Monday, 22 June 2015


                                                                  A microscopic virus

            The Industrial Devolution & the birth of the debt slavery era of consumerism


I just found this from an anonymous poster on the internet called 'Face the truth'...this person DOES have a very valid point here, this is why I do NOT support humans leaving the Earth to colonize ANYWHERE else, what for? To ruin it like we did the Earth looking for 'natural resources to extract' to satisfy our species virulent avarice?
True there are humans who fight against this introversion of bad habits, but obviously not the majority - or we would not have laid as much waste to the Earth since the 'Industrial Devolution' as we have done.

"The goal of a virus, is to attach itself to a host, spread through its host, endlessly multiplying and destroying its host, until it has destroyed it along with itself.

But before it reaches this end, it hopes to send it seed off to another host, to carry on the endless multiplying and destroying, and leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake, we have all seen the result of a virus, the Ebola virus for example, so you all know what a virus does and how it behaves.

Now examine the human species, yourself and examine how you behave.
The human species has one goal to attached itself to his planet, it is going to spread across this planet endlessly multiplying and destroying this planet, until it has destroyed this planet and itself.

But before it reaches this end, it hopes to get the technology, so it can send a very few very wealthy people, off to another planet, and leave billions of people here to die a slow death, but it doesn't care, because it's got another planet to destroy by endlessly multiplying and destroying.

The human species goal is to drift through the universe attaching itself to planet after planet destroying them for its own personal greed and moving on, and leaving a trail of dead planets in its wake.

Now you explain to me how you can claim to be intelligent, what is the difference between your behavior and a virus, the ability to speak does not indicate intelligence, it is behavior where you find the evidence of intelligence.

So how can your behavior of endless destruction of your own environment, be evidence of intelligent life?
Maybe the scientists can answer the question, what's the difference between your behavior and a virus?

For I see no difference, none whatsoever."

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