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The ILLEGAL map now making the rounds in official circles in Venezuela

Sounds like a movie plot doesn't it? Such a thing could NEVER happen you say? Well you are free to say and believe whatever your heart desires, just as I am free to simply reveal a disturbing vivid dream I had (at the end of this page below).

I WAS and still AM a BIG fan of Hugo Chavez, my brother-in-law even named a son after him, and whether you like him or not - the FACT remains - that Hugo Chavez was the BEST President of Venezuela AS FAR AS AMERINDIAN RIGHTS ARE CONCERNED....take note of that qualifying statement....I did not say he was the best Venezuelan President for everyone...but it would be a lie to deny the great progress indigenous Venezuelans have made in general terms - under Chavez.
The Pemon Tribal Nation in that country even captured 40 Venezuelan soldiers and took away their weapons, tied them up for days - and NO HARM was done in retaliation to the tribe that did this.....under any other President those Amerindians would have been slaughtered by the Venezuelan military for doing such a thing....Chavez (who's Amerindian grandmother helped raise him) protected them - because they were only protesting ill treatment by members of the military in their territory.

 Pemon Indians leading one of the 40 Venezuelan soldiers they captured & disarmed to a holding area

Some of the 40 soldiers captured and disarmed by the Pemon Tribe in Venezuela

I wonder if Amerindians were to capture, disarm & tie-up 40 Guyana Soldiers to protest ill-treatment by some of them - would the Guyana Military react in the civilized way Chavez ordered his Military to?  Or would we get the same treatment our Makushi (who are one of the Pemon peoples) brothers received when the GDF was sent to the Rupununi to 'crush' the Makushi manned & Rancher manipulated rebellion in January 1970? Makushi girls were raped, boys & men were beaten to degrees that qualify as torture under the Geneva convention, Makushi houses were burned to the ground, and Makushi livestock were slaughtered in vindictive retaliation by the GDF....I know because I interviewed over 100 survivors who gave eyewitness accounts which I sent to my contacts in the OAS, UN and at the World Court in the Hague, Netherlands.

Video of the Pemon Tribe explaining to the Venezuelan Military negotiator why they captured the 40 soldiers

But let us get back to the here and NOW, we have a NEW Government in Guyana, and for the FIRST time ever - a Minister of Indigenous People's Affairs who is NOT a political pimp - and neither is he promoting the idea that Amerindian leaders should align themselves to one political party or the other, quite the contrary - he is urging them to be first and foremost servants of their own people who elected them and see how best they can work in harmonious equity with the National Government as FRIENDS not SERVANTS of it - and certainly not to be mascots of any political party - as EVERY other so-called 'Amerindian Affairs Minister' in the history of Guyana has been.....doubt me? Read the progressive new policies for yourself:
(NB - a 'Toshao' is a Chief of an Amerindian tribe or tribal community/village in Guyana)

   Preparations ongoing for Toshao and Village Council elections
Georgetown, GINA, June 6, 2015 Over 100 Amerindian communities will be holding meetings for Toshaos and Village Councillors shortly. Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs, Sydney Allicock, has indicated that the Ministry is in preparation mode, and that the process is expected to be conducted by July 22. During a recent interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), the Minister explained that the village leaders’ election was delayed to accommodate the Regional and National Elections on May 11. He said that the Ministry is currently in collaboration with the Ministry of Communities to distribute letters to the various communities advising of the meetings. To be elected as a Toshao, a person must be eligible to stand as a Councillor and should not have held the position for the two terms immediately preceding his or her nomination. Immediately after the holding of the village elections, the Minister said the next focus will be the National Toshaos’ Council, so that the Ministry could get on with its work, because “without a council or without the Toshaos, there is very little that we can do for the communities.” He said that the administration’s intention is to depoliticize the Toshaos’ Council, allowing Amerindian leaders to discuss the way forward without any sort of alliance. “We would like to have Toshaos using their imagination, their own strength, because they are the ones who have to manage their communities, and if they are linked heavily to political parties, then they would be probably intimidated and they wouldn’t be able to do their work as they should be for the communities,” Minister Allicock explained.


Despite my admiration of the late President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela - I will be the first to tell you now - that the revolution he started is fast approaching it's final moments in failure (you can find any excuse you want to explain the reason why - but the end is now inevitable). However, Maduro is NO Chavez, and like any populist politician with plummeting popularity and mounting problems beyond his capacity to remedy....President Maduro will look for an external 'Nationalistic Scape-Goat' - to divert public attention from his domestic decline...and Guyana is always going to be in the top 3 of dubious choices for ANY troubled Venezuelan regime to put the 'diversionary spotlight' on.

Conveniently over-extending an already worldwide condemned territorial claim is just the last straw (or will be recorded as one of them when history judges the final future outcome), President Granger cannot and must not back down in the face of a powerful bully.....Guyanese people are industrious and intelligent, why should we sacrifice national prosperity to a country that ALREADY has some of the largest oil reserves on Earth? What - we don't have a right to have a slice of OUR OWN birthday cake? We know we CANNOT possibly stop a military invasion by Venezuela, let us be realistic, but as brother Bob said ' we will fight if we find in necessary' knows our country as well as we do, and a freedom fighter defending his own land is worth 100 invading may take us many years to dislodge a Venezuelan military occupation, but we WILL liberate our country in the end, and every Guyanese knows that my words ring true in their hearts....we don't take 'skunt' from anyone for long lol. Did not little David defeat mighty Goliath? 

This is the part you can ignore or commit to memory, it matters not to me what you think of it, but I share it with you anyway:

In my dream the American dollar lost it's value (this will be the first event), civil unrest then erupted across america (and other countries) and chaos generally ensued in financial markets around the world, as all currencies that are tied to the US dollar likewise suddenly had become virtually worthless overnight, at the end of the first month of nationwide rioting and anarchy in the USA - other countries realized that the USA now had it's hands tied militarily speaking - being too preoccupied with maintaining law and order across the USA - to come to the rescue of anyone - anywhere else in the world (and neither could the UK either).
A great alliance of countries opposed to the USA (Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran etc) moved in global concert simultaneously to seize long cherished territorial ambitions, Guatemala invaded Belize - and all the UK did was verbally condemn the act, but it did NOT send it's military to 'rescue' Belize....and neither did the USA, as Guatemala was more 'useful' to them than Belize.
Venezuela invaded Guyana, the act allowed the Venezuelan President to declare martial law at home and use it as a pretext to crack down on dissent whilst strengthening his hold on power and cancelling elections, Timehi International airport was destroyed by the Venezuelan Air Force - but Ogle was not destroyed, it was seized by Venezuelan paratroopers instead, the Venezuelan Navy destroyed the Guyana Coast Guard with little resistance, Venezuelan submarines and destroyers were stationed offshore, all our government, Police & GDF buildings were reduced to rubble in less than an hour. Venezuelan marines secured the coast and Georgetown, the Venezuelan army crossed the land border and met little resistance, Guyana Police and Soldiers who survived remained loyal to the President and fled into interior locations - where our guerrilla resistance was formed - and fought many small battles in hit and run ambuscade, most of which we won.
Eventually, the USA and UK did come to turn the invaders back, but only years later, after much blood had been shed all over the globe in what had become World War 3 - which waxed and waned for each side in the conflict for decades, the Caribbean changed hands several times and were occupied by both the enemies of the USA, and the USA itself - during the periods when the 'western powers' seemed to be enjoying the upper-hand in the global conflict..

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