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                                         YOU CAN BE MODERN YET TRADITIONAL
Our happy traditional gender-role allocated family, a father who married their mother when I was 19 and she was 17 - and who together have been married for 23 years since then, with our eldest child (son) Hatuey 22, second child (son) Tecumseh 20, third child (daughter) Sabantho Aderi (17), and fourth child (daughter) Laliwa Hadali (9).  

In my family the tradition of gender roles continues into the 21st century ....but NOT the perverse way of some patriarchal urban societies.....for example I know of men who see no wrong with their pregnant wives being down on their knees scrubbing floors in the home (if YOU as a man cannot afford to PAY some other male to scrub your floors DO IT YOUR DAMNED SELF!) is NOT a woman's place to be scrubbing ANY floors...unless she truly wants to do so.
I saw a middle aged mother washing the car while her teen-aged son relaxed is NOT a woman's place to be washing ANY man's car.
I know of fathers who make their daughters do yard work including picking up garbage and even dog excrement DISRESPECT your daughters dignity by making her do such filthy work - she will be bringing life into this world as a MOTHER one day, would you like your mother to pick up dog shit? .... that kind of work is for MALES to do only.
Planting crops or just ornamental plants is different, that is OK for anyone to do, it is dealing with LIFE not filth.
In the tribe digging graves is also EXCLUSIVELY males work, because it is BENEATH THE DIGNITY of a woman - who has the gift of bringing life INTO the world - to be involved with taking life's residue out of this world....this is why in war NO woman is 'expected' to fight....we expect our women to survive so that our children will survive and continue our genetic existence....but if a woman wants to fight - she is welcomed among the men as an equal.
Everyone catches fish...but no woman of our tribe hunts animals, that is dirty work (taking life) and therefore reserved for males only.
A man who is beaten by a woman is scorned for having no honor - as is a man who beats a woman scorned for having no honor, both are despised (people with honor do not beat each other).....if you cannot live civilized with each other and limit yourselves to verbal sparring only (and even your language must be civilized and not obscene) should go your separate ways, neither of you 'owns' the other, you are two different halves of a perfect whole (or you SHOULD be)...and there is always someone else out there you can find, the tribe does not need any broken or severely dysfunctional families as they only create more problems for the people.
No man should expect that 'his woman' HAS to iron his clothes, or wash his clothes, or replace buttons on his clothes, or serve him food etc....If you as a man has at least one hand that still functions normally - DO THESE THINGS YOUR DAMNED SELF! ANY man who has any of these views is a savage who believes in 'male domination of females'.
If 'your woman' FEELS like doing these things for you - nothing wrong with that, you - as 'her man' - can feel like doing these things for her as well....but the minute you EXPECT or DEMAND that the person who should be your 'partner' not your 'servant' 'must' do these things for you - you have already FAILED at being a real man as far as I am concerned.
These are just a few examples we live by, you may say that 'gender roles are antiquated and oppressive'.....but if your 'gender-role-less urban societies are such shinning examples of 'superior' living.....why are your societies so dysfunctional with more juvenile delinquency, failed marriages and violent crime and environmental pollution/destruction than ANY still traditional (not assimilated) native society worldwide? And why do you come to rural traditional native people more and more - seeking spiritual advice on how to repair or improve your urban lives?


The Indigenous Democracy Defense Organisation (IDDO) remains committed to supporting our Tartar indigenous brothers & sisters in Russian Occupied Crimea; and we continue to monitor the deteriorating situation with great concern.
IDDO FB site:

In "The Militarization of Crimea under Russian Occupation," Crimean activist Andrii Klymenko explains how the Kremlin has moved to tighten its grip on Crimea as the world turns its focus toward Syria. Indeed, Russia has proven itself to be settling in for the long haul in Crimea, with mass relocations of Russian military servicemen to the peninsula spurring housing shortages and massive infrastructure projects.

Against the drumbeat of the Russian military's steadily rising presence on the Black sea peninsula, Moscow has stepped up pressure on human rights groups, NGOs, and journalists, while ruthlessly suppressing even minor shows of support for Kyiv. Russian security services have targeted Crimea's Tatar minority in particular, with the two leading Tatar media outlets shuttered and many activists exiled or arrested in recent months. Russia has been ever more willing to prosecute even minor acts of defiance. Most recently, on August 24, Crimean police arrested a group of people who were celebrating Ukraine's Independence Day by laying flowers at a monument to Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko.

While Russia's actions in Syria may be making headlines, the Kremlin's policy of repression and consolidation in Crimea has continued unabated.

Be sure to read the Issue Brief PDF file in the article below:

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The future look in our 'paradise' whether we want to believe it or not

Yes, among others that are key players in the Global Human Drama, the Pope himself said that we are ALREADY in the beginning phase of World War 3....other 'lesser mortals' like myself have been saying that for a few years now but never-mind..... the topic today is how VULNERABLE the Caribbean is for TERRORISM, any honest person knows we are among the softest of 'soft targets'...and we depend (regionally speaking - for the most part) on tourism, which is VERY susceptible to SUDDEN COLLAPSE in the face of any great act of terrorism occurring.

