Thursday, 27 August 2015


My wife and myself on our anniversary in 2014


A BIG mistake MOST young people make as far as I can see, is to mistake SUFFOCATION with LOVE, if you love someone - let them go, if they love YOU - they will return to you ON THEIR OWN.

You cannot 'force ' someone to love you by becoming a tick on their ass all the damn time and never giving them some time alone without you hovering like a surveillance drone over their head 24/7, give them some SPACE to grow as individuals, in EVERY healthy relationship each person needs some time ALONE (they were NOT born with you - and are likely NOT to die with you either), take valuable examples from nature...the West Indian Mahogany tree is a beautiful, majestic and highly prized thing (like a good marriage)...but two Mahogany trees CANNOT grow on the same spot...each tree needs the space and room to grow ON ITS OWN (just like human beings), yet they CAN and DO grow up side by side close enough for their roots to be intertwined below the surface in a way that we cannot see (just as true love will weave two hearts together invisibly).

BOTH of you had (or should have) your own true friends that you knew BEFORE you met each other....I know I did - and still do, and I will make time for my friends - I don't need to ask my wife for permission to do I her slave or something? No I am not, and neither is she my slave, she has all the freedom in the world to spend time with HER true friends as well...who the hell said that once you marry someone you must automatically forget your true friends who were with you all your previous life - and then make your entire universe revolve around your spouse and them ALONE? She does not have to like my friends - and I do not have to like hers...MY true friends are mine - and HER true friends are hers.....sure it is always nicer if we both DO like each other's friends - no doubt about it, but there is no rule saying this must be the case...I really don't care either way.
I deliberately add the descriptive word 'TRUE' friends, people who have never done you any wrong and do not deserve you giving them the cold shoulder now just because your spouse wants you too..have a spine for Gods sake! Tell you spouse flat-out - no-way am I going to turn my back on my true friends to please you, and if you cant accept that - you are free to leave anytime you want, replacements are easy to find folks.

If you begin your relationship trying to control your spouse or make your spouse 'choose' between spending time with you or their own parents or siblings, you just crossed the LAST line....because your spouse might not always be your spouse - but your family will ALWAYS be your family....and if/when your marriage fails - it is your same family you will run back to for moral support (and you will feel like a real fool if you were previously taking your spouse's side against remember THAT) and to try to come between a person and the parents who gave them LIFE and raised them to adulthood shows that you are a very insecure and self-centered person (a JCF 'Jealous Control Freak) - and it would be wiser to break off the relationship with such a person ASAP, a JCF person (easily recognized because they will DEMAND you tell them - as if they 'own' you - who you were with, where you went, why you went there, how long you spent there etc. I would neither treat my spouse like that NOR tolerate her trying to 'control' me that way either. EVERY marriage to a Jealous Control Freak is GUARANTEED to end in failure (and likely a lot of ugly unnecessary & embarrassing drama on your 'road to ruin' as well).

I send my wife on trips abroad alone every year (I don't have to be there like a JCF to spy on her movements), and if an opportunity comes up for me (UN or OAS sending me at their expense to some foreign country for a few days or weeks which tends to be an annual event for me also) I AM going to take that free opportunity for personal growth and go, I am not EVER going to 'ask' my wife if I 'can' go, I AM going to politely inform her that I have been given an opportunity that I could not afford to have on my own - and therefore I am accepting it....end of the story.....(except for the part where I buy something for my wife & kids in that foreign country as I always do)....same goes for her if any opportunity comes her way - I support her to go for it 100%! Not a problem for me in the least....for if we have no trust in each other we might as well separate now....if your spouse is determined to cheat on you - they WILL, and there is nothing you or I can do to stop it, so why let the fear of it turn you into a 'Jealous Control Freak'? You will only give YOURSELF stress; not them....all they will do is use YOUR JCF behavior to JUSTIFY even more cheating! So you just became your own worst enemy you fool.

