Thursday, 19 November 2015


We live in an age of 'Pinocchio Journalism' As my friend Ardaga Widor in Brazil said)....what does that mean? It means they LIE their asses off morning-noon-and-night (because it is their job to do as instructed by their employers).......count yourself lucky if & when you do actually get some truth out of them....still we don't use our own innate gift of logic and common sense to apply it to what we are being told...for if we did so - we would see through the lies immediately.

Just for example:

We were ALL told for a 'fact' that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons of mass destruction and had to be invaded and deposed to protect 'the civilized world'......we were NOT told that the non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction he had (chemical & biological) were SOLD to him legally by the 'civilized world countries' of the USA, UK and France during the time that he was their 'great ally against Iran' - before they did not need him anymore and began to tell us that he was the devil incarnate. No nuclear weapons of mass destruction have EVER been found in Iraq either (despite CIA 'evidence' shown to Congress & the UN) - just for the record.
Many other lies followed...including the justification for bombing 'weapons of mass destruction facilities' in Iraq and Sudan - which were proven to really be only powdered milk producing factories - which could have helped save the estimated over 100 THOUSAND infants that the invasion caused the deaths of - because they 'strategically 'smart' bombed' ALL the electricity, water pumping stations, Sewerage & sanitation facilities and many hospitals (and other non-military targets - but vital civilian infrastructure facilities) into oblivion, and that coupled with no baby milk put the nails into the coffins of all those infants.
Yet, many of us are so callous and IGNORANT that we think 'it was all worth it to get rid of one evil man and his two evil sons'.......the Red Cross estimates up to ONE MILLION Iraqis died as a result of the American invasion....are you such a racist that you think eliminating 3 wicked men were worth the lives of 1 million others who feared them?

We were ALL told for a 'fact' that Manuel Noriega of Panama was an 'evil cocaine trafficking tyrant' that had to be invaded and overthrown to protect 'the civilized world'..... but we were NOT told that Panamanian workers at the US military bases in Panama testified (and I personally met a few of them) that cocaine was shipping into & out of Panama at those same American military bases on unmarked military aircraft BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Noriega's rule (how do you think the CIA and others get untraceable Billions to finance their covert operations around the world free of any risk of Congressional oversight? It is the 'unimportant' lower levels of society that suffer the most from cheap Cocaine 'crack' addictions...not the 'important' upper classes...and more crime among the 'bottom feeders' means more target practice for law enforcement and more SALES of weapons & munitions to Law enforcement, more fear in society, and more powers to be concentrated in ever fewer hands of the elites who RULE those societies...why is this all so hard for you to understand?) .....Noriega's mistake was thinking he could blackmail the REAL powers that be in this world and earn millions for himself in exchange for 'keeping quiet'.....they just got rid of him and installed a more obedient political actor as President instead who agreed to stay quite for free (he was a wealthy businessman already) - as long as he got the political power he craved (which he did, and used to increase his business empire in Panama).

In the last Paris terror attack we were told by the mainstream media that 'they were NOT going to show the footage of the Policeman being slain because it was too gruesome' ...yet look at it yourself below here - not a single drop of blood is seen, and you instead see the AK-47 bullets bouncing harmlessly off the pavement a few feet away from the Policeman laying on the ground.....yes - VERY gruesome indeed!
And once again - as in 9/11 and quite a few terror attacks since, we very 'conveniently' find intact passports that make 'positive ID of the suspects' possible...which we accept as 'proof' without question.....I never heard of anyone who goes to commit a criminal act - that carries their passport on them (which they then 'drop' at the scene of the crime) you?

Also, in the case of this one NOT murdered policeman from the Charlie Hebdo attack, you may be saying to yourself 'but we saw his funeral so how can they fake his death - wouldn't he still be around to be seen by everyone - especially his family - that he is still alive?"...come on now, you can't be THAT naive..the man has ALREADY sworn loyalty to the state by being a Police Officer, and have you never heard of the 'witness protection program'? The SAME way they can fake the funerals and change the names, sometimes even change the looks via plastic surgery, and relocate a civilian who is providing valuable service to the state in their own country - or any other country - with a COMPLETELY new identity from birth certificate to passport (and you are forbidden from any contact with anyone from your previous real life) hard do you think it would be to do the same for this man who ALREADY works for them?

Just to be very CLEAR, I am NOT saying the 129+ people did NOT die in the terror attack of last week Friday November 13th....but I AM saying that we are NOT being told the ENTIRE TRUTH of ALL who are responsible for their deaths (and this INCLUDES non-Muslims in high positions of power IN our so-called 'civilized western countries'). When a mercenary kills - the one who financed him is JUST as guilty....follow the money trail and see that it leads OUT of Syria and into the West.
The Witness Protection Program

Tony Benn speech in the British Parliament revealing the TRUTH of Western HYPOCRISY

Best fake execution ever!

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