Some have read the article below and have fallen back into 'the USA and UK will come to our rescue' frame of thinking.....not realizing that any response from either will come AFTER the dastardly deed - and global PR damage is already done.......and furthermore, once it begins - IT WILL NOT END AFTER JUST THE FIRST BLOOD IS DRAWN.

The USA and UK are nowhere near as 'mighty' as they once were, and are becoming increasingly overstretched and bogged down with wars abroad AND serious security concerns in their OWN come flying like our protective fairy godmother to wave a magic wand 'and make all right again'.
Also take into consideration that this War on Terror' literally has no logical conclusion to it...'terror' is not a tangible thing like 'dandruff' (just for example) - yet we have been waging a 'war on dandruff' for decades...have we ended it yet? No, and 'terror' is as intangible as 'poverty' - and we have been waging a 'war on poverty' for CENTURIES! Do you see ANY sign that we are winning that either? Come on folks, don't let yourselves become as the Americans say a 'dumb-ass'...for a war on 'terror' is JUST AS UNWINNABLE. Terrorists will be killing us - and we will be killing them, for centuries to come....the sad thing is.....most people alive today are so ignorant of history that they actually think 'terrorism' is a modern phenomenon.....forgive them for they are now an illiterate horde of consumerists that do not realize that man has been the perpetrator & victim of 'acts of terrorism' from the BEGINNING of recorded history - to the present day.....The ONLY thing that has changed was the way in which the terrorism was conducted.

Let me get back to the Caribbean and give you some scenarios that CANNOT be prevented:

A terrorist enters a Caribbean country posing as a tourist, whether they already have 'sympathizers' in their 'own community' in the society of that country or not is irrelevant, money talks - and the criminal underworld in EVERY country can supply you with AK-47's, ammunition, grenades, dynamite etc. as long as you have the money to pay.
This terrorist posing as a tourist does NOT need to take the risk of trying to bring weapons into the country with him, why take unnecessary risks when you can just buy what you need here already? The fake tourist/terrorist does not need to bring over US$10,000 in cash either, that draws attention to you as well - because you are supposed to declare it, money can be sent to him/her in less attention grabbing amounts by Moneygramm or Western Union, or he can simply use a credit card to take off the amount of cash he/she needs at ATM's every day (the maximum daily limit) while in the country posing as a tourist for the 1-2 weeks that is the norm, his/her hotel stay can be paid and confirmed before think our immigration is going to turn away someone who has pre-paid an expensive two week hotel stay in our country if his passport looks legit?
That two weeks gives you ample time to case AND photograph potential 'best targets' and purchase the 'tools' you need to do what you came to do.
Another option is to have yourself smuggled into our islands (with NO id whatsoever) by boat under the cover of darkness, our coastlines are IMPOSSIBLE to completely monitor 24/7....just like how the drug shipments WITH weapons (and sometimes hired killers to settle scores with delinquent dealers) are ALREADY coming in to our countries almost every night.

Let us look at soft targets in our own island of Barbados (similar exist in EVERY island state in the Caribbean):

Pick a day & time when the airport has large crowds of North Americans or Europeans like when the transfers of Cruise ship passengers occurs, or the twice daily crowd at the AA check in counter (a couple observational drive by's or remote viewing with binoculars from a suitable wide open field vantage point (as you and your accomplice stop to photograph the scenery or pretend to be reading your local map while reading the airport scene behind the map instead, or a simple one stop 'fishing for info' conversation with an airport worker can elicit the info you want such as "wow this airport must never have crowds?" - "No man you got to see here on a Wednesday at lunchtime, dem cruise ship passengers does have de airport packed!" - thanks for telling me what I want to know stupid...(or if a local sympathizer has not supplied you with the EASILY obtained info already before you even arrived).
The terrorists straps on his bomb vest or his explosive-filled back-pack and simply parks his hired car in the airport parking lot - then calmly strolls up to the crowd and wades into it - then detonates himself....utter carnage results.
(This can easily be done at Miami International airport as well, I was in a huge crowd there when a non-travelling locally resident 'middle-eastern-looking' friend came up to me and handed me a box containing a PS device for my kids, no security was present at any time between him parking his car and walking to the crowded slow moving security lines where he handed me the device, it could just have easily been a bomb, and I could have slaughtered hundreds as we were packed close together like sardines in snaking lines that left no room for error---if killing as many people as I wanted to was my goal.

Pick a day when the MOST cruise ships are docked, there is a time when the gates open to allow the snaking crowds of thousands to walk out of the port into waiting taxis or to walk all the way to the city if they want, how hard would it be for a determined terrorist who was trained to use firearms, from killing the mediocre security at the gate and rush in spraying the crowd of tourists with automatic gunfire or tossing dynamite or grenades into cowering crowds of them herded into various dead end areas inside the port.