NO-ONE IS EVER GOING TO BE THE PERFECT SPOUSE, there will ALWAYS be something, even just 1 thing, that you dislike immensely about your spouse, and likewise them about you, but as long as it is not harming anyone or bothering you so much it is turning your love for them into hatred - you have to learn to live with it. So in summation, even though in your 'smitten' state (and we all know young people think they 'know everything' or that 'their feelings are unique and not the same as the elders advising them from EXPERIENCE...we have LITERALLY 'been there & done that') you will not want to contemplate the inevitable....but years from now - if you do not allow room for personal space - when you approach the time of the 'mid-life crisis' in your 40's usually - you will begin to feel increasingly bitter about 'not having had a life of your own' and not having friends or any time to do anything to develop yourself....because you made the childish decision to put 'time with your love' OVER everything else in your life....letting one opportunity after the other pass you by...when you could have been taking ALL those once in a lifetime opportunities and developing your own self at the same time as your relationship continued to your 'perfect relationship' so fragile that it cannot survive if you spend some weeks or months apart? If so....then it is definitely NOT as 'strong' as you think or want to believe it is.

TRUE LOVE opens BOTH your hearts & minds to a vast meadow of does NOT build an invisible prison cell of darkness around anyone's else's heart or their personal freedom!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015


                                                                  Poster from the first CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games that was held on Pakuri in 2012

Sole Kalinago lady athlete Arkeyshar Valmond of Dominica who won the Gold medal in the ladies archery, and the Bronze medal in Ladies 3km cross country race.

Kalinago Athlete Arkeyshar Valmond from Dominica proudly displaying her 1st place Gold medal won in the ladies Archery, as His Excellency Chief Lenox Shuman congratulates her.

Guyana Lokono-Arawak athlete Ziggy O'Selmo being congratulated by Games creator Damon Corrie after receiving his 1st place Gold Medal in the men's Archery.

The 4 Guyana Lokono-Arawak and 1 Dominica Kalkinago athlete at the start of the ladies 3km cross country race 

Guyana Lokono-Arawak athlete Roshelle Dundas being congratulated by Games creator Damon Corrie after receiving her 1st place Gold Medal in the ladies 3km cross-country race 

The 7 athletes before the start of the Men's 9 laps race around the football field, 5 were Lokono-Arawak, and two were Makushi runners, all from Guyana

The 3 winning athletes after the mens race, the 2 Makushi runners came 1st & 2nd, and the Lokono-Arawak athlete placed 3rd.
At far left in yellow shirt is His Excellency Chief Lenox Shuman of the Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation of Pakuri, second from left in back row is Steve Campbell, second from right in back row is Gamres creator Damon Corrie, and at far right is Mr. Mervyn Wiliams - special adviser to the Honorable Minister of Indigenous Affairs of Guyana Mr. Sidney Allicock.  

At far left is His Excellency Chief Lenox Shuman, at centre Mr. Mervyn Williams - special adviser to the Honorable Minister of Indigenous Affairs Mr. Sidney Allicock, and Mr. Steve Campbell - who presented all medals to the winning athletes in every event on the final day (August 16th 2015).

The victorious athletes of the men's 9 laps race - at right in black pants is Mr. Sylvester 'Balo' Paulinho - of the Makushi Tribe of Guyana, and also a member of the Guyana Army, he successfully defended his title from 2012 as champion in the men's race.


"I just wish to set the record straight as to my creation & involvement in these limited CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games 3 years ago in September 2012 to be precise (see poster attached), and I financially sponsor 90% of all associated costs of holding these games (including the return airfares to bring in Kalinago-Carib athletes from Dominica) - with the Village Council, friends and family donating the final 10%.
Prior to 2012 and since 2007 I used to sponsor a series of sporting events annually for the Lokono-Arawak people of Pakuri (St. Cuthberts') alone.  

