Tuesday, 17 November 2015


The Grey area (literally & figuratively) is 'ISIL/ISIS' territory

Each Tomahawk Cruise missile costs US$1.1 million
Each Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) 'Smart bomb' costs US$720,000
Each hour that a B-2 Stealth Bomber flies is costs US$55,000. and it takes a 36 hour round-trip from Whiteman Air Force Base to Syria so each time a BS flies to Syria to bomb ISIL it costs US$2 Million.
Each hour a KC-135 Aerial Refueling Tanker is in the air it costs US$11,000
Each hour a Fighter bomber jet is in the air it costs US$10,000
Just to name a few of the popular costs getting paid as long as the war continues...you can do the basic math and see how profitable war is for the folks who make a living off it.....every day these air bombings have been ongoing for over 15 months....and your tax dollars make it possible, and end up in the pockets of cold-blooded 'businessmen'.

SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN DENMARK! (the old saying goes....)

France claimed to have struck 100 ISIL/ISIS targets yesterday......are you asking yourself 'How is it possible that the USA (and other coalition forces) has been flying DAILY airstrikes on ISIS/ISIL targets for OVER A YEAR (15 months to be exact) and have so far ALLEGEDLY hit over 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND) ISIL/ISIS targets (and not with cheap bullets that only cost a few dollars either).......for a force the CIA itself says has at best 31,000 fighters - HOW IS IT THAT FRANCE (or anyone) CAN STILL FIND 100 ISIL/ISIS targets to hit in one day?
Just to put it into context there were not even 50,000 targets for Air Strikes in ALL of Afghanistan & Iraq during their invasions by the USA nor in Libya when the coaltion was bombing them as well...yet ISIL somehow has more numerous targets for Air Strikes that those 3 countries combined!
What exactly are they targeting to the tune of 50,000 strikes? Sand dunes?

Do you know there is NO way you or I (or even an official Congressional Investigation - like the ones that cannot even account for missing BILLIONS from the Pentagon tax-payer financed budget annually) can verify that these 'over 50,000 strikes' EVER actually occurred? Just because the news media reads from a press release given to them by the Pentagon - you believe 'it must be true'? Are you THAT big of an ass? How many times must the Pentagon (and other arms of the governmental octopus) have to be caught in a lie - and the complacent mass media get exposed for aiding & abetting the deceit 'from on high' - before you wake up and smell the bullshit?

I am sure the Defence contractors are getting huge tax-payer financed orders to 'replace' all these thousands of missiles being used in 'the war on terror' and that is quite pleasing to their many shareholders (which include prominent politicians and their friends....or do you forget Cheney and pals were the biggest shareholders in Haliburton - the same Defence contractor that got paid BILLIONS for services rendered in 'rebuilding Iraq' that they made other billions helping to destroy as well when buddy G.W Bush invaded it....talk about a win-win situation!).

Lastly - are ANY of you personally following up on the MANY complaints by Irag AND Afghanistan government officials that they have proof that the coalition forces are not bombing but instead are AIR-DROPPING supplies into ISIl/ISIL controlled areas - that are then collected by these 'terrorists'.
Oh Damon - why would the USA and others be helping ISIL/ISIS when these terrorists are 'clearly' attacking western targets you exclaim.....well because the OLDEST and most foolproof CON in the global political CON-GAME is to 'create a problem - then offer the solution (that you want) to a public willing to accept ANYTHING in the hope that the problem can & will be solved.

How swiftly hundreds of pages of new emergency measures (that give the rulers of the society more powers) get produced just hours after a major 'incident'...did you notice that? As if they were already prepared well in advance of the convenient excuse...But these same 'concerned politicians' will take months to YEARS to draft any legislation that will benefit the average citizen in day to day life. It might be a stretch for you to think the powers that be are themselves orchestrating these events.....but it IS a know historical fact that the powers that be will allow a civilian tragedy to unfold in order to achieve what they consider to be a 'greater' political agenda.....or are you not aware that one of the most 'concerned' political leaders in history - Winston Churchill KNEW that the bombings of London by the Nazis were about to happen (as British Intelligence had cracked the Nazi code for that operation)...but the 'great' British Prime Minister LET hundreds of men, women & children DIE because he did not want the Nazis to know that they had cracked their code....so your relatives (and mine) had to suffer the terrorist attack of Nazi planes bombing their homes in London because a politician considered these innocent civilians to be an 'acceptable sacrifice'.

Take a critical look at just who benefits from these terrorist attacks:
#1 - The political rulers get the golden opportunity to concentrate more power in the hands of a select few in a way the populace would never normally agree to (but now they practically BEG them to do so - to 'protect' them).
#2 - The military industrial complex gets vast sums of new profit$ as orders for their wares increase exponentially with every significant increase in violence at home and abroad.
#3 - The Jihadists will get MORE revenge-seeking recruits to do even MORE acts of terrorism when the scenes of 'fellow Muslims' killed by 'Infidel' retaliation get broadcast in the Muslim world's media. You think they care about how many innocent Muslims will die as a result of their actions? You forget these are violent psychopaths who's MAIN aim in life is to usher in the end of days - the great and final carnage between 'believers' and 'non-believers' so their prophet can return in triumph and glory (as their holy books tell them) - so anything that contributes to that is 'the will of God' in their demented minds.

It is only YOU and I dear reader, the average person who wants nothing more than to live a happy peaceful life with friends and family, that are the ones who suffer the most...not these 3 categories of soulless bastards I mentioned above ...we are merely 'useless eaters' and 'pawns' in the great game they have always - and will always play out - in the unsuspecting & trustingly naive sea of humanity.

American General Wesley Clark exposes the TRUTH on Democracy now!

Ever wonder why ISIS/ISIL never attacks Israel even though it is supposed to be an Islamic Jihadist group - and no-one is supposedly more hated than Israel by Islamic Jihadists. 

Ex-Al Qaeda leader reveals the truth western media will NEVER tell you:

FINALLY a western journalist speaks a VERY inconvenient truth:

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