OUR STADIUMS (and this can occur everywhere)
A terrorist does not even need to get passed the gate, just spraying gunfire and detonating a few explosives at the gate will be enough to cause the huge crowd inside to panic and try to flee for their lives - and thereby kill MORE people via stampede than they could with the bullets or bombs they have...but in our case they WOULD be able to overcome the mediocre gate security AND get to butcher many inside the stadium as well as the frightened masses will be concentrating themselves on the opposite side of the stadium from the side being attacked - and therefore make a better target for automatic gunfire (likely to kill more than one with each bullet).

It will be harder to board a Cruise ship once it is out to sea, requiring more planning and logistics to get yourself on board, much easier to plant your operatives on the inside as employees, a tactic well known to determined terrorists - and the Cruise industry is ALWAYS hiring people (even offered me a job as Assistant purser once - a job which would have left me to deal with passports etc.), they cannot do perfect background checks on everyone, many can slip through the screening process and get jobs on board (heck we know of serial killers who prowl the Cruise industry posing as passengers - who prey on real passengers - without getting caught, so what about this scenario?), an inside man/woman or several of them, will know the inner workings of the ship over a short period of time , the location of the on board armory where the ship security detail keeps its stockpile, the number of people who are in the ships security detail, maybe even the cabins where each of them sleep.
You can make explosives from combining common everyday items that are in every kitchen (and the cruise ship kitchen has it all), this info is free online as I type, the 'mole' staff does not need to smuggle guns aboard - though THAT can be arranged as well....just depends on how much money is 'invested' in this operation, as a helicopter can approach the ship in the night under the radar and in less time than the security detail can collect the heavy weapons from the armory and rush to the upper decks - terrorist commandos can rappel down onto the ship and begin to take over it and slaughter the 3-5,000 trapped guests on board who have no-where to run but jump into the sea...which will kill most of them anyway. They don't have to own the helicopter, just pretend to hire it and force him at gunpoint - with guns you purchased from the local criminal underworld - to do as you require, many islands have helicopter for hire services, and these are islands that cruise ship tend to dock at or at the very least pass frequently. Not as hard to orchestrate as you think.

So I have just given you FOUR simple scenarios for trained terrorists to accomplish, and there is NOTHING we can do (without taking on the appearance and feel of a paranoid police state - which is the OPPOSITE of the 'laid back cool & relaxing' image we want to project to the tourism world we depend on - so we will NOT do it) to stop any of these scenarios from becoming possible one day.

Another thing all of you fail to bear in mind is this, NOTHING IS FOR FREE, I won't say IF - I will TELL you WHEN - this war on terrorism intensifies, do NOT think that the USA or UK (IF they are able or willing to) will defend us for nothing.....we will either have to surrender our sovereignty for a quasi occupation for our own protection (never-mind that the increased presence of USA and UK troops on our soil will actually make us even more attractive targets for present day terrorists who are obsessed with killing Americans and Europeans) ...OR we will have to share our burden of defending ourselves - and send OUR fighting age children to join THEIR war effort (as beggars can't be choosers - you can't expect young Americans or Brits to die defending OUR asses while we go about our normal lives)....or are you that short-sighted? No fool....YOUR children and mine are going to be drafted to 'join the war effort' and become cannon fodder as much as the children of the 'less important socio-economic classes' of Europe and America will be as well....because unless they expressly want to - NO child of the upper class is going to be sent to the front lines anywhere, they have legal loopholes and excuses (if not the right contacts - or the ability to purchase them) to ensure that they will NOT be in harms way like you, and I and OUR children will be.

So while you clamor for 'Uncle Sam and the Queen' to come to our aware that IF it comes - it will come at a price...a price you might not be able to afford if you are unwilling to bury your own children.

All for your information and guidance

Damon Gerard Corrie
22nd November 2015

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We live in an age of 'Pinocchio Journalism' As my friend Ardaga Widor in Brazil said)....what does that mean? It means they LIE their asses off morning-noon-and-night (because it is their job to do as instructed by their employers).......count yourself lucky if & when you do actually get some truth out of them....still we don't use our own innate gift of logic and common sense to apply it to what we are being told...for if we did so - we would see through the lies immediately.

Just for example:

We were ALL told for a 'fact' that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons of mass destruction and had to be invaded and deposed to protect 'the civilized world'......we were NOT told that the non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction he had (chemical & biological) were SOLD to him legally by the 'civilized world countries' of the USA, UK and France during the time that he was their 'great ally against Iran' - before they did not need him anymore and began to tell us that he was the devil incarnate. No nuclear weapons of mass destruction have EVER been found in Iraq either (despite CIA 'evidence' shown to Congress & the UN) - just for the record.
Many other lies followed...including the justification for bombing 'weapons of mass destruction facilities' in Iraq and Sudan - which were proven to really be only powdered milk producing factories - which could have helped save the estimated over 100 THOUSAND infants that the invasion caused the deaths of - because they 'strategically 'smart' bombed' ALL the electricity, water pumping stations, Sewerage & sanitation facilities and many hospitals (and other non-military targets - but vital civilian infrastructure facilities) into oblivion, and that coupled with no baby milk put the nails into the coffins of all those infants.
Yet, many of us are so callous and IGNORANT that we think 'it was all worth it to get rid of one evil man and his two evil sons'.......the Red Cross estimates up to ONE MILLION Iraqis died as a result of the American invasion....are you such a racist that you think eliminating 3 wicked men were worth the lives of 1 million others who feared them?

