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The Egyptian God Amen/Amun/Amon....notice the Ankh cross in his left hand, many a 'Christian' church has adopted this symbol from ancient Egypt, it existed long before anyone was crucified by the Romans on it. Why not accept that his very name 'Amen' was ALSO adopted and incorporated in later religions? You say it every time you go to Church or pray yourself - without knowing it's true origins!

                                         The Coptic Christian Church of Egypt uses this symbol still
                                   As do other Western Churches as pictured above & below

Human beings often repeat sayings without truly understanding why we say it, two good examples are how Billions of peoples of multiple religions say 'Amen' at the end of a prayer or after someone has said something that sound 'good' to their ears...some will tell you part of the history of this word - but rarely all...they MIGHT tell you "the word Amen was adopted from Hebrew thence to Greek (where this particular spelling with the 'e' first appeared), thence to Latin, thence to English......but they do not tell you the Hebrews adopted it after spending 400 years in captivity in Egypt where the worship of the Egyptian Supreme God and Creator Amen-Ra (also written Amun-Ra, and Amon-Ra) was the official stands to reason that after 400 years of being cruelly oppressed and as a slave - that your people  might adopt certain traits of your slave masters religion - just to survive.
It happened with Amerindians and Africans so why not with Hebrews?. If you see your Egyptian masters ending their prayers by consecrating them to their  God Amen/Amun/Amon - you will probably do the same, at least when your masters are around and observing logical reason to get killed for not repeating a word that means everything to the people who own you (and have the power to kill you for disrespect) - but means nothing to you.....over time (and this ALSO has occurred before everywhere else) your people will adopt the word - albeit assigning a different contextual use for it - in your own parlance. This is precisely what occurred - and is why we consecrate our prayers unknowingly to the principal deity of the ancient Egyptians by continuing to repeat it's name to this day.....most people have no interest in actually learning the back story of anything, they are quite content to keep doing what every other historically ignorant person is they can continue to 'fit it' in the human society in which they live.

The OTHER expression has similarly become an 'illogical auto-reflex expression'...namely: 'Rest In Peace' when speaking of a bodily deceased human being (because only our bodies die - our spiritual consciousness is immortal) repeating this you are saying to people who know better that you have little to no comprehension of spiritual matters....if you DID, you would have realized long ago that this expression is spiritual nonsense...the physical body gets tired and has need of rest (also hungry for food, thirsty for drink, horny for sex etc.), - NOT a non-physical entity of conscious energy....such biological impulses do not exist in the spirit - only in the body.
Neither does the spirit that inhabits our physical bodies (in order to use them as a vehicle for existence on this physical plane of existence) cease to exist or lay in some eternal 'slumber' with it's stinking rotting corpse as it decomposes into mere bones....or eventually dust....ok if you are an Atheist you might be forgiven for thinking that, but how can anyone who claims to believe that we come from the Creator INTO the physical body prior to birth - to experience a physical life (a school for the soul) - to EXIT the physical body after death and return to the Creator         ....and still say 'Rest in peace'? The body will rest in decomposition....but the spirit is now FREE and more ALIVE than you obviously are able to comprehend - by saying that oft repeated expression of spiritual ignorance.

If you know enough about Egyptian religion - you will notice that remnants of it survive to this day after having been incorporated/adopted by just about EVERY major religion that came into existence AFTER it....from Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others.....this is why I prefer my own ancestral indigenous spirituality - it is free from any such 'cross-pollination contamination' from any other man-made Religion.

Here is a rather cheerful video to lead you to happily accept ancient Egyptian religion and by extension even Freemasonary (with it's fixation on the corner stone terminology etc.), I post it not to convert you to any 'illuminati' agenda (which is just another deception I distrust that has origins in ancient Egypt - like your cherished man-made 'religion'), but merely to prove the point of what I said above about why you say Amen - and the ancient Egyptian God you are praising when you say it:

Seems the Egyptians ALSO gave the so called 'civilized world' the sex addiction that is the hallmark of 'developed societies' 'primitive and uncivilised' rural indigenous societies did not have this 'sex addiction' will notice it seems to appear only in urban city dwelling societies.
My question is - why view the religions of such peoples as being 'superior' to our more moral own 'primitive' indigenous spirituality?  Sex is important yes, but my tribal ancestors never made it part of our prayers or ceremonial worship of the one invisible Great Holy Spirit/Creator.... indigenous peoples do not have any depictions of Gods giving themselves blowjobs like the Egyptians have of their God about 'sex freak' indeed! Why would you want to keep any connection to such a religion?

And if your excuse is 'Oh it is just a word'...why not say another word - or statement that is free of any sinister origins instead - like 'I thank you God for hearing my prayer' ? Would that not make more sense and be more direct and harmless?

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