Since I began to bring Kalinago-Carib Athletes from the Caribbean island of Dominica to Guyana in 2012 - so that we can have a minimum of 2 countries and 3 different Amerindian Tribes participating, it has become a de-fact (albeit small scale) 'CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games.... as I can only do so much out of my own pocket, and I always have the support and blessing of whomever is the current Toshao (Chief) of Pakuri Territory (aka 'St. Cuthbert's Mission) in Region 4. In 2012 it was Toshao Pierre Andrews, and in 2015 it is Toshao Lenox Shuman who have enthusiastically supported the Games.

The end of the Inter Tribal Games held on Pakuri (St. Cuthbert's Mission) Lokono-Arawak Territory in Guyana on Saturday 16th August 2015 was the Men's Race and Boys & Girls 12 & under races, for which the 1st place Gold Medals were presented by Mr. Mervyn Williams - Special Adviser to The Honorable Minister of Indigenous Affairs Mr. Sidney Allicock, Silver Medals were presented by His Excellency Chief Lenox Shuman of the Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation of Pakuri Territory, and Bronze Medals were presented by Mr. Steve Campbell; with all prize money presented by Mr. Damon Gerard Corrie, creator and sponsor of these Inter-Tribal Traditional Games on Pakuri Lokono-Arawak Territory in Guyana.
* The prize money for all adult events was GY$15,000 for 1st place, GY$10,000 for 2nd place, and GY$5,000 for third place.     

The sole Kalinago-Carib Athlete from Dominica that participated in these Games this year was Miss Arkeyshar Valmond (see photo attached), and she won a gold medal in Archery and a bronze medal in the ladies 3km distance race, however she left when the ladies events were completed at the end of July and therefore was no longer present at the time of the last event (Males 3km race) on Saturday 16th of August 2015 when the Ministry kindly participated.   In the men's Archery event Ziggy O'Selmo (a Lokono-Arawak of Pakuri) won the Gold 1st place Medal.  
The ladies 3km cross country race was won by Lokono-Arawak athlete Roshelle Dundas of Pakuri, and the men's distance race was won by  Makushi athlete & member of the Guyana Army - Sylvester Paulinho of St. Ignatius Village in the central Rupununi.

It is my hope and dream that my small scale efforts will catch the attention AND interest of the new Government, and they will one day be able to hold a truly professional & large scale CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games somewhere in Guyana, perhaps even at the National Stadium....Guyana made history by hosting the first CARIFESTA, so why not make history again and host the first comprehensive CARICOM Inter-Tribal Games? I know we can do it - and it will capture the attention of the entire world! "

In their personal comments Chief Lenox Shuman said:
"“There is room for improvement and we intend to use this as one of the primary building blocks in the community,” the Toshao added."

Adviser to the Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Mr. Mervyn Williams, reflecting on what he saw during the games, stated, “It was a demonstration of will by all the athletes.” He added, “It is the kind of thing we want to continue to encourage in other communities.”
According to Williams, the tribal games displayed the recognition of one’s heritage and represents who they are and what they believe in.

Sunday, 9 August 2015


Not saying the Japanese military were innocent angels, but I AM saying comparing what they did to the USA - with what the USA did to Japan, America is by far the bigger/worse aggressor between the two in their war against each other. Americans cannot condemn Nazis for executing 10 civilians for every 1 Nazi killed by anti-Nazi partizans on the one hand - then conveniently overlook the FACT that the USA killed over 100 Japanese civilians in retaliation for every 1 American military person the Japanese killed at Pearl Harbor! When you Americans point a finger at your enemies 'evil' deeds...remember that 3 of your own fingers are pointing back at you! Admit to your OWN evil deeds - from the very creation of your political nation state with the slaughter of the native people's on who's lands you stole to create it - to the fact that YOU (the USA) has INVADED more countries than ANY other nation in modern history....and you are the ONLY country that has been at war (either at home or abroad) FOR EVERY SINGLE DECADE SINCE THE USA CAME INTO obviously have a SERIOUS frigging problem with some 'warmongering disease' that far exceeds any other political nation in existence....try to get some kind of national collective therapy for it - maybe implement a national 'lets atone for our sins and try to avoid repeating them' - academic course from Kindergarten to University....before you unleash misery on the next country that does not bow down to your will.