We were ALL told for a 'fact' that Manuel Noriega of Panama was an 'evil cocaine trafficking tyrant' that had to be invaded and overthrown to protect 'the civilized world'..... but we were NOT told that Panamanian workers at the US military bases in Panama testified (and I personally met a few of them) that cocaine was shipping into & out of Panama at those same American military bases on unmarked military aircraft BEFORE, DURING and AFTER Noriega's rule (how do you think the CIA and others get untraceable Billions to finance their covert operations around the world free of any risk of Congressional oversight? It is the 'unimportant' lower levels of society that suffer the most from cheap Cocaine 'crack' addictions...not the 'important' upper classes...and more crime among the 'bottom feeders' means more target practice for law enforcement and more SALES of weapons & munitions to Law enforcement, more fear in society, and more powers to be concentrated in ever fewer hands of the elites who RULE those societies...why is this all so hard for you to understand?) .....Noriega's mistake was thinking he could blackmail the REAL powers that be in this world and earn millions for himself in exchange for 'keeping quiet'.....they just got rid of him and installed a more obedient political actor as President instead who agreed to stay quite for free (he was a wealthy businessman already) - as long as he got the political power he craved (which he did, and used to increase his business empire in Panama).

In the last Paris terror attack we were told by the mainstream media that 'they were NOT going to show the footage of the Policeman being slain because it was too gruesome' ...yet look at it yourself below here - not a single drop of blood is seen, and you instead see the AK-47 bullets bouncing harmlessly off the pavement a few feet away from the Policeman laying on the ground.....yes - VERY gruesome indeed!
And once again - as in 9/11 and quite a few terror attacks since, we very 'conveniently' find intact passports that make 'positive ID of the suspects' possible...which we accept as 'proof' without question.....I never heard of anyone who goes to commit a criminal act - that carries their passport on them (which they then 'drop' at the scene of the crime) you?

Also, in the case of this one NOT murdered policeman from the Charlie Hebdo attack, you may be saying to yourself 'but we saw his funeral so how can they fake his death - wouldn't he still be around to be seen by everyone - especially his family - that he is still alive?"...come on now, you can't be THAT naive..the man has ALREADY sworn loyalty to the state by being a Police Officer, and have you never heard of the 'witness protection program'? The SAME way they can fake the funerals and change the names, sometimes even change the looks via plastic surgery, and relocate a civilian who is providing valuable service to the state in their own country - or any other country - with a COMPLETELY new identity from birth certificate to passport (and you are forbidden from any contact with anyone from your previous real life) hard do you think it would be to do the same for this man who ALREADY works for them?

Just to be very CLEAR, I am NOT saying the 129+ people did NOT die in the terror attack of last week Friday November 13th....but I AM saying that we are NOT being told the ENTIRE TRUTH of ALL who are responsible for their deaths (and this INCLUDES non-Muslims in high positions of power IN our so-called 'civilized western countries'). When a mercenary kills - the one who financed him is JUST as guilty....follow the money trail and see that it leads OUT of Syria and into the West.
The Witness Protection Program

Tony Benn speech in the British Parliament revealing the TRUTH of Western HYPOCRISY

Best fake execution ever!

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The Grey area (literally & figuratively) is 'ISIL/ISIS' territory

Each Tomahawk Cruise missile costs US$1.1 million
Each Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) 'Smart bomb' costs US$720,000
Each hour that a B-2 Stealth Bomber flies is costs US$55,000. and it takes a 36 hour round-trip from Whiteman Air Force Base to Syria so each time a BS flies to Syria to bomb ISIL it costs US$2 Million.
Each hour a KC-135 Aerial Refueling Tanker is in the air it costs US$11,000
Each hour a Fighter bomber jet is in the air it costs US$10,000
Just to name a few of the popular costs getting paid as long as the war can do the basic math and see how profitable war is for the folks who make a living off it.....every day these air bombings have been ongoing for over 15 months....and your tax dollars make it possible, and end up in the pockets of cold-blooded 'businessmen'.

SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN DENMARK! (the old saying goes....)

France claimed to have struck 100 ISIL/ISIS targets yesterday......are you asking yourself 'How is it possible that the USA (and other coalition forces) has been flying DAILY airstrikes on ISIS/ISIL targets for OVER A YEAR (15 months to be exact) and have so far ALLEGEDLY hit over 50,000 (FIFTY THOUSAND) ISIL/ISIS targets (and not with cheap bullets that only cost a few dollars either).......for a force the CIA itself says has at best 31,000 fighters - HOW IS IT THAT FRANCE (or anyone) CAN STILL FIND 100 ISIL/ISIS targets to hit in one day?
Just to put it into context there were not even 50,000 targets for Air Strikes in ALL of Afghanistan & Iraq during their invasions by the USA nor in Libya when the coaltion was bombing them as well...yet ISIL somehow has more numerous targets for Air Strikes that those 3 countries combined!
What exactly are they targeting to the tune of 50,000 strikes? Sand dunes?

