in all the other ways I listed WITHOUT creating more newly mixed progeny from girls who could instead produce unmixed children with a different spouse who is unmixed like them. 
I LOVE to see DIVERSITY in the world, the Creator has made us all different hues (like human flowers) to live TOGETHER like a rainbow over the face of the meadow of the Earth, but even in a rainbow EACH color can still be INDIVIDUALLY IDENTIFIED - it is never one bland monochromatic try to learn something from that divine example itself.

So in summation, my humble advice is if you ARE a genetic descendant but no longer look like your mongoloid-looking native American ancestors did (you MUST own a mirror so you should know) be sure to state THAT fact when you introduce yourself to people....I introduce myself as a Lokono-Arawak of mixed ancestry....thereby letting you know which native tribe of people I have the DNA of & belong to, and proudly identify with (LOKONO-ARAWAK) - but I ALSO let you know the unmixed ones do NOT look exactly as I do...and I do not say broadly 'I am a Lokono-Arawak' as if I am unmixed...because this will confuse people who are uneducated, I remember once a man who looked northern European (even had white skin, blond hair & blue eyes) telling a group of non-native people that he was 'an Apache Indian' (he claimed he was some tiny percentage)...and after he left those same people were talking among themselves and saying that they 'never knew Indians looked just like Nordic Europeans' - and about how 'Hollywood has people mistakenly thinking real Indians have straight black hair and brown skins when in fact 'real' Indians looked white' you see how your ONE genetic misrepresentation can cause CONFUSION. Be honest with your own damn self and EVERYONE ELSE - and let them know the FACT that you are NOT an example of a 'racially unmixed' member of your tribe, but are in fact a racially mixed one (so they don't get confused)....for the TRUTH shall set you free my brother!

Here is another example of what dangers of unscientific opinions can cause - if you believe this - no scientific evidence/proof provided article - you will be led to believe that un-mixed Amerindians have curly hair - all because this author ASSUMES this to be so based on ONE photograph of ONE uncontacted indian in Brazil:

Now let me - as I am betting my life that the author does NOT know as many un-mixed Amerindians from this Hemisphere as I do, nor visited as many of their tribal communities in person in as many countries as I have, so let ME share what I posted as a comment to this on FB on 7 February 2016:
"  I was hoping this author had some dna evidence from the Awa man to present an ironclad case, her counter argument is itself conjecture...we need more scientific proof, all I can tell you from my own personal experience is that every Amerindian I have ever met from South America to Central America that had curly hair had some known admixture (come visit my Lokono-Arawak tribe - we have never lost our tribal structure and territorial habitation) and ask all the curly haired ones yourself).....and we are talking a period of potential dna admixture that goes back almost 500 years in Brazil, many tribes fled into the wilderness long ago and became 'uncontacted', others were never contacted till now (a few still out there free to this day), and I have a friend in FUNAI (the Brazil government agency that deals with the Awa and others, and they say the tribe took in members from other tribes that were fleeing until this one man's DNA is revealed and shows no admixture whatsoever....this is not a 'closed case' yet....and still is just what this author wants to believe. A quick google image search of non-assimilated Amerindian peoples - even if you just look at all the pics of uncontacted tribes alone - will turn up a minimum of 99% straight hair persons....check for yourself. To use ONE photo of one person as 'proof' is not convincing at father-in-law is pure, but even he remembers his father telling him that runaway African slaves in South America - living just as naked as our people - used to live in the jungles near our lands and others tribes and take their food at times, sometimes their girls too. So I can see how that man could look as he does today....but not just based on my own opinion. If someone posted a pic of a blue eyed Amerindian (several of them now, but all I know have some European dna) would we accept that as 'proof' that pure Amerindians don't really have brown irises as a general rule?"

I am racially mixed myself, but at least I more closely resemble my mothers Amerindian ancestry I have identified with & been loyal too all my life - and our reservation-born children can say the same (naturally - as now they are MOSTLY Amerind with the added infusion from their mongoloid looking Tribal mother).