Today as we remember the American attack on the Japanese city of Nagasaki which killed 39,000 CIVILIANS instantly - and another 41,000 in the following months from radiation poisoning in ....,which was needlessly done 3 days after the Atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima - which killed 90,000 CIVILIANS instantly - and another 76,000 in the following months from radiation poisoning.....I want YOU to be cognizant of these important FACTS:

#1 - The Japanese flew OVER the American civilian city of Honolulu without harming it - and instead attacked an American MILITARY target (Pearl Harbor) where they ONLY killed 2,403 Americans - the vast majority of whom were members of the American military.

#2 - The American trials held in American military occupied Japan after Japan surrendered - and America began the process of turning the Japanese into imitation Americans (as most still are to this day) determined this ONE Japanese military attack on an American military target to be 'A WAR CRIME' ! 'Because Japan did not formally declare war on the USA before they attacked'.

#3 - YET - The Americans do NOT consider their TWO military attacks on two Japanese CIVILIAN CITIES that slaughtered over 246,000 Japanese babies, men, women, children & elderly - to be 'war crimes'.....well the hypocrite Americans might not (because like the self-described 'God's chosen people' Zionists - they can do no wrong in their own eyesight)...but the Geneva Convention that outlines what the rules of 'civilized' warfare ARE for EVERY country on Earth DOES CONSIDER THE AMERICAN ATOMIC BOMBINGS OF THESE TWO JAPANESE CITIES TO BE 'WAR CRIMES' .......but you will never see an American President standing trial like the rest of us in the world - for they think themselves (like the so-called 'God's chosen people' - to be ABOVE any law that does not suit them).

#4 - If you have any MORALS you will know that no excuse in the world can justify slaughtering two civilian cities in retaliation for ONE attack on your military target - because 'you want to cause the surrender of that country', Japan was ruled by an Emperor who was a 'living God' to most Japanese, why not drop a bomb on the Imperial Palace and wipe out the entire Japanese Royal Family? It would have been a few hundred people killed instead of 246 THOUSAND! Without their 'God' to give them orders - the Japanese morale would have collapsed (most Emperor worshiping fanatics may have committed suicide in their grief), and since he was also the defacto military leader of Japan who gave the Japanese Imperial Army Generals and Navy Admirals their final orders - the Emperor would have been a legitimate military target.
What limited level of intelligence could ANY person POSSIBLY have to be able to say with a straight face that the American Atomic bombing of Japan was 'justified' and 'civilized'? Only the same caliber of cultural supremacist mongrels who do NOT value the life of other peoples & cultures who do not belong to their culture would think this way....probably the same kind of human excrement that celebrated when CNN broadcast the bombing of Baghdad live, not caring that tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis were getting obliterated just because America wanted to get rid of Saddam and his military (both of which they armed and equipped in the first place when he was a useful tool to them against Iran).

Now today, we are being led to believe that 'evil Iran' and 'evil Russia' and 'Evil China' with 'Evil North Korea' are going to use Nuclear weapons on us one day....well they MIGHT...or they MIGHT NOT (the USA certainly will have to 'Karmically' reap what it has sown in the world ONE day).....but the only FACT we know for sure - is that YOU - AMERICA - are the ONLY country on the face of the Earth that HAS used nuclear weapons on innocent civilians in a city destroying genocidal manner....NOT Russia, Iran, China or North Korea!
Although I am sure if anyone ever so much as explodes a mere 'dirty nuke' suitcase nuclear device in one of YOUR American cities (which cannot 'wipe it off the map' just contaminate a small part of it) - your government and people will be hysterical in trying to portray it as 'the WORST terrorist attack' and 'crime against humanity' that EVER occurred in human history....completely forgetting that you - AMERICA - ALREADY have the record for committing the worst terrorist attack and crime against humanity EVER COMMITTED IN ALL OF RECORDED HUMAN HISTORY!

