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REMEMBER THIS QUOTE - when you are tempted to fool yourself that peaceful protests can solve EVERY problem in the world, we good men (and women) MUST FIGHT when no other course of action will help us. 
THIS is why I have ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS tell my indigenous brothers & sisters all over thew world "When foreigners invade your lands and violently oppress you under their tyrannical illegitimate rule IT IS YOUR SACRED DUTY TO FIGHT AND KILL THEM IN SELF-DEFENSE OF YOUR PEOPLE!" It is always very easy for someone safely in their comfy home far away from this kind of oppression to tell you 'Violence solves nothing'....for they have never been in WAR - and in war it is only VIOLENCE that will save you from people who are determined to exterminate you....the Jews in Europe did not resist the Nazis for the most part.....and millions were killed...tell me how their 'pacifism' helped to save them? To HELL with COWARDS and their COWARDLY advice! Even the "holy books' tell us 'For there IS a time for WAR - and a time for PEACE"...we must do whatever the times and circumstances in the age in which we live require of us as human beings TO PROTECT and DEFEND other innocent defenseless human beings we love....even if that means the shedding of the blood of their guilty attacking enemies.
ALL of our warriors who rose to FIGHT our enemies are TRUE HEROES - and all of our people who refused to fight back against genocide - leaving our elders, our women, and our CHILDREN to be butchered - are COWARDS! This is how I raise MY children and what I teach to our Tribal youth....for dark days are ahead of us in our current lifetimes, and my words will save many if heeded.
This will upset any right-thinking human being - but it is better to see what kind of reality others (not safely out of harms way like you) have to face - before you give any 'pacifist advice' to people who are being slaughtered.
Watch this and remember that OUR OWN indigenous ancestors were treated just like this and WORSE, but this (and WORSE) is STILL happening to our indigenous brothers & sisters all over the world TODAY!
I also believe all human beings are Children of God and spiritual brothers and sisters....but when you have evil men like this treating other humans like this...I tell you solemnly - you would feel an adrenaline rush of ecstasy to be able to turn the tables on your tormentors like these and kill them...you won't 'lose any sleep' because in your mind you will know that they DESERVED to die!
What we see is bad enough...men and boys of all ages being brutalized in front of their wives and children ....what we don't see is these Papuans being raped and murdered off camera.
It would have been better if these Papuans had fled into the mountains and joined the indigenous rebellion against the Indonesian invaders, got trained and got guns - and spent the rest of their lives killing Indonesian soldiers every chance they got....or died trying to.
The world certainly is NOT doing a damned thing to stop the GENOCIDE of their people that the invading Indonesians have unleashed on 'West Papua' for DECADES....too many pacifists TALKING abroad - and not enough men of action FIGHTING on the ground - to ever stop it.

Sunday, 27 December 2015


Don't get me wrong, I did well in every subject I liked, but from the age of 13 my destiny was firmly in MY hands and I knew what subjects would NOT be necessary in my life - and I therefore did not waste my time on them (ask yourself - when was the last time YOU used 'Long Division?, Logarithms?, Polynomials? Calculus? or Geometric proofs? (which is not 'Basic Geometry - which IS useful to know).

I am ALSO not saying to go out of your way to be confrontational to your teachers for every excuse you can find...as there ARE students who provoke their teachers - I daresay 'torment them' - incessantly, and such students deserve to be punished is some way. I am only saying - some teachers abuse their authority (like Police) and do crap - and YOU should NOT take their crap (neither from the Police) - just because they are a teacher (or a Police officer).

Some older folks will say this student in the link below is just a 'rude young upstart'...but personally I see nothing wrong with his outburst (just some of his border-line cuss word language)...I was just like him when I was in high school too.....I never saw any reason to be afraid of the teachers, if they were doing a lousy job I TOLD THEM SO TO THEIR FACE.....I had a teacher who also told my class "I don't care if ya'll bother to learn anything - I will still get my paycheck at the end of the month" so I know what he experienced with this teacher (she dropped a similar comment)...we had teachers (like 'Smokey') who literally came into class to smoke cigarettes and fall asleep at their desk till the bell rang.

