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With ALL the homeless people in every country - Does ANY human being NEED to live in such a WASTE of space? NO! Unless you are an Ego-maniac.

Think of all the GOOD you could do for OTHERS who are in NEED - instead of thinking about what you WANT instead!

Does anyone NEED to have his already expensive luxury car covered in diamonds? What IDIOT sees this and does NOT think it is a great sin - all of this WASTED money could have fed thousands - instead of one mans giant EGO.

What fool thinks he needs to waste mega millions on himself to have a home this huge in order to have a 'comfortable life'? Stop listening to your EGOS and begin listening to your SOULS (if you even have a soul left in your insatiably greedy bodies).

Here are some truly SICKENING and MORALLY REPUGNANT statistics that should upset your consciousness greatly:

Just 62 people - all Super rich elites - of whom 53 are men, own as much wealth as the poorest half of the ENTIRE WORLD, and the richest 1 per cent of humans own more than the other 99 per cent of humanity combined.

The OXFAM report reveals that Global inequality has reached unprecedented levels.
Furthermore statistics reveal that the wealth of these 62 insatiably greedy bastards has INCREASED by 44 per cent (or by approximately $500 BILLION dollars) over the last 5 years....while the wealth of the bottom half of humanity (or 3.5 BILLION humans) has DROPPED by over 1 TRILLION dollars (and in case you did not know - one thousand billion $ =  one Trillion $).

Far from 'wealth trickling down' as our lying politicians are fond of deceiving us by constantly repeating (because they know that if your 'trusted' political leader repeats a lie often enough - 'Joe Idiot Public' will believe it)...wealth is in fact being sucked UPWARDS (to the super rich elites) at ever increasing rates!

They might look like 'harmless beneficiaries of good old free enterprise'...but that is what we are supposed to believe.....but when the more you get - only makes you want MORE and MORE - you step WAY beyond 'having enough you need to live a comfortable life' - and you go ever deeper into INSATIABLE GREED (the proper one word description for this is 'Avarice') civilized-minded human being will say 'there is no such thing as enough' - only an avaricious bastard would say that...I know people who raised 10 children on a few thousand dollars a year, they are all educated, happy & loving self-supporting comfortable middle class adults today who are devoted to their parents & each other - and their own why the HELL do you think it takes MILLIONS to give children a 'comfortable life' ? GREED takes over your minds and your hearts and convinces you (and people like these 62 below) and makes them feel that they 'deserve' or 'earned' their vast riches - many will tell you 'they worked hard' to get their money......what do you call 'hard'? Sitting down and thinking or coming up with ideas? Did #1 Bill Gates get calloused hands, sunburned skin, or go hungry with one meal or less a day with sore muscles like poor people doing REAL HARD WORK for a pittance every day just to make ends meet? You have NO idea what real hard work is until your body is wracked by aches & pains at the end of every day. Just because Bill gives 1 Billion away to charity each year - don't you see that by keeping 75 BILLION for himself that he is still a GREEDY BASTARD? Who in the hell needs even 1 Billion for himself? You can live a comfortable life and have all your NEEDS covered with LESS than ONE MILLION (as middle class people everywhere know), but when you are GREEDY you let your WANTS take over your life and you no longer are CONTENT to have your NEEDS....and this is why you see these people WASTING huge sums of money on themselves (shopping sprees, buying diamond collars for their pet animals, owning a car COLLECTION - not just one or two they actually need/use, owning multiple homes, private jets - when it would be cheaper to travel first class like normal people - or even hire a private jet as needed...not own & maintain one 24/7 - 365 days a year), luxury yachts, homes 100 times bigger than they actually need etc...folks - these are not excusable to the mind of any intelligent person with a conscience....only a greedy IDIOT finds 'nothing wrong with any of this' a world where so many human being need can you WASTE MILLIONS ON STUPID CRAP LIKE THIS FOR YOURSELF AND NOT FEEL ANY GUILT?