Friday, 7 August 2015


Queen Victoria, we look at her as being 'upper class royalty' but truth is - she was STINK because she rarely took a bath (all year round - in case you want to use 'cold Winters' as an if the Queen would not be able to have warm water 100 times a day if she ordered it) , preferring to cover up her sour milk smell with perfume, so a 'lower class primitive' in the jungles of Africa or the Amazon smelled better and was MORE hygienic than ANY 'Royal' in Europe in these times - as the 'primitives' bathed TWICE a day!  

I have YET to obtain a satisfactory explanation as to why Europeans in general were historically THE most unsanitary peoples to be found in recorded human called 'primitive' and 'savage' Amerindians in general (for example) ALWAYS bathed at least TWICE per day from ancient times to the present day.
I heard the excuse 'oh it was too cold in Europe that's why'.....but unless you are talking about some Ice Age where no spring, summer or fall existed - you are talking CRAP! Europe has hot summers so where was the 'too cold' excuse for all the non-winter months? GREENLAND is in the Arctic Circle (colder than England ever will be) and yet when I was there the local Inuit people were bathing twice a day in COLD water (our dorm had no heated water) just like me.
This takes us back to this often promulgated 'White God' MYTH Europeans still convince themselves of, when in fact the FIRST recorded impressions that Amerindians from North America to South America had of their first contact with European men was that 'Europeans smell bad and have hairy faces like dogs' much for the 'white Gods' fairy tale.
Europeans just had better weapons and Armour to protect themselves, big hunting dogs and horses - but MOST importantly (for the Europeans) they had DISEASES that Amerindians had no immunity to - which killed 90% of the Amerindian population of the Americas (which WAS 100 million Amerindians in 1492) before any European had to fire a single shot...your diseases is what allowed you to conquer the New World, don't fool yourself.
Read the book 'Guns, Germs & Steel' to understand the truth much better.
My father even recalls his shock a mere 65 years ago in England when he went there from the Caribbean (where he was accustomed to bathing twice a day) to do a two year course of studies - and he was told that 'his day to bathe was on Friday' by the English dad had to offer to pay him an extra 2 shillings a day to be allowed to bathe daily, but the other English lads had no problem with a once per week bath - and that is not some hundred years ago phenomenon, that was just in the 1950's.
It boggles my mind how a person such as the famous 'Cassanova' could POSSIBLY have existed in Europe before they learned to be hygienic and bathe AT LEAST once a day as I HOPE they do now. I can't imagine ever wanting to be sexually promiscuous in 'olden days' Europe with the kinds of sights and smells that would accost me every time I 'peered into a woman's privacy' wonder so many people joined Abbeys and Monasteries!
Sex must have been a very nasty undertaking indeed.
Here are some interesting facts you should know that explains why Europeans historically had the worldwide reputation of being the dirtiest people on Earth :
"The thought of a daily shower would have filled the 17th century Frenchman with fear. To splash away with abandon, to open your pores and 'leave your body vulnerable to all that disease' (as he imagined), would be practically asking to get sick. In fact, our bathing habits would have disgusted him, much like his habits disgust us: never washing his body with water or soap, for instance. Or changing his linen shirt to get clean.
How cleanliness has changed in the West is the engrossing (and sometimes gross) subject of Katherine Ashenburg‘s “The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History,” which skates merrily from ancient frolics at the public baths to today’s obsession with hand sanitizer and teeth-whitening strips.
Salon spoke with Ashenburg by phone from her office in Toronto.
What did clean mean in ancient Rome?
If you were a man, you would take off all your clothes, put a little oil on your body, rub it with dust and go out into the playing field to work up a sweat. Then you would get somebody to scrape off your perspiration with an instrument that looks like a little tiny rake, called a strigil. Then you would get into a tepid bath, then into a really hot bath, then into a cold bath.
You never used any soap, and it was all done in public. If you were just a normal person, you’d probably spend a couple of hours every day in the bathhouse, where you could get wine, food, sex, a medical treatment, a haircut. You could have a depilator pluck the hair in your armpits.
Why wasn’t soap popular?
Soap was a combination of animal fat and lye. The Egyptians went to great lengths to make a soap that was mild enough to use on bodies, but many cultures, including the Romans and Greeks, didn’t really. So they scraped themselves. Basically, it was a kind of drastic exfoliation. They probably got as clean as soap makes you. Most people, except very rich people, didn’t use soap until about the second half of the 19th century.
Why did public baths go out of fashion?