I also had 'language' teachers who spoke Spanish and English TERRIBLY and I told them to their face "You speak this language INFERIOR to my father and mother so YOU are actually wasting MY time trying to fool YOURSELF that you are 'teaching' me anything in this class".

Another teacher - who lived off the 'fear' and unquestioned obedience he got from OTHER students (not ME, mum did not raise any wusses) - and who used to like to 'decree' humiliating punishments to students (who like timid sheep - obeyed - just because school teaches YOU - not ME - to fear and obey authority figures)....

When he told me (as one of his punishments) to 'STAND AND PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!" - I told him 'I AM NOT A PRISONER SO I WILL NOT STAND AND PUT MY HANDS ON MY HEAD!

When he told me (as one of his punishments) to "KNEEL ON THE FLOOR!" - I told him "MY PARENTS TOLD ME TO KNEEL BEFORE GOD ONLY SO I WILL NOT KNEEL BEFORE YOU!"


When he told me (as one of his punishments) to "GO AND STAND OUTSIDE IN THE SUN" - I told him "I AM NOT GOING TO GO OUTSIDE AND STAND IN THE SUN TO GET SUNBURNED FOR YOU!"



Here (above) is an example of a GREAT Union protest action all right-thinking people can support!
Here (below) is an example of how the Union can help to VICTIMIZE the poor they claim to champion the rights of"

I have friends who were going to be laid off for no other reason than the boss found a way to cut costs and increase his own personal profit, so the Union did something good by stepping in to save their jobs for them.
Sometimes a Union can even topple a tyrannical regime as the Polish Union did under Lech Walesa so famously (and admirably) near the end of the Soviet Union.
HOWEVER, I also have friends who caught employees REPEATEDLY STEALING on surveillance camera and tried to fire them (RIGHTLY SO - WHO WANTS A THIEF IN THEIR BUSINESS?) - but the Union stepped in - and did not care one damn how GUILTY the employee was, the only fact the Union was concerned with was that the thieves were 'contributing union members' (so putting money into the Union's 'pocket') and they threatened to shut down the business if the thieves were not re-hired....is this 'noble' in your mind? To defend the guilty because you make money from them? That makes the Union no different than a criminal defense attorney - who will LIE his pants off in order to get his GUILTY 'paying client' off the hook and evade his rightful punishment.....so think about that scenario for just a minute the next time you want to be a cheerleader for the Unions without examining the facts first from BOTH sides.
In another more serious case - a few years ago a small airplane crashed into the sea off a Caribbean Island, the small airplane was asked to circle and allow a bigger plane to land first, it did so, the union member Air Traffic Control Tower operator on duty at the time logged into his book that BOTH planes had landed (before the second smaller one had) and went to the toilet.....turbulence from the bigger plane caused the smaller coming in behind it to crash into the sea - killing both the pilot & the passenger..it was only when the passengers mother called to Tower one hour later - did the operator on the new shift investigate and realize what was done, but when they tried to fire this idiot of an Air Traffic Control Tower operator - the Union in that country threatened to 'shut down the country' if the man was not left to 'do his job'...
This is why I can't say I am against a politician 'breaking the back of the Union' (per se) IF the Union is defending the indefensible...right is RIGHT and wrong is WRONG.....so if the only way to prevail over a Union that has become corrupt - is to crush it, then so be it.....if I were a political leader anywhere I would not suffer fools lightly, I will faithfully create/support/assist any positive development - and mercilessly destroy any negative development that occurs under my watch.
For as Confucius said:
"It is better to be loved by all the GOOD people you govern than to be loved by all the good AND bad people you govern, for if you are loved by the bad - it means you are not steadfast for the good, but are only a mediocre & lukewarm leader more interested in popularity than in principles"

Friday, 25 December 2015


Forensic experts reconstructed the face of Saint Nicholas using his own skeletal remains in the possession of the Church and this is what he REALLY looked like.