This now brings me to a drastic consequence 'solution' that greedy people are going to cause to occur in my lifetime....and I predict that since the insatiable greed of some humans knows no limitations - we will see in the future angry mobs sentencing (and carry out) executions of rich humans for the crime of 'Avarice' (insatiable greed)...because if humans cannot control their appetites and show more compassion for the less fortunate (there is true happiness in GIVING not HOARDING) - the less fortunate will reach their limits of tolerance and turn on you for being the parasites that you are...and they WILL kill happened in the French Revolution....and it WILL happen again.

NONE of these people below got to their 'Super Rich' status by doing ANY REAL HARD WORK, they got their fortune using their brains (in indoor comfort) or by inheritance (from an original source that is likely dubious - such as the modern day 'highly respected' Prince of Monaco who's founding ancestor of their 'Royal family' were COMMON PIRATES who STOLE the wealth of others and declared themselves to be a 'Royal family' centuries ago)...and others by outright criminal activities....stepping on competitors and ruining others so that their own business could get bigger until they achieved monopolies - so they could rip-off the masses (like the #2 - Telecom Giant Carlos Slim in Mexico).

Do not look at the innocent faces of these people below, look deep into the ORIGINS of their money and the great disparity in the dollar amounts of what some give COMPARED to the much larger amounts they keep for themselves.

Here is a scenario for you:

'Bill - why did you not do more for the poor with the resources you had?

BILL - "But I gave 1 Billion dollars to the poor!"

 "Yes, but you kept 75 Billion to spend on yourself - which you did not NEED - you WANTED - when you could have solved most of the worlds problems by giving away 75 Billion and keeping only 1 Billion for yourself instead and still lived a life of comforts that exceed most of humanity...but where a mans treasure is there his heart lies, and your heart - by your own actions - was with your money."  

Here is an example of the GREAT SIN OF GREED and how vast sums are WASTED by such people:


1. Bill Gates
2. Carlos Slim Helu & family
3. Amancio Ortega
4. Warren Buffett
5. Larry Ellison
6. Charles Koch
7. David Koch
8. Sheldon Adelson
9. Christy Walton & family
10. Jim Walton
11. Liliane Bettencourt & family
12. Stefan Persson
13. Alice Walton
14. S. Robson Walton
15. Bernard Arnault & family
16. Michael Bloomberg
17. Larry Page
18. Jeff Bezos
19. Sergey Brin
20. Li Ka-shing
21. Mark Zuckerberg 
22. Michele Ferrero & family
23. Karl Albrecht
24. Aliko Dangote
25. Carl Icahn
26. George Soros
27. David Thomson & family
28. Lui Che Woo
29. Dieter Schwarz
30. Prince Alwaleed Bin TalalAlsaud
31. Forrest Mars Jr
32. Jacqueline Mars
33. John Mars
34. Jorge Paulo Lemann
35. Lee Shau Kee
36. Theo Albrecht Jr & family
37. Steve Ballmer
38. Leonardo Del Vecchio
39. Len Blavatnik
40. Mukesh Ambani
41. Alisher Usmanov
42. Michael Otto & family
43. Phil Knight
44. Masayoshi Son
45. Tadashi Yanai & family
46. Gina Rinehart
47. Mikhail Fridman
48. Michael Dell
49. Susanne Klatten
50. Abigail Johnson
51. Viktor Vekselberg
52. Lakshmi Mittal
53. Vladimir Lisin
54. Cheng Yu-tung
55. Joseph Safra
56. Paul Allen
57. Leonid Mikhelson
58. Anne Cox Chambers
59. Iris Fontbona & family
60. Francois Pinault & family
61. Azim Premji
62. Mohammed Al Amoudi

FULL documentary (take the time to watch it and be truly educated to the deceptions you previously thought were 'true'

Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick:

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  1. Yes dear author- you are absolutely correct!!!
    There isn't any "Is Enough is Enough???" for those greedy bastards..they want more , more and more...