Friday, 10 July 2015


Dr. Peter Rost, MD, a former vice president of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (Pfizer), shares the truth about the ties between the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

For all you folks who argue with skeptics like me that say 'All Vaccines are NOT safe' (because I-and many others who see what is really going on - contend that PROFIT drives the Pharmaceutical Industry) - by replying 'All Vaccines are safe' (because you think 'genuine concern for human health' is what drives the Pharmaceutical industry) this ADMISSION by a former Vice President of one of the leading Pharmaceutical Companies on Earth (Pfizer) - as HE TELLS YOU HIMSELF THAT PROFIT IS THE MAIN DRIVING force OF THE INDUSTRY, and furthermore he admits (what I and others tell you) THAT RESEARCHERS ARE DEPENDENT ON THE CASH GRANTS THE SAME PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES GIVE THEM - AND THEY KNOW THESE GRANTS WILL CEASE IF THE 'RESEARCH" DOES NOT SAY WHAT THE COMPANIES WANT IT TO there goes your argument that 'Vaccines are safe because research 'proves' it is!

You cite the fact that people are living longer (as compared to urban people who lived unsanitary lives more than a century ago - but still not as healthy as many indigenous people who live rural lives to this day and regularly hit 100 years like the Kogi Amerindian Tribal Nation of Colombia who never had modern medicine in their lives) - as 'proof' the Pharmaceutical Industry IS helping human beings to live healthier and longer lives...but you are only PARTIALLY correct...better hygiene practices (like bathing daily and not having every member of the house share the same bath water - YUCK - as was rife in Europe...hence the expression 'don't throw out the baby with the bath water - because the baby was the LAST member of the family to have to bathe in the same germ filled water every other older family member had just bathed in) has led to longer lives, and if you are popping 6 or more pills a day from your 70's to 90' the hell is that 'healthier'? If urban people can reach 100 without any modern medicine (like the Kogi) THEN you can talk .....

All urban people have become is a cash cow for the Pharmaceutical industry who think to themselves 'the more pill-popping old idiots out there means more profits rolling in for us - get every last dollar out of these geezers till they kick the bucket'....and don't you think that the same Pharmaceutical Industry has MORE to GAIN financially by MAKING urban peoples MORE SICKLY (why wait till they are older - make Billions more from generations of less healthy young ones too) - and what easier way to achieve this than by convincing these same (gullible trusting) urban suckers to give their children 26 'must have' (mercury contained) vaccinations so they will be 'healthier' today - when just 20 years ago 6 vaccines were good enough, at this rate of growth will you still be thinking it is 'perfectly safe & normal to give your grandchildren 40 vaccines by age 6 in 2035? Yet you pride yourselves on being 'highly intelligent' eh?....I see......obviously I cannot match your cerebral superiority, therefore I shall remain skeptical of the 'sound advice' you are devotedly and unquestioningly STILL following.

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Learn about the Kogi tribe of Colombia here - healthier than any urban person - yet NEVER use modern medicine!

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