Do you know there is NO way you or I (or even an official Congressional Investigation - like the ones that cannot even account for missing BILLIONS from the Pentagon tax-payer financed budget annually) can verify that these 'over 50,000 strikes' EVER actually occurred? Just because the news media reads from a press release given to them by the Pentagon - you believe 'it must be true'? Are you THAT big of an ass? How many times must the Pentagon (and other arms of the governmental octopus) have to be caught in a lie - and the complacent mass media get exposed for aiding & abetting the deceit 'from on high' - before you wake up and smell the bullshit?

I am sure the Defence contractors are getting huge tax-payer financed orders to 'replace' all these thousands of missiles being used in 'the war on terror' and that is quite pleasing to their many shareholders (which include prominent politicians and their friends....or do you forget Cheney and pals were the biggest shareholders in Haliburton - the same Defence contractor that got paid BILLIONS for services rendered in 'rebuilding Iraq' that they made other billions helping to destroy as well when buddy G.W Bush invaded about a win-win situation!).

Lastly - are ANY of you personally following up on the MANY complaints by Irag AND Afghanistan government officials that they have proof that the coalition forces are not bombing but instead are AIR-DROPPING supplies into ISIl/ISIL controlled areas - that are then collected by these 'terrorists'.
Oh Damon - why would the USA and others be helping ISIL/ISIS when these terrorists are 'clearly' attacking western targets you exclaim.....well because the OLDEST and most foolproof CON in the global political CON-GAME is to 'create a problem - then offer the solution (that you want) to a public willing to accept ANYTHING in the hope that the problem can & will be solved.

How swiftly hundreds of pages of new emergency measures (that give the rulers of the society more powers) get produced just hours after a major 'incident'...did you notice that? As if they were already prepared well in advance of the convenient excuse...But these same 'concerned politicians' will take months to YEARS to draft any legislation that will benefit the average citizen in day to day life. It might be a stretch for you to think the powers that be are themselves orchestrating these events.....but it IS a know historical fact that the powers that be will allow a civilian tragedy to unfold in order to achieve what they consider to be a 'greater' political agenda.....or are you not aware that one of the most 'concerned' political leaders in history - Winston Churchill KNEW that the bombings of London by the Nazis were about to happen (as British Intelligence had cracked the Nazi code for that operation)...but the 'great' British Prime Minister LET hundreds of men, women & children DIE because he did not want the Nazis to know that they had cracked their your relatives (and mine) had to suffer the terrorist attack of Nazi planes bombing their homes in London because a politician considered these innocent civilians to be an 'acceptable sacrifice'.

Take a critical look at just who benefits from these terrorist attacks:
#1 - The political rulers get the golden opportunity to concentrate more power in the hands of a select few in a way the populace would never normally agree to (but now they practically BEG them to do so - to 'protect' them).
#2 - The military industrial complex gets vast sums of new profit$ as orders for their wares increase exponentially with every significant increase in violence at home and abroad.
#3 - The Jihadists will get MORE revenge-seeking recruits to do even MORE acts of terrorism when the scenes of 'fellow Muslims' killed by 'Infidel' retaliation get broadcast in the Muslim world's media. You think they care about how many innocent Muslims will die as a result of their actions? You forget these are violent psychopaths who's MAIN aim in life is to usher in the end of days - the great and final carnage between 'believers' and 'non-believers' so their prophet can return in triumph and glory (as their holy books tell them) - so anything that contributes to that is 'the will of God' in their demented minds.

It is only YOU and I dear reader, the average person who wants nothing more than to live a happy peaceful life with friends and family, that are the ones who suffer the most...not these 3 categories of soulless bastards I mentioned above ...we are merely 'useless eaters' and 'pawns' in the great game they have always - and will always play out - in the unsuspecting & trustingly naive sea of humanity.

American General Wesley Clark exposes the TRUTH on Democracy now!

Ever wonder why ISIS/ISIL never attacks Israel even though it is supposed to be an Islamic Jihadist group - and no-one is supposedly more hated than Israel by Islamic Jihadists.

Ex-Al Qaeda leader reveals the truth western media will NEVER tell you:

FINALLY a western journalist speaks a VERY inconvenient truth:

Saturday, 14 November 2015


It is FUTILE for an indigenous warrior today to even think about defeating our enemies by the usual conventional warfare means, we will never have as many guns or as much ammunition to waste as our enemies do....but we do not have to! ONE sniper is worth 100 regular troops (minimum) - even if those troops have Rocket-propelled grenades, hand-grenades, assault rifles, belt-feed machine guns and man-portable Mortars. A good sniper does not waste his ammunition, he scores one kill with every one bullet he fires, and the worlds 3rd deadliest sniper EVER was in fact an Amerindian from the Ojibwe Tribal Nation in Canada, his name was Francis Pegahmagabow, and during World War 1 he personally killed - all by himself - 378 enemy soldiers, this is like ONE sniper fighting against an entire battalion AND KILLING THEM ALL!  

