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Drinking Cassava beer together on the 240 square mile Pakuri Arawak Territory in Guyana - 2 Kalinagos (Che Frederick & Tikenti Auguiste) with 2 Lokonos in Guyana (Grandpa Joseph Simon and Hatuey Corrie), what 'enemies'? WE ARE BROTHERS THAT SHARE THE SAME DNA!

SOME INFO ABOUT THE KALINAGO TRIBAL NATION - including a vision you will not hear anywhere else.

In 1897 Joseph N Rat recorded that the Kalinago of Dominica only remembered how to say 4 numbers in their own language...1 = Aba, 2 = Biaba, 3 = Irua, 4 = Biabri...for all other numbers they were using local French patois words for them.
This is merely one MORE example of the proof that the 'Arawak' wives the Kalinago's male ancestors took for themselves when they conquered the Lesser Antilles were Kairi-Lokono (Island Arawak - called 'Igneri' by the Kalina) not Taino Arawak women (who are our kin in the Greater Antilles) , as the Europeans recorded that men and women lived in two separate buildings - where the men spoke 'Carib' and the women spoke 'Arawak', so naturally a language would evolve that incorporated both mainland Kalina ('Carib') and Kairi ('Igneri') Lokono....for in Lokono-Arawak these same numbers are: 1 = Abaro. 2 = Biama, 3 = Kabun, and 4 = can clearly see 3 of the 4 cardinal Kalinago numbers are almost identical to their corresponding Lokono cardinal numbers.

Many other Kalinago words as well are identical or almost identical to Lokono words, such as 'Bu' for 'You' and 'Iri' for 'name' .


"The Kalinago legends even name the rivers in Guyana where their Kalina ancestors came from, not surprising, as according to information recorded in plant induced visions (which scientists discount as an informational source - but traditionalist accept) - their male Kalina ancestors left the northern peninsula of the Gulf of Pariah (from where you can see the Trinidadian Bocas island of Chacachacare) in 1323 in an all-male war flotilla of canoes and crossed to Trinidad via the Bocas islands, attempted to raid mainland Trinidad but were repulsed by unexpectedly populous villages of similarly well armed and skilled Trinidadian tribes; and so they had to escape along the north coast of Trinidad before moving on to Tobago (as the Bocas islands escape route back to mainland South America was now blocked by their enemies who were alerted to their presence).
These Kalina warriors (who never saw their homeland or Kalina families again) were able to successfully conquer the island of Tobago with very little fighting required (they certainly did not harm any women or children or elderly people), and since they took no Kalina women with them (as they had journeyed to Trinidad expecting a quick victory and a return to the mainland to their home villages and families with bounty to share), they took all the Kairi (aka 'Igneri') -Arawak women as their new wives (as they could NOT go back home, they could only continue to head north into the territory of the less militarily skilled 'Igneri' (who's language was the same as Lokono-Arawak). So these Kalina raiders had no choice but to use their military skills to embark on a new 'survival by conquest' way of life - and they created a new tribe of people in the Caribbean forever after known as the Kalinago...and it was their new life that allowed them to EARN the distinction (400 years later) as the ONLY Tribal nation in the Caribbean islands who were NEVER militarily conquered by ANY European power....not the Spaniards, not the Portuguese, not the French, not the Dutch, not even the English.
The 'Igneri'/Kairi-Lokono inhabited all the Lesser Antilles from Tobago to the Virgin Islands, where they had no enemies to fight for so many centuries that they had lost all military skill (unlike the militarily expert Kalina fresh from mainland South America where Tribal wars were frequent) - and only knew of hunting and fishing.....they were swiftly conquered. The first true 'Kalinago' (a mixture of a Kalina father and a Kairi (Igneri) Lokono mother.....the first member of a new people was born in 1324 on the island of Tobago....this is something to celebrate, not to mourn or feel ashamed about."

So you can choose to believe what the Europeans wrote about the 'Caribs' and continue to falsely think that they were 'evil savages' who butchered their way into the Caribbean, or you can believe what traditional Arawak Shamans say about what REALLY happened concerning a tribe that the Europeans say was supposedly the 'hated enemies of the Arawaks', men like you or I, who loved and lived shaped by the times and circumstances in which that had to adapt and survive....I see no sign of hatred in the spiritual visions and detailed explanations that these Arawak Shamans received about the origin of the 'Caribs' in the Caribbean islands, they asked the ancestral spirits what the truth is in this particular matter (as they always do in all matters) - and that is what the spirits of our ancestors told them.....and to me it makes a lot MORE sense than what European books say - which is always to portray the 'Caribs' (whom they never conquered) as a tribe of 'evil' people.

This is why I advocate for a 're-migration' policy that would allow any Kalinago alive today who wants to 'get back to their South American Amerindian roots' and marry a Kalina or Lokono wife or husband and reside permanently, to be officially granted permission by the Chiefs of Tribal Territories in Guyana that I am in discussion with - to do so. It may be the ONLY way to save our Kalinago blood relatives from an eventual genetic extinction....which is what will happen is about 200 years from now if the continuing trend to marry non-Kalinagos (who are non-Amerindians - as no other tribes exist in Dominica) continues. Complete the circle, come back to the land of your ancestors birth!

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