Saint Nicholas (GreekἍγιος ΝικόλαοςHagios NikólaosLatinSanctus Nicolaus); (15 March 270 – 6 December 343), also called Nikolaos of Myra, was a historic 4th-century Christian saint and Greek Bishop of Myra, in Asia Minor (modern-day Demre, Turkey). Because of the many miracles attributed to his intercession, he is also known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker (Νικόλαος ὁ ΘαυματουργόςNikolaos ho Thaumaturgos). His reputation evolved among the faithful, as was common for early Christian saints.
The historical Saint Nicholas is commemorated and revered among AnglicanCatholicLutheran, and Orthodox Christians. In addition, Some BaptistMethodistPresbyterian,] and Reformed churches have been named in honor of Saint Nicholas.
Nicholas was born in Asia Minor (Greek Anatolia in present-day Turkey) in the Roman Empire, to a Greek family during thethird century in the city of Patara (Lycia et Pamphylia), a port on the Mediterranean Sea. He lived in MyraLycia (part of modern-day Demre), at a time when the region was Greek in its heritage, culture, and outlook and politically part of the Romandiocese of Asia. He was the only son of wealthy Christian parents named Epiphanius (Ἐπιφάνιος) and Johanna (Ἰωάννα) according to some accounts and Theophanes (Θεοφάνης) and Nonna (Νόννα) according to others. He was very religious from an early age and according to legend, Nicholas was said to have rigorously observed the canonical fasts of Wednesdays and Fridays. His wealthy parents died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young and he was raised by his uncle—also named Nicholas—who was the bishop of Patara. He tonsured the young Nicholas as a reader and later ordained him a presbyter (priest).
In the year AD 305, several monks from Anatolia in Asia Minor came to the Holy Land to Beit Jala, Judea and established a small monastery with a church named in honor of the Great Martyr George (Saint George). This was before St. Sava’s Monastery was founded in the desert east of Bethlehem on the Kidron Gorge near the Dead Sea. These monks lived on the mountain overlooking Bethlehem in a few caves. In the years 312-315, St. Nicholas lived there and came as a pilgrim to visit the Holy Sepulchre, Golgotha,Bethlehem, and many other sites in the Holy Land. The Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church is located on the site of his cave in Beit Jala where today there are innumerable stories about Nicholas still handed down from generation to generation. A text written in his own hand is still in the care of the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem. It was in his prayers that St. Nicholas heard the Holy Spirit call him back to Asia Minor, to Myra, where soon after his return in 317 he was consecrated bishop.
In 325, he was one of many bishops to answer the request of Constantine and appear at the First Council of Nicaea. There, Nicholas was a staunch anti-Arian, defender of the Orthodox Christian position, and one of the bishops who signed the Nicene Creed.Tradition has it that he became so angry with the heretic Arius during the Council that he struck him in the face. Unfortunately this means Nicholas was one of the handful of fanatics that deleted all the Gospels of the Bible that did not fit into the ultra conservative agenda he had, this is why the Bible that came out of Europe is younger and more INCOMPLETE (in some ways quite fraudulent as a matter of fact) than the older and more COMPLETE Bible in the Orthodox Christian Church in Ethiopia....if you want to truly see what a non-edited Bible looks like - get a copy of THAT!  Especially the Gospel of Thomas where Jesus specifically said "God needs no human intermediaries - everyone is to pray direct to God not via any mortal man claiming to represent him'...and in which Jesus also said "God does NOT dwell in the constructions of men's hands - he is naturally present in his creation only, in us and around us in nature - not in any human built 'place of worship'...kind of OBVIOUS why men who created religions that are run by men who all 'claim' to be representing God on Earth and who convince the followers they created their religions to CONTROL - that they must attend their 'religion's places or worship' in order to 'save their souls' ...would want to exclude the sayings of Jesus that TOTALLY INVALIDATE what they are brainwashing you to believe.....still doubt me? Go find ONE place in the 4 Gospels they ALLOWED you to know - where Jesus HIMSELF says to go to any building once or more times a week to pray....you shall NEVER find it because he NEVER SAID SO! Because it is a damned lie they want you to believe and follow without question (for 'religions' are more about 'your OBEDIENCE to their CONTROL than anything else). BUT this does NOT mean there are not people who do good deeds (like Nicholas) inside these organised religions...for there are good & bad humans EVERYWHERE.     