Just for the purposes of example to put it into context, because the TRUTH under International Human Rights Laws is that EVERY NATION OF PEOPLE (WHETHER TRIBAL OR POLITICAL) HAS A LEGAL RIGHT TO GOVERN THEMSELVES IN THEIR OWN LANDS FREE OF THE RULE OF OTHER PEOPLE/S WHO ENTERED THEIR LANDS AFTER THEM AND WHO DENY THEM THEIR RIGHT TO HAVE THEIR INHERENT RIGHT TO FREEDOM RESTORED, so bear these observations made to me by a Gurka (most feared soldiers on Earth - and a fellow Mongoloid Tribe from the Himalayas) friend confided in me based on his assessment of the strength of the forces in these four countries VS the potential of the indigenous nations who - if need be - successfully fight for their complete political freedom (because while the fighting is on-going a political wing of the armed struggle would be fighting a legal case in the world Court for a minimum of complete local autonomy as an acceptable compromise that world opinion would back the indigenous side - and cause UN pressure for the Nation-State acceptance of - 'in order to restore peace as soon as possible' have to know how to play the game effectively on the world stage, and global public sympathy is ALWAYS on the side of 'poor oppressed native peoples'):
If Belize had 20 GOOD Mayan snipers - they would be able to defend their own independence and create a Sovereign Mayan State.
The Belize military has LESS than 1800 men...and Suriname has only 2,500 soldiers, If Suriname had 25 GOOD Amerindian snipers - they would be able to defend their own independence and create an Amerindian Sovereign State.....when you bear in mind that one good sniper (as you will see in the video below) is worth at MINIMUM 100 regular soldiers or Policemen.  Stop wasting money and ammunition buying assault rifles....a simple hunting rifle will serve you far better.

I am NOT advocating that we indigenous of today engage in armed struggle in a war for our own liberation - unless we have serious reasons to....if the governments ruling over us are generally treating us a fairly as any master -servant relationship will allow (and remember they think they are our masters and we are their servants)...then do not resort to bloodshed....but if your government is either doing or allowing - your lands to be destroyed and exploited in the name of money for themselves or everyone else EXCEPT your people, and you are being moved off your lands because they say you 'stand in the way of National progress'....and if the government's Policemen & Soldiers are raping your women and killing your men ALREADY - and the only 'punishment' these uniformed criminals are getting it to be moved to another Army base or Police Station somewhere else in YOUR country...then my friend, they have ALREADY declared war on your people by their actions against you - never mind their deceitful words - especially around election time - about how you are their 'indigenous brothers'....would a  true brother oppress you like that with a smile to your face and a knife stabbing you in your back?

We indigenous have to REMEMBER that we are the greatest hunters of animals in the wilderness, and a sniper is just a hunter of human animals, we can turn our skill at hunting animals - into the skill of hunting humans - if we need to.....and if we do so, our enemies cannot defeat us.
This is why I preach the need for our indigenous warriors to learn to become good Snipers wherever I go in this Hemisphere. Get yourself a hunting rifle with telescopic sights and as much ammunition for it as you can - it is the most valuable investment in the defense of your people that you will ever make. A Hunting Rifle that uses a .223 caliber round should be the easiest to find in the western Hemisphere, it is the most popular Police sniper caliber in most countries; and easily available in gun stores throughout the Americas in countries where gun stores that sell to the public exist....become expert at hitting targets 300 yards in the field, that is good enough for most sniper ambush situations you will need to become expert at. In time you will become good enough to hit 5 times that distance with practice & experience. If you have excellent vision you may be great enough to become accurate using only your gun sights, but if not - and you can afford it - a professional scope is essential.

Leupold Scopes are among the best to get for your rifle but will usually cost much more than your gun:

More on Francis Pegahmagabow:

Of the 10 deadliest snipers ever - and the 3rd best Sniper ever was an Amerindian! The famous American 'Chris Kyle' is only the 9th best sniper ever with 160 kills - less than HALF the kills made by the Amerindian sniper Francis Pegahmagabow of the Ojibwe Tribe in Canada (who was Canada's greatest sniper ever) who killed 378 during WW1!