They went out of fashion because the infrastructure to run them — the mechanisms that brought them water, that heated their water, that separated out the different heats of the various pools — required an enormously sophisticated and complicated infrastructure, which the Roman Empire had. But when the empire started to fall apart, people couldn’t maintain that, and the invading barbarians disabled the aqueducts. There was never an empire large enough to support that again.
How have attitudes about cold versus hot water for bathing changed over the centuries?
They haven’t changed much. One of the most wonderful, long-lasting, historical continuities is the people who support cold-water bathing, who think it’s virile and virtuous, versus the people who want to bathe in warm or hot water. They don’t attach any moral significance to their choice of warm or hot water. They just think it’s way more comfortable, and easier, to clean yourself in warm or hot water. There’s a German expression, Warmduscher, “warm showerer,” which is one of the ways you describe a man who is short on masculinity. I just love it that these two camps have been going for centuries.
We all know the saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” but there was a time when quite the opposite was true. Could you talk about that?
Christianity turns out to be the only great world religion — great in the sense of widespread and influential — that had no teaching or interest in hygiene. In the early years of the church, the holier you were, the less you wanted to be clean. Cleanliness was kind of a luxury, like food, drink and sex, because cleanliness was comfortable and attractive. The holier you were — and this really applied to monks and hermits and saints — the less you would wash. And the more you smelled, the closer to God people thought you were.
So then did Buddhists and Muslims think Christians were filthy?
Absolutely. And they were right, too.
And didn’t Westerners have a reputation among Asians for being filthy?
Yes. They probably were, relatively speaking, compared to affluent Chinese and to Japanese people of every class. One of the reasons may have been the influence of Christianity. Europe suffered this hiatus in cleanliness for about four or five centuries. When the great plagues came, the Black Death, in the 14th century, the king of France asked the medical faculty at the Sorbonne in Paris, “What is causing this hideous plague that is killing one out of every three Europeans, and what can we do to prevent it?” And the doctor said the people who were at risk for getting the plague had opened their pores in warm or hot water, in the baths, and they were much more susceptible.
So in France and England and most European countries, for about five centuries, people really believed that it was very, very dangerous to get in water, and this only really broke down in the 19th century. There was nothing like this, nothing corresponded to that belief, in Asia or in India, so they had an unbroken tradition of cleanliness. They also had religions, like Islam and Hinduism, that took cleanliness very seriously, which Christianity never did.
Why did a 17th century Frenchman think that changing his linen shirt was the path to cleanliness?
In my childhood, there were laundry soap advertisements that talked about ring around the collar. For us, that just meant your clothes were dirty, and you needed to wash them. But the 17th century looked at the ring around your cuffs and your collar and thought linen was like a wick that drew out the dirt. They really thought, not only was it safer to change your linen shirt, but it actually cleaned you better. They thought the flax in the linen exerted some kind of magnetic attraction to the sweat and drew it out of your body.
So they must have smelled terrible.
They must have smelled terrible. But the ocean in which they swam was the odor of rank sweat, or fresh sweat. So I think they were quite used to it. In the Middle Ages, St. Bernard said, “We all stink. No one smells.” I think that sums up their tolerance for it.
We had an enormous tolerance for cigarette smoke 20 years ago. Every indoor space was filled with it. I never smoked, but I never noticed it particularly. Now, I actually checked into a hotel room on a smoking floor by mistake last week in Montreal, and I thought it was the worst thing ever. But 20 years ago, I wouldn’t have even noticed it.
What was the role of perfume?
During the 17th century, which I think was probably the dirtiest century in Western history, people put on perfume so they wouldn’t smell their neighbors. For example, Madame de Montespan, one of Louis XIV’s mistresses, swathed herself in clouds of self-defensive perfume so that she wouldn’t smell the king’s halitosis. She didn’t like the way he smelled, and he hated the way she smelled, because perfume gave him headaches. They had a great big fight about it one day in his coach, where they were also accompanied by his queen, his legal wife, and this was recorded by one of his memoirists.
So you wore perfume to keep from smelling other people?
That’s right. I never came across an instance of somebody saying they were wearing it because they were worried about how they smelled." 
* Extracted sent to me from an internet article by someone else * 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


