Sunday, 27 December 2015


Here (above) is an example of a GREAT Union protest action all right-thinking people can support!
Here (below) is an example of how the Union can help to VICTIMIZE the poor they claim to champion the rights of"

I have friends who were going to be laid off for no other reason than the boss found a way to cut costs and increase his own personal profit, so the Union did something good by stepping in to save their jobs for them.
Sometimes a Union can even topple a tyrannical regime as the Polish Union did under Lech Walesa so famously (and admirably) near the end of the Soviet Union.
HOWEVER, I also have friends who caught employees REPEATEDLY STEALING on surveillance camera and tried to fire them (RIGHTLY SO - WHO WANTS A THIEF IN THEIR BUSINESS?) - but the Union stepped in - and did not care one damn how GUILTY the employee was, the only fact the Union was concerned with was that the thieves were 'contributing union members' (so putting money into the Union's 'pocket') and they threatened to shut down the business if the thieves were not this 'noble' in your mind? To defend the guilty because you make money from them? That makes the Union no different than a criminal defense attorney - who will LIE his pants off in order to get his GUILTY 'paying client' off the hook and evade his rightful think about that scenario for just a minute the next time you want to be a cheerleader for the Unions without examining the facts first from BOTH sides.
In another more serious case - a few years ago a small airplane crashed into the sea off a Caribbean Island, the small airplane was asked to circle and allow a bigger plane to land first, it did so, the union member Air Traffic Control Tower operator on duty at the time logged into his book that BOTH planes had landed (before the second smaller one had) and went to the toilet.....turbulence from the bigger plane caused the smaller coming in behind it to crash into the sea - killing both the pilot & the was only when the passengers mother called to Tower one hour later - did the operator on the new shift investigate and realize what was done, but when they tried to fire this idiot of an Air Traffic Control Tower operator - the Union in that country threatened to 'shut down the country' if the man was not left to 'do his job'...
This is why I can't say I am against a politician 'breaking the back of the Union' (per se) IF the Union is defending the indefensible...right is RIGHT and wrong is if the only way to prevail over a Union that has become corrupt - is to crush it, then so be it.....if I were a political leader anywhere I would not suffer fools lightly, I will faithfully create/support/assist any positive development - and mercilessly destroy any negative development that occurs under my watch.
For as Confucius said:
"It is better to be loved by all the GOOD people you govern than to be loved by all the good AND bad people you govern, for if you are loved by the bad - it means you are not steadfast for the good, but are only a mediocre & lukewarm leader more interested in popularity than in principles"

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