Listen, we have to face the UGLY new REALITY of the world we live in TODAY....because we shall enter an immediate future filled with ever more eruptions of violence and hatred than of love.
It is time to think DEFENSIVELY and lay to rest all the naive wishful thinking about 'Gun bans'......because the ONLY thing that is going to happen when you make it impossible for law abiding citizens to obtain guns to protect themselves and their families - is you will make the work of the violent criminals & terrorists (both IN and OUTSIDE of the Government) EASIER.
Stop in your cum-bi-ya tracks for a minute, do you honestly think that a civilian gun ban will make ISIS/ISIL (or your local criminal element) suddenly STOP killing innocent people like you? No gun ban can ever or will ever take the guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists.....Cocaine has been a banned substance for DECADES - has it stopped the Cocaine dealers from having all the Cocaine AND guns you can imagine for themselves and any other person wishing to buy from them? NO IT HAS NOT!
You will be 'a rabid anti-gun liberal' until YOU or YOUR FAMILY becomes the victim of a heinous violent crime that could have been prevented IF you or one of your family members had a gun on them at the time you were attacked and knew how to use it properly. I have seen with my own eyes many an 'I hate guns' devotee - RUN to a gun owner for protection in a time of crisis.....and I feel like telling them 'don't you feel like the biggest ASS now?"
From the native side - the tribes who acquired guns and used them to defend themselves against non-native attackers who were using guns on them are still alive today (the Great Lakota Nation that defeated the American 7th Calvary with guns is actually MORE numerous today than it ever was), the remains of tribes who refused to defend themselves can be found in Museums and can be read about in the past tense because for the most part they are EXTINCT today! Do you get the point now?
You love to hear your political idols spew anti-gun rhetoric, and you conveniently do NOT notice that ALL OF THEM AND ALL OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS ARE PROTECTED BY PEOPLE USING GUNS!
Stop with your wishy-washy 'they should ban all guns' talk, it is pointless because it will NEVER happen, the only thing that might happen is all law abiding citizens get banned from owning guns - but all the terrorists and criminals will still have them ! (and this includes the terrorists and criminals IN the governments that RULE over us as well)......Hitler banned all law abiding German citizens from owning guns too, only Nazis were allowed to have guns......maybe you have a vague idea of how that turned out for many peaceful people in German society.....I certainly do.
I agree that gun ownership is a serious responsibility so not anyone and everyone should get one, any idiot cannot obtain a license to drive a car (legally) just because they are a certain, there is an official test to see if you are capable first, so I support tests (including of Police & Soldiers) of a persons mental health (heck throw in lie detector tests too), any normal person should be allowed to buy and own a gun, but if your have mental problems (anger issues, severe depression etc.) you should be disqualified from gun ownership.
Even in tribes we know who in our community is not to be allowed guns and who is responsible enough to have them so we regulate ourselves.
I know of native communities bristling with guns of all kinds, but no-one in the community ever uses those guns on each other, so clearly the guns are not the is the kind of person who uses it that is the problem.
There are SEVERAL MILLION LEGAL GUN OWNERS in the USA, you can point your wagging finger at what - a few dozen freaks in the USA who mass murdered with guns? Do you know ANYTHING at all about 'statistics' you know that you are using a statistic of far LESS than 1 percent to demonize the other OVER 99% as 'Gun freaks'! Then you want to consider yourself to be an 'open-minded' and 'fair' person.......tell me another joke please.
You see a gun is just a tool, a gun is no more of the source of the problem than a knife....I can run into a primary school with ONE knife and kill more people than if I went into that school with one loaded gun, even if it was a machine gun...the bullets will run out but the knife can keep killing in my hand as long as I have the strength to slit the throats, slice the main arteries or stab into the hearts of others. You forget that the greatest single day butcheries of human beings in the Americas all occurred with European SWORDS on native peoples....gun massacres in the Americas since have not even come close to the 20,000 Taino-Arawaks slaughtered in one day by Columbus and his men....and there are literally hundreds of other single event massacres by swords in North, Central & South America as well...gun crimes against us killed far less of us than the simple sword did.
I will ensure my wife and my sons and my daughters (for females suffer and die just as much as males in war) - and as many other natives in my tribe and every other tribe I visit - know how to use guns properly, because unlike most, I have foreseen the future that is coming, and in it those who do not have this essential skill suffer and die on an unimaginable scale.
No truer statement was there than the one that says "For there is a time for peace, and a time for war". It is the nature of the human society driven world we live in.....learn to adapt and survive in it.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Bear in mind this map is 3 years old (from 2012) and the deforestation and outright murderous genocide of native Brazilians at the hands of Agro terrorists (Soy and Cattle Barons mainly) and the loggers and miners  - has never stopped! In fact in has INCREASED right under our noses  because mainstream media prefers to sell illusions than REALITY!
Genocide is not an Indigenous game!
By Ardaga Widor, Amazonia, Brazil – 1st of November, 2015
Dear sisters and brothers spread all over Mother Gaia:
