Tuesday, 15 September 2015


All they want is a chance to live a better life than the hell hole their home countries have become - usually due to outside forces - frequently European leaders both past & present - self-serving decisions and acts that make other peoples lives only more wretched and miserable.

A few very basic but perhaps overlooked points to consider, most refugees entering Europe presently and 'illegally' by land are brown & black skinned Muslims (and far more young male ones not elderly ones), and most of the people 'denying them a chance for a peaceful new life' (as they will see it) are white Christians ...even if you ignore Nostradamus's predictions about Muslim forces rampaging through Europe during World War 3 (even destroying the Vatican according to Nostradamus's vision)...do you not see the 'tinder-box' ingredients accumulating day by day (ever more immigrants from the Muslim world pouring into Europe with each passing week) for a 'race AND religious war' here before our eyes? Wait until (and it WILL occur) desperate brown & black Muslim immigrants vent their frustration on the streets of Europe and are shot down in a hail of bullets by white Christian security forces in Hungary or some other increasingly OPENLY anti-immigrant hostile EU government......then my friends the whole equation can (and likely will) quickly devolve into the road to the anarchy and bloodshed Nostradamus foresaw....there are ALREADY several million disgruntled Muslim youth of color all over Europe .....and unless you are very naive to the fact that young men can easily be enticed into acts of violence once they are convinced that the 'others' are against them - and have older (more cunning) men they look up to in their community encouraging them....ESPECIALLY young men who belong to a religion that has such a high degree of mental control over its followers (who only need one Imam they revere to give a green light to Jihad and they will obligingly erupt) .....I see the writing very clearly on the wall for this prophecy to come to pass as well, just as he correctly predicted the rise and fall of Napoleon, and Adolf Hitler (why suddenly be wrong now?).

I am not saying 'Muslims are evil so that is why they are going to do this'.....but I put myself in their shoes (as a young man myself with an explosive temper when provoked to my limits)......if I am peacefully protesting - shouting vociferously yes but not committing any violent act, because I simply want a better life in Europe than the hell hole I left behind and want to rescue my family from....and suddenly security forces of a different religion to me of the country I am in - which are blocking me from finding the peaceful life I came all this way and suffered immensely for (and which I will tell myself they 'owe me the right to do' because their ancestors illegally inserted themselves into MY country years ago during colonialism and extracted our resources to make themselves as prosperous as they are now today)....open fire and kill my brother, or son, or cousin, or daughter, or wife etc next to me.....the ONLY thing I will want to do from the very next instant - is KILL the people who just wrongfully murdered my loved one before my very eyes.....and that may come in many ways, I may join a similarly enraged mob of other deeply aggrieved & now vengeful young men like me and swarm a policeman or soldier to disarm them, kill them, and take their weapon to kill other members of the security forces like them who are 'murdering my people' (as I will see it in MY mind)....all you need is for radical individuals in the immigrant community to fill our heads with a sense that 'we are now the instrument of God to punish the infidels' - and mobs WILL begin rampaging and exacting revenge all over Europe.....if the same radicals have weapons caches already stored in Europe (as the media wants us to assume with these convenient terror strikes), do you think it will be 'impossible' for Europe to be thrown into violent turmoil? Watch and see it happen, it won't be long now.

Whether the turmoil will be genuinely caused as we are told it is or not.....the kind of people who have a penchant for creating problems then offering solutions - which always seem to lead to them having to assume dictatorial powers 'to protect us of-course' - certainly will be the ones to benefit the MOST...too bad most of us are too naive to notice that the cockroaches thrive when anarchy and chaos ensues.....well probably only see the 'evil Muslims' and not the ones who provoked them to the wrath we will witness.
Just like how native warriors defending their own lands & peoples are ALWAYS portrayed as being 'savages' and are portrayed as being 'murderers' of 'European settles' who were in fact invading the same native peoples lands in order to steal them for themselves...how the hell can I murder someone who leaves HIS home to invade mine and harm MY family members? On the contrary - it is I who has a moral right to kill you in order to defend myself and my homeland from foreign invasion!

But in the case of Europe today, after illegally invading the ENTIRE world, Europeans must accept responsibility for the 'chickens coming home to roost' phenomenon we are witnessing on this grand scale today (European government just recently helped turn Libya & Syria into states of anarchy so what do you expect?, from a deeper and longer historical perspective - if Europeans had never invaded the rest of the world making extractive colonies to enrich Europe at the expense of every other continent in the past - the rest of the world would not be knocking on your door trying to get in in the present....does Europe forget it became the richest 'continent' ENTIRELY because of all the wealth it stole from OTHER peoples on other continents? Europeans helped themselves - as anyone would, but in a callous manner than NO-ONE else did.....so the Europeans of today must accept some responsibility for the problems that have returned to them like a huge karmic boomerang....whether for good or ill.....this is a problem that requires more of a 'lets try to fix what we broke via our historical misdeeds by using a more humane approach this time' - moreso than a 'wrong and strong us VS them' counter reaction...for it will only make matters ever worse, never better

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