While yet a young man, Nicholas followed the example of his uncle, the abbot, by making a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Christianity—the Holy Land. Desiring a serene time of preparation, Nicholas set sail on an Egyptian ship where the other pilgrims did not know who he was. The first night he dreamed a storm would put them all at peril. When he awoke in the morning he warned the sailors that a severe storm was coming, but they need not fear, for "God will protect us." Almost immediately the sky darkened and strong winds roared round the ship. The wind and waves made it impossible to keep the ship under control. Even with lowered sails, the sailors feared for their very lives and begged Nicholas to pray for safety. One sailor climbed the main mast, tightening the ropes so the mast would not crash onto the deck. As he was coming back down, the sailor slipped, fell to the deck, and was (presumed by the crew to have been) killed. While Nicholas prayed, the storm did quiet, relieving the sailors. Their comfort, however, was dampened by grief over their comrade's (seeming) death. As Nicholas prayed over the (presumed) dead sailor, he was revived, "as if he had only been asleep." (logically because he had only been knocked unconscious - so literally was 'asleep' basically). The man awakened without pain and the ship finished the journey to the Holy Land. Nicholas then embarked on his pilgrimage to the holy places, walking where Jesus had walked.
One night while staying with a family in Jerusalem, he wanted to pray at the only church remaining in Jerusalem at that time. It was the Church of the Room of the Last Supper on Mount Zion. As he approached the heavy, locked doors, they swung open of their own accord, allowing him to enter the church. Nicholas fell to the ground in thanksgiving (not doubting this might have occurred - but such signs would have convinced Nicholas that his beliefs were 'right'...and therefore the beliefs of others must be 'wrong'....it is hard for Ego to NOT influence ones persona - yes even for a 'Saint'..for he was still after all a mortal man with emotions and a sense of often inflated self-worth like all of us.
In his most famous exploit, Nicholas aided a poor man who had three daughters, but could not afford a proper dowry for them. This meant that they would remain unmarried and probably, in absence of any other possible employment, would have to become prostitutes. Even if they did not, unmarried maidens in those days would have been assumed as being a prostitute. Hearing of the girls' plight, Nicholas decided to help them, but being too modest to help the family in public (or to save them the humiliation of accepting charity), he went to the house under the cover of night and threw three purses (one for each daughter) filled with gold coins through the window opening into the house.
One version has him throwing one purse for three consecutive nights. Another has him throwing the purses over a period of three years, each time the night before one of the daughters comes of age. Invariably, the third time the father lies in wait, trying to discover the identity of their benefactor. In one version the father confronts the saint, only to have Nicholas say it is not him he should thank, but God alone. In another version, Nicholas learns of the poor man's plan and drops the third bag down the chimney instead; a variant holds that the daughter had washed her stockings that evening and hung them over the embers to dry, and that the bag of gold fell into the stocking (so you see where the idea of 'gifts in stockings came from).

Nicolas had a reputation for secret gift-giving, such as putting coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him, a practice celebrated on his feast day (6 December in the Gregorian calendar, in Western Christianity; 19 December in the Julian calendar, in Eastern Christianity);[38] and thus became the much distorted model for Santa Claus (that did not begin until 1100 years after his death), whose modern name comes from the Dutch Sinterklaas, itself from a series of elisions and corruptions of the transliteration of "Saint Nikolaos".


