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Non-indigenous Guyana Police and Soldiers in the indigenous Arekuna Tribal Nation village of Kaikan

Chief Anselmo of the Arekuna Tribal Nation in Guyana tells us the TRUTH, No Venezuelan soldiers 'heavily armed' or otherwise - landed in his village in Guyana, and the Guyana Army soldiers stationed in his village ILLEGALLY (because if native people do NOT want your Army base on their land and you put it & keep it there anyway DESPITE their opposition - it is there ILLEGALLY under International Indigenous Human Rights Law)...all ran back to their barracks and HID, and only when the Venezuelan helicopter departed did these 'brave' Guyana Soldiers come out of hiding and point their guns in the faces of local natives - accusing some of being Venezuelans (presumably because these natives can speak Spanish - as would be normal if you lived on the border of a Spanish speaking country - just as Amerindians living in Guyana near the Brazil border know how to speak Portuguese - and the ones on the Suriname border know how to speak Dutch) - and demanding to see their ID...the local natives in this village should have told the soldiers - "you have NO authority to demand ANYTHING of me - you are not my Chief".
Let us be brutally HONEST here in these 4 simple points:
Point #1 - If Venezuela Soldiers had truly invaded - the Guyana soldiers would have pissed in their pants and been slaughtered anyway (expect a 550,000 man Venezuelan Armed Forces with 229 Aircraft, 192 Tanks, 700 Armored Fighting Vehicles, 104 Towed Artillery Pieces, 57 Self-propelled large guns, and 52 Multiple Rocket Launchers - to be stopped by a 10,000 man Guyana Army with nothing but small arms? Stop Dreaming! In one day the Guyana Defence Force would be routed and slaughtered and every Guyana military base and police station would be in smoldering not let 'pride' replace logical facts.
Most Guyana non-indigenous soldiers don't even know how to swim - I have enough Guyana Army ex-soldier in-laws & friends who laugh about the 'jungle incompetence' of their non-indigenous 'squadies' to tell you that for a FACT.
Point #2 - No Venezuela Soldier has EVER killed an Amerindian in Guyana YET (not saying they never will - just the FACT that they do not have OUR blood on their hands YET as the Guyana Army DOES!
Point #3 - Guyana Soldiers BEAT, RAPED, BURNED HOUSES, KILLED LIVESTOCK and KILLED a few Guyanese Amerindian men of the Makushi Tribal Nation in January 1970 (after the tribe rose in armed rebellion on December 31st 1969 - led by Makushhi Rebel 'General' Taman Davis of Toka - to Guyana Police ABUSES of their men & women after Guyana got Independence from the English)....go to a fiercely NON-intimidated Makushi Village in Guyana like TOKA in the North Rupununi - and they will tell you the FACTS of Guyana Army atrocities in the Rupununi after the rebellion was suppressed by non-Indigenous soldiers seeking revenge.
Point #4 - MOST Guyana soldiers are NON-AMERINDIANS who come from the most dubious urban Ghettos in Guyana - NOT from the 'finest homes in the nation' by ANY stretch of the imagination...most of them bring their 'thug-life' GHETTO attitudes into Amerindian communities where they disrespect (and even RAPE) our women, and beat our males - with impunity....the 'punishment' these Soldiers (and non-Amerindian Policemen) get - is to 'be moved to another base/station somewhere else in the APA and ask how many rape cases of Amerindian girls & women by Guyana Police & Soldiers they are aware of - and then ask how many of these Guyana Police and Soldiers EVER got sentenced to jail as punishment for these crimes.....then you will see EXACTLY what I am talking about.
I am sure many in Guyana (especially my opponents) will be incensed at these FACTS and want to dispute them - BECAUSE THE TRUTH HURTS!
But you can compare the article below from the CHIEF of the Arekuna Tribe himself - which says 'we want the Guyana Army OUT - but we remain loyal to Guyana' (we ALL do)...VERSUS the false PROPAGANDA version in the Government Newspaper which makes readers believe that the Tribe there 'WANTS MORE' Guyana Soldiers in it's community...a huge LIE.
I tell you solemnly - very FEW native people who are not mentally assimilated into dominant society - and still have a healthy dose of self-respect and pride in their indigenous identity in Guyana AND IN EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH - do NOT completely trust the Army and Police of the country that exercises either a Colonial or Neo-Colonial 'de-facto' RULE over, we hope YOUR security Forces will behave in a civilized manner towards us - BUT WE DO NOT FULLY TRUST THEM AND WE ARE ALWAYS COGNIZANT THAT THE GUNS THAT ONCE KILLED US - AND NOW CLAIM TO 'PROTECT' US - MAY KILL US AGAIN ONE DAY IN THE FUTURE - it just depends on the politician who gives them the order to do so (once again)!
Any indigenous leader who does NOT think this way is either a 'sell-out'...a 'mascot'.. or 'opportunist traitor' on the Government's payroll - who puts his or her own personal gain ABOVE the defense and security concerns of his people.
President Granger is an Ex-Army Head in Guyana, and he married a most respectable Amerindian lady that the entire country loves...BUT every Guyana soldier is NOT the morally upright 'Amerindian friendly' soldier that President Granger was...most of them are in fact very racially antagonistic to the indigenous Amerindians they prefer to call by the derogatory name of 'Buck People' (they usually add the prefix 'stupid' to that as well) ....and that is the UGLY TRUTH in Guyana.
We wait and hope to see President Granger REMOVE ALL THE ILLEGAL GUYANA ARMY & POLICE STATIONS ON INDIGENOUS TERRITORIES that the locals object to (and had objected to - to the PREVIOUS government he replaced - to no avail either) is very easy to simply move them to some place NEARBY but not technically ON indigenous lands....what is so hard about doing that and EASING the racial tensions that are inevitable when you put non-indigenous males who have guns but NO cultural sensitivity training in indigenous rights - into indigenous communities that are for the most part disarmed....BULLYING AND ABUSE IS THE INEVITABLE END RESULT!