Watch these clowns in Europe make a mockery of our culture - but they will tell you they are 'honoring us'.....I see only 2 real natives joining them in their buffoonery....if they were traditionalists they would not participate in this comedy show.  How impoverished in spirit must you be to do such things?

REAL natives do not even need to wear traditional regalia to do certain tribal dances (but you will never see anyone being 'twirled' by their partner):

Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Do you think you are "Indian at heart" or were an Indian in a past life? Do you admire native ways and want to incorporate them into your life and do your own version of a sweat lodge or a vision quest? Have you seen ads, books, and websites that offer to train you to be come a shaman in an easy number of steps, a few days on the weekend, or for a fee?
Have you really thought this all the way through? Have you thought about how native people feel about what you might want to do?
Please think about these important points before you take that fateful step and expend time, money, and emotional investment:
Native people DO NOT believe it is ethical to charge money for any ceremony or teaching. Any who charge you even a penny are NOT authentic.
Native traditionalists believe the ONLY acceptable way to transmit traditional teachings is orally and face-to-face. Any allegedly traditional teachings in books or on websites are NOT authentic.
Learning medicine ways takes decades and must be done with great caution and patience out of respect for the sacred. Any offer to teach you all you need to know in a weekend seminar or two is wishful thinking at best, fraud at worst.
Most of these FRAUDULENT operators are not the slightest bit reputable. Some, such as Robert "Ghostwolf" AKA Robert Franzone and Forrest Carter, have actually been convicted of fraud. Some are sexual predators who prey upon their followers. "Sun Bear" AKA Vincent La Duke was a serial rapist who was facing numerous charges when he died, including the rape of girls as young as fourteen.
Women should be extremely wary of any " teacher" who claims sex is part of an alleged "ceremony." Most of these FRAUDULENT operators have been caught making complete fantasies of what many whites WISH natives were like. Another way to say it is that they are outright liars and hoaxers. Some, like Carlos Castaneda, were exposed as long as three decades ago.
You probably are asking yourself, "Aren't any of these people for real and a good way for me to learn?"
We (native people and our supporters) realize that most of you do not know any better, at least not yet, but we hope you learn about these matters from more reputable sources and in a more respectful manner.
If it says New Age or Shamanism on the cover, it's not a good source for learning about natives. Find out which authors can be trusted before you pay money to operators who harm us all.
Please understand the following points about native spiritual ways:
Native belief systems are COMMUNAL, not focused on the individual's faith like Christianity, and are TRIBE-SPECIFIC. There is NO "generic Indian" form of spirituality. There are as many differences from tribe to tribe as there are between Hinduism and the Church of England. No one would think of teaching those two as the same and calling them "Indo-European," yet many of these FRAUDULENT operators teach a thrown together mishmash of bits and pieces of different beliefs.
TRADITIONAL elders are very cautious about changing rituals and mixing different customs, it does happen, of course, but only after lengthy discussions that can take decades. FRAUDULENT operators are very casual and haphazard in what they do, in a manner that shows they have no understanding of or respect for the sacred.
TRADITIONAL elders DO NOT believe that any ceremony can be done by anyone who feels like it. It's that same caution and respect for the sacred. Yet these FRAUDULENT operators will let anyone do their inaccurate version of a ceremony if they have the money. Vision quests, for example, are intended for young boys age 12 to 14, but boys don't have much money, so these FRAUDULENT operators sell "quests" for hundreds or thousands to mostly middle-aged men and women.
There is also the matter of telling people they can be shamans and charging them for it. If you were interested in Judaism, would you pay money to someone who said he could make you a rabbi in just one weekend seminar? If someone did this and then claimed Jewish objections were foolish, we would recognize he was anti-Semitic. Think about the lack of respect these operators show to native people and beliefs, and to their own followers, by defrauding people.
Native people DO NOT use the label "Shaman."
Think also about how it makes it harder for natives and whites to get along when whites have been given an untrue picture of native cultures. We have to learn to get along and we can't do that as long as whites give support to operators who push a fraudulent version of what we are like.