So there you have it, there WAS a REAL Saint Nicholas who DID earn a reputation for giving gifts to the POOR, but he was a brown skinned middle-eastern short slim man with black or brown hair, NOT some fat old Nordic or Central European white guy with an over-abundance of grey hair who wore a red suit (like some kind of a clown), who had 'magical flying reindeer' (not even one ordinary reindeer that merely walked!) or lived with a bunch of midgets who made presents all year long...why is is so hard to tell your child a SIMPLE TRUTH? You claim to be followers of Jesus the Christ - yet Jesus abhorred LIES more than anything else, the entire modern day 'Santa Claus' story is a LIE reinforced by LIES and kept on life support by LIES....it is just too much for a spiritually awake - or awakening - person to entertain any longer.
Look around you, there are FEW (if any) left in the world today who think of helping anyone in poverty on this day (if you see it as a day to honor Nicholas) or more importantly for so-called 'Christians' who are supposed to be honoring Jesus on this day (even though the truth is he could NEVER have been born on December 25th in Israel, for no Shepherd has flocks outdoors after October as it is too cold, the Catholic Church merely changed the name of the old Roman Empire's day of worshiping 'Dies Natalis de Sol Invictus' the 'Birthday of the unconquerable Sun' on December 25th...the day was supposed to be a holiday from all forms of work (as it remains to this day in most of the 'Christian' world).  
To the (incorrect) birth of Jesus....  that one Church service you attend plays second fiddle to the 'Santa Claus' crap that reigns supreme in your homes and in your children's distorted imaginations on this day; and you enjoy the materialism and spiritual mediocrity so much - that even you look forward to ONE thing more than all else on this day = PRESENTS BOUGHT WITH MONEY.....you REFUSE to accept that what you are doing in wrong in the eyes of all that is RIGHT.....and you wonder why we shake our head when missionaries from a culture of people like you - come to us uninvited and tell us they have 'come to teach US about 'spirituality' ...it is YOU who need to learn about true spirituality from US!   
Far better for you to HONESTLY teach your children that you wish to honor the memory of a good man 'Nicholas of Turkey' by finding poor people in need and giving THEM presents on this day (since it is NOT the real birth-date of Jesus anyway) and do THAT only instead.....and if you do have feasts of food for friends and loved ones - share some of that food with a needy person as well, and thank the Creator for the blessings you are enjoying in your lives that many others should be but are not. 
My 8 year old daughter (my youngest child) asked me last night if Santa was real? So I told her very truthfully "Saint Nicholas WAS a real man who lived long long ago - and he really did give poor people in need gifts to help them - so we should follow his example and do the same because it was a good thing to do, Santa Clause is just a fake name of a fake image other people created about Saint Nicholas long after he died".  

