Saturday, 14 November 2015


Listen, we have to face the UGLY new REALITY of the world we live in TODAY....because we shall enter an immediate future filled with ever more eruptions of violence and hatred than of love.
It is time to think DEFENSIVELY and lay to rest all the naive wishful thinking about 'Gun bans'......because the ONLY thing that is going to happen when you make it impossible for law abiding citizens to obtain guns to protect themselves and their families - is you will make the work of the violent criminals & terrorists (both IN and OUTSIDE of the Government) EASIER.
Stop in your cum-bi-ya tracks for a minute, do you honestly think that a civilian gun ban will make ISIS/ISIL (or your local criminal element) suddenly STOP killing innocent people like you? No gun ban can ever or will ever take the guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists.....Cocaine has been a banned substance for DECADES - has it stopped the Cocaine dealers from having all the Cocaine AND guns you can imagine for themselves and any other person wishing to buy from them? NO IT HAS NOT!
You will be 'a rabid anti-gun liberal' until YOU or YOUR FAMILY becomes the victim of a heinous violent crime that could have been prevented IF you or one of your family members had a gun on them at the time you were attacked and knew how to use it properly. I have seen with my own eyes many an 'I hate guns' devotee - RUN to a gun owner for protection in a time of crisis.....and I feel like telling them 'don't you feel like the biggest ASS now?"
From the native side - the tribes who acquired guns and used them to defend themselves against non-native attackers who were using guns on them are still alive today (the Great Lakota Nation that defeated the American 7th Calvary with guns is actually MORE numerous today than it ever was), the remains of tribes who refused to defend themselves can be found in Museums and can be read about in the past tense because for the most part they are EXTINCT today! Do you get the point now?
You love to hear your political idols spew anti-gun rhetoric, and you conveniently do NOT notice that ALL OF THEM AND ALL OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS ARE PROTECTED BY PEOPLE USING GUNS!
Stop with your wishy-washy 'they should ban all guns' talk, it is pointless because it will NEVER happen, the only thing that might happen is all law abiding citizens get banned from owning guns - but all the terrorists and criminals will still have them ! (and this includes the terrorists and criminals IN the governments that RULE over us as well)......Hitler banned all law abiding German citizens from owning guns too, only Nazis were allowed to have guns......maybe you have a vague idea of how that turned out for many peaceful people in German society.....I certainly do.
I agree that gun ownership is a serious responsibility so not anyone and everyone should get one, any idiot cannot obtain a license to drive a car (legally) just because they are a certain, there is an official test to see if you are capable first, so I support tests (including of Police & Soldiers) of a persons mental health (heck throw in lie detector tests too), any normal person should be allowed to buy and own a gun, but if your have mental problems (anger issues, severe depression etc.) you should be disqualified from gun ownership.
Even in tribes we know who in our community is not to be allowed guns and who is responsible enough to have them so we regulate ourselves.
I know of native communities bristling with guns of all kinds, but no-one in the community ever uses those guns on each other, so clearly the guns are not the is the kind of person who uses it that is the problem.
There are SEVERAL MILLION LEGAL GUN OWNERS in the USA, you can point your wagging finger at what - a few dozen freaks in the USA who mass murdered with guns? Do you know ANYTHING at all about 'statistics' you know that you are using a statistic of far LESS than 1 percent to demonize the other OVER 99% as 'Gun freaks'! Then you want to consider yourself to be an 'open-minded' and 'fair' person.......tell me another joke please.
You see a gun is just a tool, a gun is no more of the source of the problem than a knife....I can run into a primary school with ONE knife and kill more people than if I went into that school with one loaded gun, even if it was a machine gun...the bullets will run out but the knife can keep killing in my hand as long as I have the strength to slit the throats, slice the main arteries or stab into the hearts of others. You forget that the greatest single day butcheries of human beings in the Americas all occurred with European SWORDS on native peoples....gun massacres in the Americas since have not even come close to the 20,000 Taino-Arawaks slaughtered in one day by Columbus and his men....and there are literally hundreds of other single event massacres by swords in North, Central & South America as well...gun crimes against us killed far less of us than the simple sword did.
I will ensure my wife and my sons and my daughters (for females suffer and die just as much as males in war) - and as many other natives in my tribe and every other tribe I visit - know how to use guns properly, because unlike most, I have foreseen the future that is coming, and in it those who do not have this essential skill suffer and die on an unimaginable scale.
No truer statement was there than the one that says "For there is a time for peace, and a time for war". It is the nature of the human society driven world we live in.....learn to adapt and survive in it.

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