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                                               Europeans traumatizing Native Americans

                                                        Europeans traumatizing Africans

                                                 North Africans traumatizing Europeans

                                                         Turks traumatizing Europeans

                                         Europeans (English) traumatizing Europeans (Irish)

                                    Europeans (Normans) traumatizing Europeans (English)

                                         Europeans (Romans) traumatizing Europeans (French)

Europeans (Germans) traumatizing Europeans (Romans)


ONCE AGAIN - WE KNEW THIS ALREADY.....BUT WERE DOUBTED WHEN WE SAID SO...only an IDIOT would tell us 'oh just get over it and leave the past in past' - WHAT WAS DONE TO OUR ANCESTORS IS IN OUR DNA!

BUT - we also have to extrapolate on this and see that Europeans who were traumatized for example - by other Europeans (and North Africans during the Islamic conquests of Southern Europe and Mongoloids during the invasions from Mongolia) ALSO would have lingering residual trauma...the Europeans & Russians traumatized by the French under Napoleon, the Europeans & Russians traumatized by the Germans under Hitler, the Scots & Irish brutally traumatized by the Norman-French descendant 'English'....the native Welsh & Cornish brutally traumatized by the German Angles & Saxons....the native Britons brutally traumatized by the Romans (who also brutally traumatized most of Europe - the middle east & North Africa) - and then who were themselves brutally traumatized by various peoples they had conquered who exacted bloody revenge on the Italian peninsula 1600 years ago when the Roman Empire FINALLY fell.

So let us be fair and broad-minded enough (as my own ancestral tribal spirituality & Reiki has taught me) and see the BIGGER picture of humanity here......and only then will be see that humanity is a pond (complete with scum in it as well) - and when one person or group of people drops a stone in OUR pond of humanity - the ripples spread out in concentric circles and effect us ALL!

Ever thought that maybe Europeans left their own lands and unleashed trauma all over the REST of the world - because they had been traumatized themselves and had become as IGNORANT as the people who first traumatized them? Surely you are aware of the statistics that show a molested child often molests other children - or grows up to become an adult that does .....well the same occurs for a traumatized person - they tend to inflict trauma on others as well...a never-ending spiral of negativity ensues if not emotionally and spiritually addressed properly.

This is why I tell everyone I think that has enough intelligence - do not hate 'white people' because of what a minority of ignorant 'white' people did (and are still doing) to your ancestors (or your people today) do not know what lies at the root of the ignorant attitudes & behavior some people exhibit - that ALSO lingers on in their DNA - JUST AS VALIDLY AS OUR ANCESTORS SUFFERING AT THEIR ANCESTORS HANDS DOES IN US!

No truly intelligent person would ever say they 'hate all white people' or 'hate all black people' or 'hate all Indians' or hate all Arabs' or 'hate all Asians', or hate all: Christians/Muslims/Jews/Hindus/Buddhists/Sikhs/Catholics/Protestants etc. etc etc.

The Creator made us ALL - you should not hate your brothers and sisters - for EVERY human being is your spiritual brother or sister - even the one trying to kill you - you should only hate the bad things they do (Condemn the sin not the sinner) - if they do bad things....and stop them from doing these bad things if you have to to save the innocent lives of others ....even if that means killing your guilty individual spiritual brothers at they may be serving the darkness so deeply that - that may be the only way to stop them.

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