4 local beauties, Samaya Simon standing at far left (3rd runner-up), our new Queen Oonia Bowrie (seated), Sabantho Corrie standing 2nd from right (2nd runner-up), and Athina Andrews at far right standing (1st runner-up). Congratulations to all the girls.

                                    My daughter Sabantho receiving the 2nd runner-up prize

I had a surprise when 1 week before this pageant Deon Andrews (one of the pageant organizers) invited my shy 16 year old daughter to enter it, and we were even more surprised when she accepted! She did not win, but we are very proud of her for placing 2nd runner-up to the new Queen Oonia Bowrie, because our daughter Sabantho had NO previous pageant experience whatsoever, this was her first time, and every other girl in this contest had from one to three previous pageant contestant experiences, thanks to all those who helped her to the maximum heart emoticon
I want to share with you all the Uplifting Speech our daughter wanted to read instead of doing a 'talent piece', as she thought saying something intelligent was more important than any act, so here is what she wanted to say that night:
To me:
Pakuri means abundant land, Barbados and many other Caribbean Island Nations could individually fit into our beautiful 240 square miles of tribal territory - and simply disappear.
To me:
Pakuri means the cultural capital of the Great 10,000 strong Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation of North-Eastern South America...from Eastern Venezuela - to western French Guiana.
Our 1,700 person village has produced the most famous Amerindian artists in ALL of Guyana, with national cultural icons like George Simon, and famous sculptors like Oswald Simon, Telford Taylor, and Foster Simon - who's works are in the Presidential collections of Guyana, Venezuela, Bolivia and the USA; and who's carvings have also been exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
To me:
Pakuri means abundant wildlife - Flora and Fauna too numerous to mention....
a community united by a common blood - because if you trace all of our family histories you will see that we are ALL connected to each other by marriage....
and unlike most people in the world - we KNOW what TRUE Freedom is!
Most people in the world only imagine the life of freedom that we are born into and take for granted right here on Pakuri.
MY question to my beautiful fellow Lokono in the audience tonight - is what does Pakuri mean to YOU?"
Sabantho Aderi Corrie, July 2015.
And this was her introduction:
"His Excellency Toshao Lenox Shuman, Honorable judges, Members of the audience...before you tonight is a proud Lokono-Arawak girl, my name is Sabantho Aderi - and it means 'Beautiful Ground Dove' in the Lokono-Arawak language.
It is my dream to one day become an indigenous Rights Activist at the United Nations - and fight for MY people's rights!
Thank you.
The only sad part was that this pageant saw 4 cousins competing against each other LOL. There was no animosity though, they all love each other, our people DO have some jealous pretentious back stabbers among them - like all peoples, but NOT these 4 girls in this pageant, we are better than that.