With a now 95 year old Makushi legend - ex-rebel General Taman Davis (the Geronimo of Guyana) at a secret location; his wife is at right. Near the end of my exclusive interview (he has NEVER told anyone the truth about the Rebellion from the Amerindian side) I asked him to tell me what the time was as I had to head back up into the mountains and leave - he looked at his watch and said 9.04 (am)...again the Arawak holy numbers of 9 and 4 featured in my life.

Uncle Taman with one of his Brazilian grand daughters, one of the MOST significant aspects of this story is the fact that this living legend is the grandson of a mulatto BARBADIAN who ventured into the Rupununi region of Guyana in the late 1800's at a time when the tribe was still living 100% traditional, married a Makushi girl and founded the village of TOKA, a village much like Pine Ridge of the USA, it - and it's residents - are much respected and much feared (depending on if you are pro or anti Indigenous rights) and the village of TOKA is STILL being punished for being the headquarters and leaders of the only Amerindian armed rebellion in living memory in Guyana. Truly, you can find a Barbados connection to a great many significant events in the history of the Americas.

Many of my opponents like to attack my revelations about the Amerindian Rebellion in Guyana, but I have one thing NONE of them do, a DIRECT line of communication with the Amerindian Rebel General HIMSELF, I met him several times, and slept in his house in Brazil several times, as well as met the ONE Makushi warrior who killed ALL the Policemen at the Lethem Station in Guyana SINGLEHANDEDLY with one gun - they deserved it because they had been torturing him for the previous 3 days in that same station - so he joined the Rebellion purely to get revenge on the non-indigenous Policemen (he runs a Mechanic shop in Brazil now) so I can tell you things that NO Journalist in the history of Guyana ever has about this incident - straight from the LEADER of the native side himself, and some of the key Makushi warriors who fought brilliantly in it on the first day when victory looked possible. 

Many (who don't know the full story) will tell you that the white ranchers in the Rupununi region of Guyana wanted to become the new overlords and rule the Amerindians in the Rupununi and create a fiefdom for themselves so 'the ranchers were behind it' (and I am sure the ranchers DID dream of such a scenario), but 'Uncle Taman' as I call him, had plans to get rid of the ranchers too, and create a truly 100% Native governed Independent Country in the south west 1/4 of what is known as Guyana today. It was Taman Davis (son of a Guyana Makushi mother & Barbadian Mulatto father) who recruited the Makushi warriors and trained them at a secret camp in the Rupununi on how to use military weapons...not any ranchers...the ranchers just allowed their airstrips to be used to receive the aircraft that delivered weapons donated for the rebellion - but they did not give orders to Taman Davis.


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