Sunday, 20 December 2015


                           Europeans with Amerindian slaves in the Americas above & below pics

EXCELLENT POINT this whole 'Reparations' issue, you can nit-pick who is to 'get what'....does a mulatto get half what an unmixed African descendant gets? Or a 10% white black man get - a 10% discounted share? And other smaller issues like that...but the FACT remains that the SLAVE OWNERS WERE COMPENSATED so why the HELL do you think the SLAVE DESCENDANTS don't deserve to be compensated also?
Who suffered more? Who got RICHEST off of it - because the African tribal kingdoms that participated in it by selling their captured tribal enemies did not do as well as Europe obviously - for most of them are long gone into the dustbin of history....but the same European Colonial Political Nation-State Powers (United Kingdom, France, Netherlands etc.) STILL EXIST...so therefore they are still legally accountable....unless you know little to nothing of INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW.
You may ALSO want to look into the Jewish slave ship OWNERS (they did not Captain the ships - just owned them and took a cut of the profits) who ALSO got rich off of the commerce in slaves (though their involvement seems to be some kind of 'big secret no-one wants to mention')....many of their descendants are STILL running businesses (a few Big Banks today in fact) that can trace back to their involvement in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade - so sue them for reparation as well! Germany had to compensate the Holocaust survivors - so what is good for the Goose is also good for the Gander.
Rethink your ANTI-REPARATIONS position very carefully...it might come from a place of your own deep-seated racism or result of the perfect 'uncle Tom brainwashing' you received all your formative years.....
Before I go - let me ALSO remind you that BEFORE the African slave trade in the Americas - the Amerindian slave trade in the Americas ruled supreme for over 100 years! Many East Coast USA tribes including Wampanoag, Yamasee, Pequots, Susquehannock, Westo, Stono, Kusso, (even as far west as Utes), Central America tribes and South America tribes (Lokonos especially) and Caribbean Tribes (Tainos by Spaniards & Kalinagos especially by Englishmen & Frenchmen) ended up being captured in war (or just plain kidnapped on slaving raids) with Englishmen and Spaniards and being sold into slavery in the Caribbean.....the island of Barbados was as a matter of fact so INFAMOUS for being a hub of the Amerindian slave trade that the Spanish had a saying 'to be Barbadoed' which meant to be sold into Amerindian slavery....so I urge my African brothers and sisters NOT to imagine that they suffered only or the worst from the European slave trade....for over 100 million Amerindians lost their lives cruelly from Slavery & European diseases they had no immunities to) in those 100 years alone.

Watch this very short but to the point video:

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This interview above with famous filmmaker John Hepburn is NOT one of the ones that disappeared I refer to in the text below.
I was at the COP21 negotiations in Paris (my presence was from December 2nd to December 9th 2015), I was there from the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO), an International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) affiliate - and a delegate of the Latin America and Caribbean Indigenous Caucus.
Some of the interviews I did in Paris that were the most pointedly specific in calling out who was behind the failure of the dishonest charade which was the COP 21...were NEVER USED...
I see other interviews these news entities did with folks before me and after me being used, but mysteriously my interviews seem to have disappeared ....interviews in which I said that our political 'world leaders' are in fact merely the political front men and women of the CORPORATOCRACY which is itself another front for the BANKSTER CARTELS who are the REAL power on the face of the Earth today.....and I further stated that the only 'human rights' these avaricious bastards consider is the 'right of their shareholders to turn a financial profit'....the lives of anyone below that Socio-economic threshold does not matter to them.
So the COP 21 was never meant to achieve any real global paradigm shift to a world of Climate change mitigation solutions, just an exercise for the governments of most Nation-States to APPEAR to be trying to do something meritorious for global public consumption for the masses of average world citizens who were NOT there to see the REAL deception in action, where your 'trusted' government delegations said one thing in public to their accomplice media, and then DID the complete opposite behind closed doors....this is not conjecture my friends, we had two brave indigenous female colleagues who sneaked into these meetings secretly and recorded evidence of the global deception underway.
It has everything to do with increasing wealth, power and control for the elites behind a 'touchy-feely' PR Gold smokescreen and little to nothing to do with saving Mother Earth for future generations.
They also want the public to be able to harmlessly vent their anger, meanwhile they sit back and watch our protests on THEIR TV news channels .....smiling and sipping Champagne and eating caviar ....quite smug and confident in their ability to shrug off any and all such 'localized pockets of manifested ideological resistance'....like a fat hippopotamus ignores a mosquito.
So do ME a favor my friends, and share THIS post, because they obviously did not want me to say this to you using their channels.....but the truth cannot be hidden forever.

As you can see...and as I have stated myself....it is NOT the 'great success' dominant media is trying to fool you into believing......as the old saying goes...the proof is in the pudding...it might look great...BUT IT MIGHT TASTE LIKE CRAP!

See video here:

We indigenous never waste an opportunity to make progress in terms of making bridges of solidarity among ourselves despite officialdom...but as a whole - on the bigger Global picture, we ALSO do not think COP 21 was the 'great success for humanity' the media is fooling you into believing either.

The ONE thing no media is highlighting is the EXCLUSION of most Indigenous content in the final document: