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The future look in our 'paradise' whether we want to believe it or not

Yes, among others that are key players in the Global Human Drama, the Pope himself said that we are ALREADY in the beginning phase of World War 3....other 'lesser mortals' like myself have been saying that for a few years now but never-mind..... the topic today is how VULNERABLE the Caribbean is for TERRORISM, any honest person knows we are among the softest of 'soft targets'...and we depend (regionally speaking - for the most part) on tourism, which is VERY susceptible to SUDDEN COLLAPSE in the face of any great act of terrorism occurring.

Some have read the article below and have fallen back into 'the USA and UK will come to our rescue' frame of thinking.....not realizing that any response from either will come AFTER the dastardly deed - and global PR damage is already done.......and furthermore, once it begins - IT WILL NOT END AFTER JUST THE FIRST BLOOD IS DRAWN.

The USA and UK are nowhere near as 'mighty' as they once were, and are becoming increasingly overstretched and bogged down with wars abroad AND serious security concerns in their OWN come flying like our protective fairy godmother to wave a magic wand 'and make all right again'.
Also take into consideration that this War on Terror' literally has no logical conclusion to it...'terror' is not a tangible thing like 'dandruff' (just for example) - yet we have been waging a 'war on dandruff' for decades...have we ended it yet? No, and 'terror' is as intangible as 'poverty' - and we have been waging a 'war on poverty' for CENTURIES! Do you see ANY sign that we are winning that either? Come on folks, don't let yourselves become as the Americans say a 'dumb-ass'...for a war on 'terror' is JUST AS UNWINNABLE. Terrorists will be killing us - and we will be killing them, for centuries to come....the sad thing is.....most people alive today are so ignorant of history that they actually think 'terrorism' is a modern phenomenon.....forgive them for they are now an illiterate horde of consumerists that do not realize that man has been the perpetrator & victim of 'acts of terrorism' from the BEGINNING of recorded history - to the present day.....The ONLY thing that has changed was the way in which the terrorism was conducted.

Let me get back to the Caribbean and give you some scenarios that CANNOT be prevented:

A terrorist enters a Caribbean country posing as a tourist, whether they already have 'sympathizers' in their 'own community' in the society of that country or not is irrelevant, money talks - and the criminal underworld in EVERY country can supply you with AK-47's, ammunition, grenades, dynamite etc. as long as you have the money to pay.
This terrorist posing as a tourist does NOT need to take the risk of trying to bring weapons into the country with him, why take unnecessary risks when you can just buy what you need here already? The fake tourist/terrorist does not need to bring over US$10,000 in cash either, that draws attention to you as well - because you are supposed to declare it, money can be sent to him/her in less attention grabbing amounts by Moneygramm or Western Union, or he can simply use a credit card to take off the amount of cash he/she needs at ATM's every day (the maximum daily limit) while in the country posing as a tourist for the 1-2 weeks that is the norm, his/her hotel stay can be paid and confirmed before think our immigration is going to turn away someone who has pre-paid an expensive two week hotel stay in our country if his passport looks legit?
That two weeks gives you ample time to case AND photograph potential 'best targets' and purchase the 'tools' you need to do what you came to do.
Another option is to have yourself smuggled into our islands (with NO id whatsoever) by boat under the cover of darkness, our coastlines are IMPOSSIBLE to completely monitor 24/7....just like how the drug shipments WITH weapons (and sometimes hired killers to settle scores with delinquent dealers) are ALREADY coming in to our countries almost every night.

Let us look at soft targets in our own island of Barbados (similar exist in EVERY island state in the Caribbean):

Pick a day & time when the airport has large crowds of North Americans or Europeans like when the transfers of Cruise ship passengers occurs, or the twice daily crowd at the AA check in counter (a couple observational drive by's or remote viewing with binoculars from a suitable wide open field vantage point (as you and your accomplice stop to photograph the scenery or pretend to be reading your local map while reading the airport scene behind the map instead, or a simple one stop 'fishing for info' conversation with an airport worker can elicit the info you want such as "wow this airport must never have crowds?" - "No man you got to see here on a Wednesday at lunchtime, dem cruise ship passengers does have de airport packed!" - thanks for telling me what I want to know stupid...(or if a local sympathizer has not supplied you with the EASILY obtained info already before you even arrived).
The terrorists straps on his bomb vest or his explosive-filled back-pack and simply parks his hired car in the airport parking lot - then calmly strolls up to the crowd and wades into it - then detonates himself....utter carnage results.
(This can easily be done at Miami International airport as well, I was in a huge crowd there when a non-travelling locally resident 'middle-eastern-looking' friend came up to me and handed me a box containing a PS device for my kids, no security was present at any time between him parking his car and walking to the crowded slow moving security lines where he handed me the device, it could just have easily been a bomb, and I could have slaughtered hundreds as we were packed close together like sardines in snaking lines that left no room for error---if killing as many people as I wanted to was my goal.

Pick a day when the MOST cruise ships are docked, there is a time when the gates open to allow the snaking crowds of thousands to walk out of the port into waiting taxis or to walk all the way to the city if they want, how hard would it be for a determined terrorist who was trained to use firearms, from killing the mediocre security at the gate and rush in spraying the crowd of tourists with automatic gunfire or tossing dynamite or grenades into cowering crowds of them herded into various dead end areas inside the port.

OUR STADIUMS (and this can occur everywhere)
A terrorist does not even need to get passed the gate, just spraying gunfire and detonating a few explosives at the gate will be enough to cause the huge crowd inside to panic and try to flee for their lives - and thereby kill MORE people via stampede than they could with the bullets or bombs they have...but in our case they WOULD be able to overcome the mediocre gate security AND get to butcher many inside the stadium as well as the frightened masses will be concentrating themselves on the opposite side of the stadium from the side being attacked - and therefore make a better target for automatic gunfire (likely to kill more than one with each bullet).

It will be harder to board a Cruise ship once it is out to sea, requiring more planning and logistics to get yourself on board, much easier to plant your operatives on the inside as employees, a tactic well known to determined terrorists - and the Cruise industry is ALWAYS hiring people (even offered me a job as Assistant purser once - a job which would have left me to deal with passports etc.), they cannot do perfect background checks on everyone, many can slip through the screening process and get jobs on board (heck we know of serial killers who prowl the Cruise industry posing as passengers - who prey on real passengers - without getting caught, so what about this scenario?), an inside man/woman or several of them, will know the inner workings of the ship over a short period of time , the location of the on board armory where the ship security detail keeps its stockpile, the number of people who are in the ships security detail, maybe even the cabins where each of them sleep.
You can make explosives from combining common everyday items that are in every kitchen (and the cruise ship kitchen has it all), this info is free online as I type, the 'mole' staff does not need to smuggle guns aboard - though THAT can be arranged as well....just depends on how much money is 'invested' in this operation, as a helicopter can approach the ship in the night under the radar and in less time than the security detail can collect the heavy weapons from the armory and rush to the upper decks - terrorist commandos can rappel down onto the ship and begin to take over it and slaughter the 3-5,000 trapped guests on board who have no-where to run but jump into the sea...which will kill most of them anyway. They don't have to own the helicopter, just pretend to hire it and force him at gunpoint - with guns you purchased from the local criminal underworld - to do as you require, many islands have helicopter for hire services, and these are islands that cruise ship tend to dock at or at the very least pass frequently. Not as hard to orchestrate as you think.

So I have just given you FOUR simple scenarios for trained terrorists to accomplish, and there is NOTHING we can do (without taking on the appearance and feel of a paranoid police state - which is the OPPOSITE of the 'laid back cool & relaxing' image we want to project to the tourism world we depend on - so we will NOT do it) to stop any of these scenarios from becoming possible one day.

Another thing all of you fail to bear in mind is this, NOTHING IS FOR FREE, I won't say IF - I will TELL you WHEN - this war on terrorism intensifies, do NOT think that the USA or UK (IF they are able or willing to) will defend us for nothing.....we will either have to surrender our sovereignty for a quasi occupation for our own protection (never-mind that the increased presence of USA and UK troops on our soil will actually make us even more attractive targets for present day terrorists who are obsessed with killing Americans and Europeans) ...OR we will have to share our burden of defending ourselves - and send OUR fighting age children to join THEIR war effort (as beggars can't be choosers - you can't expect young Americans or Brits to die defending OUR asses while we go about our normal lives)....or are you that short-sighted? No fool....YOUR children and mine are going to be drafted to 'join the war effort' and become cannon fodder as much as the children of the 'less important socio-economic classes' of Europe and America will be as well....because unless they expressly want to - NO child of the upper class is going to be sent to the front lines anywhere, they have legal loopholes and excuses (if not the right contacts - or the ability to purchase them) to ensure that they will NOT be in harms way like you, and I and OUR children will be.

So while you clamor for 'Uncle Sam and the Queen' to come to our aware that IF it comes - it will come at a price...a price you might not be able to afford if you are unwilling to bury your own children.

All for your information and guidance

Damon Gerard Corrie
22nd November 2015

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