The struggle of Indigenous Peoples to avoid extermination continues everywhere on Mother Gaia. And so does the struggle to convert their indigenous and human “paper” rights into practically embraced and observed rights by the surrounding and penetrating predominant culture and State.
All too often we receive alarming if not plainly shocking news. In a world taken hostage by a handful of people/corporations and “their” bought and paid lobbies aka “governments” whose one and only moral imperative, it seems, is to increase personal material wealth.
And with a large part of world’s voters brain-washed and/or obedient, increasingly harder times and rougher storms for people and peoples standing (up) for a different model of values and traditions are becoming a stronger possibility.
Yet, we also receive encouraging news. Like the one of the latest Canadian elections. That brought the reign of one of the fiercest neoliberal and antiindigenous politricksters (Harper) to an end. And brought quite a few Indigenous legislators into office. There is more room for hope now. That not all of the lands and waters and air combined in the state of Canada will be destroyed. That instead of trying to break and wipe out Indigenous Cultures and Peoples the Canadian society and State might look at Native Cultures as a chance and source to learn from and interact with as genuine partners.
For the Indigenous Peoples within the state of Brazil, on the other side, such room of hope is vanishing faster and faster.
A Congress Committee has just made its proposal for Constitutional Change called PEC 215. To the outrage of most of Indigenous People within Brazil. And while the big media transmitted from the “World Indigenous Games”. Which are taking place in Palmas (Capital of Tocantins, in the devastated southern Amazon area of Brazil). The idea, it seems, is to make the public in Brazil and the world believe in a merry and cheerful Indigenous wonderland reality within Brazil (and the world).
What the big media, financed and controlled by some out of these above-mentioned “handful of people/corporations”, completely conceals, is that most of the Indigenous Peoples, even of the host state Tocantins itself, do not participate. Since they consider it not proper having a festive time while their rights are being trampled, their lands devastated and/or occupied, and their people abused and murdered.
And their boycott was decided even before PEC 215 succeeded in getting another step closer to “lawful” reality!
So far it belongs to Governmental Authority (mainly the Bureau of Indian Affairs – FUNAI, and the Federal Ministry of Justice) to decide in Indigenous Affairs such as crucial territorial questions. That is a constitutionally guaranteed status quo relatively easy to be controlled by society. Yet, Congressmen, extra-“financed” by the corporations and lobbies, are transforming (via PEC 215) this Basic Law into a (future) responsibility of Congress. Of their own, that is.
A Congress where the strongest grouping in both houses of parliament is formed by the agro-capitalist lobby (known as “Bancada Ruralista” in Brazil -…/…/fromusfoundrisingtobrazil.pdf) and
the arms lobby and the dam builders lobby and the miners lobby…!
Indigenous Peoples and Rights are already being violated on a routinely scale within Brazil. And the current government of president Dilma is the worst, most anti-Indigenous, since the military dictatorship.
Still, with a possible shift of the power to decide over the fate of Indigenous Peoples into the hands of the very men whose main interest it is to gain the undestroyed (“unexplored”) Indigenous Territories for their ego-purposes (and who misunderstand Indigenous Cultures as something obsolete and a “hindrance to progress”) PEC 215 stands for the sanction of a next stage of
Neither the Brazilian State needs the monetary profit gained by transforming Indigenous lands “lawfully” first in milk cows for the rich and then into toxic deserts for the poor. The State’s officials and “people’s representatives” just needed to stop stealing. And all money shortage was gone.
Nor do the entrepreneurs/corporations who take all the profit of the milk cow years and leave destroyed cultures and peoples, deserts and poverty and health problems behind, need more money resulting from the Brazilian destruction business. They are already richer (in a material sense) than most.
Imagine what would happen, if the decision-making powers over Mother Earth and global environmental politics would plainly go to the managers and CEOs of Exxon and Shell!
What would happen if peace processes are being decided by Lockheed and BAE Systems?
What would happen if the powers of the WHO (World Health Organization) would be transferred unrestricted to Monsanto and Syngenta?
For the survivors and resisters of 515 Portuguese-Brazilian years of genocide, again a moment has come considered a must to stand up and fight back.
Sisters and brothers around Mother Gaia, Indigenous or not (and, as brother John Trudell accurately observed, EVERYBODY has and comes from an indigenous background!), please don’t get fooled by deceitful images and folkloric hypocrisy on so-called World Indigenous Games. It is exactly the contrary that is going on in Brazil.
It seems the immediate aim is once again to get rid of the “Indigenous Obstacle” for once and for all. And Brazilian and transnational lobbies, corporations and their politricksters are working on it. Without the world noticing it (much).
And in order to not have it become our LAST battle we appreciate support!
If you feel that it is high time to obey and fulfill existing (paper) Rights of Indigenous Peoples within the State of Brazil, and if you would like to speak out against genocidal PEC 215, please ACT!
Write your thought, opinion, protest, suggestion to some public figures of those involved in the accelerated genocidal efforts in Brazil (see list below). Show your solidarity and support of Indigenous Peoples brutalized and chased within and by the Brazilian State next to Brazilian representations (embassies) and firms.
Tell them you are watching. Tell them you care. Get involved!
One World – One Love – MANY Cultures!
Osmar Serraglio
Eduardo Cunha
José Guimarães
Bruno Araújo
Leonardo Picciani
Carlos Sampaio
Maurício Lessa
Mendonça Filho
Rubens Bueno
Rogério Rosso
Ana Amélia
Waldemir Moka
Edison Lobão
Omar Aziz